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New: Green Coffee Bean Max 2014 Review – Does Green Coffee Bean Max Work?

Green Coffee Bean Max LogoYou may have heard the latest buzz about green coffee bean max. This product has been keeping many people in the health and wellness industry talking. Even Dr Oz is getting in on the action and telling everyone about the green coffee bean.

If you are interested in health and wellness, this product could be something you are interested in. In this Green Coffee Bean Max review you are going to be able to learn what Green Coffee Bean Max is, what the benefits are, how it helps with weight loss, what ingredients are in the product, if there are side effects, what the experts are saying and how much you will have to invest to get this product. Let’s go ahead and talk about these things.

What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

GCBMAXGreen Coffee Bean Max is a product that utilizing green coffee beans to help its users get the results that they desire. Green coffee beans are one of the biggest things people are interested when it comes to health and wellness. The main reason is because people have been hearing all of the great benefits of these green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. The reason coffee beans are normally dark is because they have been roasted. There are many different benefits that have come out after studies of this product and people are rushing to get in on the health and wellness band wagon.

What are the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Max?

Some of the top health benefits have been showed cased on much media, so you may know these amazing benefits, but just to give you a refresh:

  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Free from Chemicals
  • Slows Down Aging

GCB MAX 2These days there are so many people that have imbalances in their blood sugar. These problems are on the rise and this is not only specific to one country. Having an imbalance in blood sugar can cause many different problems, but can be helped now whenever you use this product.

If you have a problem with losing weight, it could be because of your metabolism. If you find that you are having a difficult time losing weight even though you are doing everything that you can like dieting and exercising, it could be because your metabolism is so low. There is no reason that you should have to suffer from this problem. You can now take Green Coffee Bean Max and start seeing your metabolism sky rocket.

Some products you utilize to lose weight and get healthier have chemicals. This product is chemical free. Besides for that it has been known to decrease blood pressure as well as helping with cancer prevention. This is an amazing discovery and thousands of people are making sure that they do not miss out.

No one wants to get old. Most of the things that come with age are not something that people are excited about hearing about. Sometimes though, there are people who are excited about where they are going, what they are doing and how they will be able to get the most out of life. If you are serious about being able to increase your ability to function, even whenever you are older, you need to make sure that you are investing in your health now. Green coffee beans can help you increase your health and reduce your waistline.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Max Help with Weight Loss?

GCB MAX Bottle

Green Coffee Bean Max helps by making sure that glucose is used appropriately. This means that you are going to be able to lose weight quicker than if your body was not functioning correctly. Your body heat is also raised by this supplement. Raised body heat helps to burn off unwanted fat in the body. This product also has great amounts of antioxidants which will help with weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingredients

There are no additives or preservatives. This product is totally one hundred percent green coffee bean extract. You can use this supplement without worrying about anything harmful being in it. You will also get fifty percent chlorogenic acid in the product.

Are There Side Effects with Green Coffee Bean Max?

There are no side effects whatsoever when you use Green Coffee Bean Max. Since the coffee beans have not been roasted there is barely any caffeine content in the supplement. You will not have withdraws or other problems if you were to stop taking the supplement. It is all natural and you will be able to get the results that you want without any harmful side effects that some other weight loss supplements may give to you.

What Are the Experts Saying?

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingridients Photo

Experts are raving over the green coffee bean. Even Dr Oz did an experiment with his staff to check and see what the results would be. Almost all of the women saw great results with green coffee bean and they were able to increase their health and decrease their waistline.

More people than Dr Oz are talking about this supplement. The news media has people buzzing about green coffee bean extract all over the place. This means that you are going to be able to be able to use this product comfortably and not worry about anything because the experts have already done the research.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

There are currently some serious discounts to be had on  Green Coffee Bean Max to get the latest and lowest price please click on the link below.

Green Coffee Bean Max works and you can find out more about the product and buy right from the office website. It will be shipped directly to you.

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Myths and Facts About Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplements

Pure Green Coffee Plants

Pure Green Coffee PlantsThe popular TV medical program, The Dr Oz Show, has created a lot of hype in green coffee extracts after it termed it as a ‘miracle’ product. This has led to the skyrocketing of the sales of the product which is made from extracts of coffee that is raw and unroasted.

Most individuals still have the dream of a simple way of losing weight such as swallowing a pill. According to the Dr Oz show, the green coffee extracts as well as another compound found in raspberries known as ketone are the biggest revelation for people trying to loose the extra pounds. He referred to the green coffee beans extracts as an important discovery that has been made to help you shed off the excess fat faster.

dr oz 1However, the biggest question in most people’s mind is whether they really work as it sounds too good to be true. According to the popular TV doctor and other dieticians, the supplement contains a compound known as chlorogenic acid. This is important in inhibiting the glucose release in the body and thus increasing the liver’s metabolism process. Chlorogenic acid is usually removed from coffee beans during the roasting process.

One of the studies that have been mostly cited is one that was highlighted in the January 2012 issue of Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. In the study, sixteen overweight women were tracked while taking chlorogenic acid extracts gotten from green coffee beans for a period of twelve weeks. The women were not supposed to make any changes to their diet. The researchers found out that the women lost around18 pounds on average.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesCritics also stood against Dr OZ weight loss supplements after he made the comment about the coffee beans extracts being a miracle ‘supplement’. This made Dr OZ to follow up with a study which was conducted by experts from his show. The research found out that after a period of two weeks, the fifty women whom he tested while using the supplement shed off around two pounds. This was double what was lost by another group that was using a placebo. The women were also required to keep a food diary and they weren’t supposed to make any other lifestyle or dietary changes.

If you intend to try out the green coffee beans extracts, Dr Oz suggest that you choose a supplement that has a 45% chlorogenic acid. This can be identified listed in the bottle as Svetol or GCA. He recommends a dosage of 400 mg which should be taken thrice in a day and thirty minutes before every meal. Since the product hasn’t been adequately tested, Dr OZ suggests that pregnant & breastfeeding mothers as well as those who are under the age of eighteen should not use the product. The celebrated doctor also warns people to be wary of products that do not list their ingredients.

slim_bodyQuestions have also been raised about the safety of the green coffee beans extract in regard to side effects. The coffee beans extracts as a Dr Oz weight loss supplement has 20mg of caffeine in each serving as compared to over 100mg which is in a cup of coffee. Therefore, unlike the brewed coffee, the product doesn’t make you feel jittery and nervous. However, there haven’t been enough studies on whether the product can affect people with conditions such as heart diseases.

Some people also wonder whether it is possible to get a similar effect from taking a cup of coffee. The answer is an emphatic No. This is because after the roasting process, the chlorogenic acid is lost. Therefore, the green coffee beans extract should be used before going through the roasting process or in other words, while still raw.

There are other health benefits that have been associated with the use of green coffee. Other studies have shown that people who consume green coffee have a lower risk of suffering from type 11 diabetes. The chlorogenic acid which is the main anti-oxidant in green coffee beans extract prevents the release of G6P enzyme and thus significantly stabilizing the levels of blood sugars. In one of the clinical studies, a dosage of 400mg of the supplement was noted to reduce up to 32% of the spike in post meal blood glucose.

Blood sugars that are stable allow mental clarity, hormone function, better energies, weight loss and detoxification capabilities. The raw green coffee together with some foods such as cinnamon and cacao has been noted to be effective in stabilizing the blood sugars and thus improving the overall body function. While the three of them are combined, they create an effect that is even greater in the body. Therefore, there are many other benefits of taking green coffee.

happy-woman-nuratrimAccording to Dr Oz, it is important to choose a brand that is reputable. On top of this, it should not have any artificial ingredients or even lots of fillers. Also, as it is the case with any other product, you should avoid overdoing it. Take as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You should avoid taking this Dr Oz weight loss supplement if you are allergic to caffeine or coffee.

Even as you choose the green coffee beans extract as a supplement for losing weight, you should bear in mind that nothing beats exercise and a healthy diet as a way of losing weight. Therefore, you should use the product as a supplement for a lifestyle change as a weight loss method. It is also recommended that you keep a food journal. The good thing is that this is now available in smartphone apps.

It’s important to note that Dr OZ also warned against some phony and ineffective green coffee supplements that are available online. Dr Oz weight loss supplements do not endorse any brand as the preferred choice. You should therefore be wary of those products that claim to have been endorsed by the TV physician. It is for this reason that you should carry out an adequate research before settling on a particular product. For this purpose, you can go through the products review section of our blog to help you choose the best product.

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Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work and Can Help You Fight Overweight?

Photo of Pure Green Coffee

An Overview on Obesity and Weight Loss Methods

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeOne of the leading health problems that people encounter today is obesity. In fact, it ranks fifth in the World Health Organization’s list of diseases that affect global mortality rate. You see, obesity leads to a number of complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. The complications of obesity are very life threatening, more so than the actual disease. For this reason, it is important for you to always eat right and exercise so you can watch your weight.

However, this is easier said than done. Everyone knows that losing weight can be very hard and it takes a lot of patience and discipline to achieve desirable results. This is even truer for those who are considered to be morbidly obese because one of the reasons why they came to be like this is because they aren’t physically active to begin with. Another thing is that they aren’t used to watching what they eat and doing so may lead them to feel frustrated and food deprived.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeOf course, there are a number of ways one can lose all that excess fat without having to put in so much hard work such as bariatric surgery. The problem here however is that it can also be life changing. Take lap band surgery for example; imagine just what you will be able to eat when your stomach is just the size of a golf ball? Aside from that, serious complication can arise during the surgery itself.

If you aren’t ready to take that much risk, your best option is to lose weight naturally. There are also different methods available should you choose to go down this route. You can work with a nutritionist and a dietician so a proper treatment plan can be drawn up for you. You can also try complimenting your treatment plan with natural weight loss supplements.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplements

One weight loss supplement that is making waves these days is green-coffee bean extract. As we all know, coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants that are essential to helping the body get rid of the buildup of free radicals that are responsible of a long list of diseases. When coffee beans are roasted however, a lot of this essential compound is destroyed thus minimizing the positive effects of coffee.

pure-green-coffee-pills-2Through years of research and trial and errors, scientists have finally found a way to extract pure antioxidants from unroasted coffee beans and transform them into tablet or capsule supplements. Green-coffee bean extract supplements can easily bought in brick and mortar as well as online stores. The good thing about natural supplements is that since they don’t contain synthetically manufactured ingredients, they are generally considered safe and free from any side effects.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Aids in Weight Loss

The million dollar question here is, “Does green-coffee bean extract really work?” Before we answer your question, let’s discuss how one actually gains weight. Of course, eating a lot contribute greatly but you may have noticed that there are people who probably eat more than you do but still manage to control their weight. The reason for that is because their bodies have high metabolism and this is where you are probably lacking.

1305324012-30Metabolism is the rate at which your body is able to break down the food that you eat. The higher your metabolism, the faster calories are burned. This can be stimulated through exercise but sometimes, you need to give your body a little bit of help especially if you aren’t too active. The antioxidants that can be found in the coffee bean extract can not only help in stimulating your metabolism, it also controls the amount of glucose that is released in your body. This will ensure that all of the glucose that is released is converted into energy and not turned into fat.

However, you can’t just pop a capsule and expect to see results. Like all weight loss supplements,coffee bean extract supplements also need to be accompanied with exercise. This is to ensure that your excess energy will be used up. Failure to do this will only cause you to either gain more weight because your body will store it as fat. However, you also need to keep in mind that weight loss supplements may not be for everyone so it is best to consult with your physician before you decide to take coffee beane xtract.

Other Things you can Expect from Green Coffee Bean Extract

weight_loss_coupleAside from its ability to aid in weight-loss coffee bean extract can also help in lowering blood sugar levels. Since it controls the amount of glucose that is released which is immediately converted into energy, very little goes into the bloodstream thus making this supplement also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. It also helps improve the condition of those with high-blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as chlorogenic acid, in its purest form, have been proven to have antihypertensive qualities.

Safety Concerns Behind the Use of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Since coffee bean extract supplements are produced from all natural ingredient, they are generally considered to be safe. However, you need to keep in mind that it still contains caffeine which can be highly addictive when taken in large quantities. It also contributes to the development of health problems such as insomnia, high levels of anxiety, and migraines. Aside from this, coffee is considered to be a diuretic which is why those who consume it in large quantities are at risk of developing osteoporosis because of the amount of calcium that is flushed out of the body. Also, it can contribute to the worsening other gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

However, these should not discourage you from trying out coffee bean extract supplements because these problems can be prevented as long as it is taken in small doses. Make sure to speak with your doctor before your start taking it so you can be given advice on the dosage and also to ensure that it won’t cause any harm to your body.

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All About Pure Green Coffee

Green Coffee Plant Photo

Green Coffee Plant PhotoPure green coffee beans are well known for its health benefits and natural weight loss. Pure green coffee are the coffee beans which are not get roasted. Due to that non roasting process, they contain the chlorogenic acid with full effects. If it gets roasted, then it loses all its good effects. This chlorogenic acid that presents in the green coffee help in maintaining your blood sugar and metabolism and helps in weight loss. It does not contain cafestol that causes ill effects to your body. It is now available in the market as supplementary pills and it is clinically proven.


Pure green coffeeare extracted from the Arabica plants. It contains the higher level of chlorogenic acid that is responsible for all its good activities like antioxidant effect, fat burning effect etc. and caffeine.

Pure Green Coffee Extract Pills

This pill is a natural antioxidant and a potential fat burner that helps you to lose your weight naturally and without doing any hard exercises. It contains the ingredients like chlorogenic acid and caffeine that gives good effects to the human body. Presence of chlorogenic acid is the specialty of this supplementary pill. It is available in different forms with the change in the chlorogenic acid concentration.

The extracts usually contain 30% to 50% chlorogenic acid concentration. You can prefer the one that suits your body condition well. These extract pills are the good one for whom wants to shed their excess weight without any side effects. It has been now promoted as the weight loss pill by the researchers because of its potential results. It works very quickly and effectively. It has many health benefits such as

  1. Backed By Science GirlImproves blood circulation
  2. Maintains blood pressure
  3. Maintains blood sugar
  4. Reduces excess body weight in a safe mode
  5. Highly improves your metabolism
  6. Cleanses your colon well
  7. Good antioxidant product
  8. Increases your immunity level
  9. Stops the storage of unwanted fatty acids in your body
  10. Increases your digestion and burns your excess fat
  11. Maintains healthy weight
  12. Good appetite suppressant

How to Use

You can take this Pure Green coffee extract pill daily in the morning instead of drinking coffee that contains cafestol that is not so good to your body. By roasting, the beans will lose all its good effects. So this green coffee bean is not roasted to get the full effects that makes good things to your body. It is clinically proven safe supplement without any side effects. Take this supplementary pill according to your prescription to have the good results. You have to follow the dosage according to your body weight and by consulting with your physician.

Blood Pressure

The chlorogenic acid concentration present in the pure green coffee help to reduce the high blood pressure and make your blood pressure normal all the time. It is safe for the person with hyper tension.


Pure Green coffee extract pills also have a great effect in diabetics. It helps to maintain your blood sugar level and the insulin level. It controls your blood sugar level well and helps you to lead a healthy life. It slows down the sugar release in your body gives you the energy that is needed for the whole day.

Appetite Suppressant

Pure Green beans extract is a good appetite suppressant that prevents from over eating. It is also very helpful in proper digestion and cleanses your bowel well.

Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss with Green CoffeePure Green coffee extract pills are promoted as the weight losing pills by the scientists because of its quick weight losing effects. There is no need to do any hard exercises and to follow any strict diet plans to achieve the body structure you like. These extract pills make your weight losing dream comes true and in a very easy way.

It also prevents your weight gain further. So that you can maintain your weight through out your life time by using it. Using this supplement is the best way to have a healthy and a simple way of shedding your weight. Caffeine that presents in this pill helps in promoting the release of fats and helps in preventing further weight gain. Preventing further weight gain is the main future in this product because it is a very important aspect in weight loss.

There is no need to change your eating habits, diet plans and exercise schedules. You can practice the same that you are doing before. But you can feel the weight loss by simply using these pills. You can have your most wanted body structure by using this pill. You can have the healthy weight loss by using this supplementary pill. You can have your weight loss by simply following your normal life style.

Side Effects

There are no visible ill effects or notable side effects so far. It is used by thousands and thousands of people worldwide because of its good effects. So you can use these extract pills without any fear. Always take the prescribed amount to be free from side effects.

Where to Buy

Green Coffee Beans PillsYou can buy these Pure Green coffee extract pills through online and there are many offers and free shipping options available for this product in the official link of Pure Green Coffee. The result of this pill is two times worth than its price. There are many special packages available to buy this pill. Rush to buy your pills with the special offers.

For a conclusion, these Pure Green coffee extract pills cause a new era in the weight losing world. It is the best pill that causes happier sensation effects in everyone’s life who uses it. It is very effective in all aspects and helpful in all ways to maintain your body and to lead a healthy and happy life.

It is the safest and the 100% natural product. It is approved by all scientists and it is a good clinically proven natural weight losing pill. Without any fear you can try this supplementary pill to have your healthy and peaceful life. You can not have any dissatisfaction by using this product.

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The Ideal Way to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight

weight_lossAmongst various solutions to lose weight and improve general health condition, the green coffee proudly holds the top place and it comes with a lot of good reasons. Namely, the modern people are so plagued by various threats that it is simply essential to cover all of the possible issues with a remedy that can deal with them all. It would be an ideal solution to completely revert a lifestyle to the one our ancestors were leading, but for many reasons this approach is absolutely impossible.

First of all, the resources on the planet are quite limited and there would be not enough food if we farm and produce as it has been done in the previous ages. A lot of chemistry is needed to produce enough food to feed the mankind and all of that chemistry has some quite unpleasant effects on the organism. Additionally, the modern way of life is much more oriented to speed and efficiency and that leaves little space to exercise properly and take care of your health. Additionally, the transportation means evolved greatly and that had further reduction of the physical activity as its consequence.

All of this started the epidemic of obesity and many people nowadays are all but fit and healthy. In addition, the regular coffee beverages that are used worldwide are quite damaging for the health as well. Still, the coffee as one of most disputed products on the market has some really marvellous features if used a bit differently. Namely, the green coffee beans are the best remedy for the surplus weight and are one of the best natural antioxidants available.

Its cultivation started in the Arabian Peninsula somewhere around 1100 A.D. and it was used in a form of tea in the beginning. Namely, these ancient people weren’t roasting coffee beans but they used to grind them green and make the tea out of it. Mostly, they did it because it was driving the sleepiness away, but the modern science found out that the green coffee has numerous other beneficial attributes.

weight-loss5To be more precise, if it is not roasted, it provides great quantities of the antioxidants and a lot of chlorogenic acid and these two compounds are simply essential in fighting the obesity and improving the general condition of the organism. The antioxidants are there to neutralize the effects of the free radicals which are the main force to be blamed for the deterioration of the cardio vascular system. On the other hand, the chlorogenic acid is naturally quickening the metabolism and brings some stunning results when it comes to burning fat. More precisely, it increases the demand for the energy and the body is forced to burn its own fat in order to compensate. It provides the best effects possible and also boosts the morale to increase the efforts in getting back in to shape.

Of course, this is not all that the green coffee is doing. It also quickens the digestive system and the colon is being cleansed when using it and that is also a very important feature. Additionally as the digestion is quickened, the food is processed less efficiently when it comes to the energy and that amplifies the effect of the fat burning. It also levels the two of the most significant disorders from which the modern men are suffering. Namely, it helps levelling the blood pressure and the blood sugar. As it is known that the diabetes and the hypertension are really troubling issues, it is clear that keeping them in balance is more than important. Of course, there are some medications designed for it, but why using the artificial stuff that can make the damage on some other organs when there is a perfectly natural and perfectly healthy solution available.

The only tricky thing about the green coffee is that it doesn’t taste very good and that the tea made out of it is not potent enough to help you out. So, the modern science jumped in to bring the satisfactory solution.

Now we have a lot of the natural supplements made out of green coffee on the market and they are just the solution that is needed. Of course, as they mostly come in the shape of pills, the bad taste issue is solved, and they have high concentrations of the substances responsible for all of the beneficial effects provided. So, these pills may prove to be just the right solution for any man or woman who wishes to get fit and back in the right track without changing their lifestyle.

Green Coffee PillsOf course, there are some differences between various products on the market and they are not all equally good or equally suitable to deal with the issue. There are only two types of the coffee that have proven to be completely safe and without any significant side effects and you should look for the products made of those top quality ingredients. They are a bit more expensive but it is quite natural that the investment will pay off more than nicely. The second thing you need to have in mind when purchasing the green coffee supplements is that only those made solely out of the coffee beans are completely safe. You should avoid those which have some artificial additives as they can be damaging o the health.

Finally, the market is quite abundant in options nowadays and there should be no problems with finding the appropriate supplement that will meet the requirements concerning the cost and the efficiency. After all, once lost, the health can’t be bought back even with the whole money in this world. So, making a small investment in the thing that can preserve your health is more than wise and good. If you consider that the green coffee will increase your energy, burn your fat, level the blood sugar and the blood pressure, it is clear that every single penny invested in it is more than worthwhile. No other product on the market offers so much for so little.

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What Are Green Coffee Extract Side Effects?


green-coffee-22Green coffee beans are the coffee beans that not roasted. These beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid, which is normally displaced or destroyed in the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid is believed to have health benefits for combating cardiovascular diseases, contributing to weight loss, and prevention of contracting chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Green coffee beans became known for its contribution to better health, when it was originally mentioned by Dr. Oz on his TV show in early 2012. It was mentioned in connection with the capability to induce rapid weight loss with minimal effort. The mode of operation is not yet fully understood, but it appears that metabolic functions rates are greatly increased.

There are no serious side effects noted with the use of green coffee bean. Some studies have shown that, when it is taken in prescribed amounts, it can contribute to reduced blood pressure in certain individuals. Over a 12-week period, the recommended dosage of 80 – 200 mg has shown a moderate weight loss, and as much as 10% of the body fat in some people who may be considered as obese. The green coffee bean extract has quickly become the top selling weight loss supplement.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeIt is important to remember that green coffee bean contains caffeine, which has been linked to some negative health effects. Consumption should be carefully regulated, and it may necessary to consult your family doctor, before embarking on any weight loss program, and green coffee bean is no different.

There have been no significant adverse effects noted in human trials of Green Coffee extract, but there a few side effects that have been connected with the consumption of coffee, and have been noted as green coffee extract side effects.

One of the major green coffee extract side effects, is the apparent contribution to the condition of osteoporosis.

Caffeine appears to increase the amount of calcium that is dissolved and passed in urine. Calcium contributes to bone formation and if there is not enough present, bones can become brittle and weak. The maximum recommended dosage of daily consumption of caffeine should be limited to 300 mg per day which is about the amount of caffeine in 10- 8 oz cups of coffee.

Over consumption of caffeine has been associated with insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and sometimes it can also attribute to increased heart rates. Although there is no direct correlation, pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid heavy consumption of caffeinated products.

Caution must be exercised when consuming caffeine, as it has also be known to cause vomiting and nausea.

Along with nervousness, and restlessness, caffeine does nothing to help anxiety.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesResearch shows that caffeine can affect the manner in which the body metabolizes sugar, and the caffeine in green in green coffee bean extract may contribute to unstable blood sugar compositions. Diabetics that consume caffeine must regularly monitor the levels of sugar in the blood.

Caffeine has also been associated with the occurrence of diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome.

High levels of consumption of caffeine has also been linked to other conditions, such as glaucoma. In patients with glaucoma, there has been a noted increase in the pressure in the eye, which may be caused by dilation of the blood vessels. There has also been reports of increased blood pressure in individuals with already high blood pressure, who consume green coffee bean extract.

There has been very little concrete evidence to suggest that there are serious side effects that are directly related to the use of green coffee extract, however much of the negative effects are noted with consumption of caffeine.
Some research shows that results may be different in males, than those achieved in females.

whitebikiniIn a recent study where 117 males were tested, Green coffee been was shown to be quite effective in reducing blood pressures, while no significant side effects were noted. It may be possible, that it may affect different people differently, and a much wider testing sample may be needed for more representative results. The study did not take the background or lifestyle nor medical history of the test subjects into account.

In another short clinical trial of 28 Japanese subjects, who were tested for a period of 60 days, there were some positive effects noted with the incidences of hypertension, and there was very little chemical changes noted in the composition of minerals in the blood, such as copper, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex.

Green coffee bean extract appears to increase the rate and the manner in which glucose and fats are absorbed the small intestine, it also appears to reduce the amount of insulin which results in increased metabolic rates.
During many of the studies that were conducted over several months, much of the adverse effects were all unnoticed.

There has been a strong positive correlation, between weight loss, an the consumption of green coffee extract, but as with any unregulated supplement, there is a need to exercise some caution. Weight loss products, by the very nature of operation, can produce harmful side effects, if they are consumed indiscriminately.

Caffeine has shown to cause problems in many people, but green coffee bean extract is an all-natural product without the addition of synthetic substances. Although the product is not regulated or can be approved by the FDA as a drug, because it is actually sold as a food supplement, it contains much less caffeine than regular coffee beans and retains the benefits of chlorogenic acid that is destroyed when coffee beans are roasted.

weightlossplans1_600x450The maximum dose of green coffee bean extract, as recommended by some producers, contain less than 20% of that in a cup of espresso. The adverse effects may attributed to the effects of consumption of caffeine, and it may be advisable to lower the dosage of the extract, if any ill effects are experienced.

The major concern may be with the collective effect known as “malabsorption”, which is associated with irregular heart beats, and excessive weight loss, or malnutrition, as the useful as minerals and vitamins are absorbed, rather than being passed through for assistance in metabolizing food in the small intestine. Improper metabolism can lead to serious heath conditions and may even lead to cardiovascular malfunctions.

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Green Coffee Beans vs. Black Coffee Beans? Which Are Better And Why?

Photo of Pure Green Coffee

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeGreen Coffee is coming up as one of the most sought after drinks these days. The revolution of green coffee has been seen all over the globe and people from all the countries tend to like this drink. As the name says Green Coffee is product made from its constituent element i.e. the Green Coffee Beans. The science of producing coffee from coffee beans goes as long as back to 1100 AD. Natives of Red Sea were the first of the people to manufacture beans and coffee from it. The most instrumental factor which is even more luring than the taste of the Green Coffee itself is the advantage associated with it. The advantage being cited here are the various health related benefits of drinking Green Coffee.

Nice Big Green Coffee PictureThe beans of Green Coffee are usually unroasted and preferred the same way by many of the people who have this green coffee. The reason behind this preference is the high antioxidant levels in the unroasted beans which decreases the ageing speed and helps body fight the free radicals. Moreover, the Chlorogenic Acid in these beans is known to increase the metabolism of one’s body and thus improve his health. It is even pronounced by most of the experts that having Green Coffee with a proper diet and regular exercise can do wonders to health of an individual and improve it by leaps and bounds. Green Coffee is also often advocated by many as a magnificent weight loss supplement. This advantage of Green Coffee beans at times propels many to have it as pills itself in the extracted form, as not only the pill has way less amount of caffeine in it but also has proved to be beneficial in healing health of many.

The fresh aroma of Green Coffee and its less sharp piquancy makes it taste than any normal cup of coffee. Either an occasional coffee sipper or an addict or even not know to coffee all people happen to show an inclination to Green Coffee after relishing a cup of it. The caffeine amount which way less than in the Green Coffee beans than in the normal coffee beans are a major factor in this that finds its way to through the heart of the coffee sipper. The lower caffeine levels also allow the drinker to have the coffee with less amount of sugar than normal and thus proving more beneficial to one’s health.

Green Coffee Beans Pills

Most of the doctors and health experts are advising people to switch over to Green Coffee as it has only 20 grams of caffeine per serving which way less than a cup of normal coffee. Though one may debate on and say that coffee produced from roasted coffee beans would also have the similar health benefits but the research facts has it, that roasting eliminates the all important Chlorogenic Acid and the antioxidants from the beans and thus only remains the caffeine which is not only higher in content but also not beneficial to one’s health. The other beneficial actions of drinking Green Coffee are balanced sugar levels, helping in weight loss which is an essential thing for most in today’s world, improved blood pressure which is hampered usually by brown coffee and also betterment cardiovascular functions of one’s body. Some of these favorable outcomes of drinking Green Coffee are discussed below.

How does drinking green coffee help in weight reduction?


Being regular in drinking Green Coffee has been found helpful for many in losing weight. People all around the world on average have been found to lose about 15 pounds after constant use of green Coffee over a period of 3 months. This tremendous success rate uniformly has been accorded to the Chlorogenic Acid contained in Green Coffee beans by scientist unanimously. The most astonishing thing which gives the total credit of weight loss to Green Coffee is that people were able to shed their extra amount weight keeping same all their eating habits except just an addition of a regular cup of Green Coffee. Metabolism increased by Green Coffee is the critical factor that helps one to stimulate body organs to work at their peak and hence resulting in permanent weight loss.

As stated above, Green Coffee has been found extremely powerful in improving the cardiovascular functions of human body. Feluric Acid contained in the Chlorogenic Acid of Green Coffee, is known for assimilating Nitric Oxide from vascular endothelium which in turn improves blood circulation and optimizes blood vessels and hence not only improves the cardiovascular function of the body but also amends the blood pressure for better. This activity of the body goes a far way in its overall health improvement and also reduces the cholesterol levels as the blood circulation is at its apex.


One of the most instrumental factor in increasing the sales and popularity of the Green Coffee is it’s know impact in delaying the ageing process of the body which is the most desired thing by people all around the world. The credit for delaying the ageing process goes to Polyphenol contained in the Green Coffee which is abundant of antioxidants and reduces the free radicals in one’s body. The reduction of free radicals thus further reduces the degeneration of the body cells and helps an individual for maintaining his youth for a longer period. Green Coffee is also known for being helpful in reducing the migraine pains not only just by sipping it but it also increase the impact of pain killers on one’s body in a good manner. Researchers have also found Green Coffee helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer and colon as well, thus Green Coffee is advised to be preferred over brown coffee by the researchers.

As most of the things in this world green Coffee also has some of its side effects. Though these side effect are only prominent when Green Coffee is used in excess. Intake mineral in one’s body like magnesium and potassium may be affected by excessive drinking of Green Coffee. Green Coffee is advised not to be used by pregnant women , moreover to prevent any of its side effects drinking of Green Coffee is advised by the experts not more than 3 cups per day. As discussed above if used adequately side effects of Green Coffee can be avoided and Green Coffee only has benefits for all.

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How Your Body Is Affected By Green Coffee Bean?


green-coffee-12Generally an unroasted coffee bean is called green coffee bean. This coffee bean was and is still used in some Arabic recipes. The beverage created by the unroasted coffee bean is very much similar to that of tea. Recently scientific research has show that the coffee bean in its unprocessed form can provide us with lots of healthy benefits. In this article I will outline all the benefits of this little humble bean.

Increases the Rate of Metabolism In the Body

One of the primary health benefit provided by the green coffee bean is a boost in our body’s metabolism. These beans can do this only due to the fact that they contain just the perfect amount of chloregenic acid. This chemical helps us burn more of the excess fat present in our body. The natural coffee beans also have a lot of kelp in them. The kelp is full of numerous vital nutrients required by our body for proper functioning. Apart from this, several minerals and vitamins are also present in these beans which affect the rate of metabolism by increasing it. The coffee bean in its natural form also helps to suppress unnecessary hunger signals from our body thereby helping us to balance our diet.

Maintains the Balance of Blood Sugar Levels

green-coffee-46Many people are found to suffer from diabetes or an imbalance in blood sugar levels as they age over the years. Green coffee beanshave the potential to control one’s blood sugar levels. Certain enzymes like the G6P enzyme have been found to be responsible for an increase in glucose levels of the blood. This enzyme stimulates the liver to release excess glucose in our blood. The unprocessed coffee beans with the help of the chlorogenic acid present in them, hinder the release of these enzymes in our body. The use of these beans has shown a downfall in the post meal blood glucose levels of numerous diabetes patients by almost 32%.

Powerful Antioxidant

Quick-Weight-Loss-Tips-300x234Free radicals present in our body are extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause serious damage to us. These free radicals can only be countered by anti- oxidants. Fruits and vegetables are the most common source of anti- oxidants on the planet. But research has shown that an average human does not consume enough fruits and vegetables to fulfill the body’s anti- oxidant needs. This deficiency of anti- oxidants can be avoided by the intake of green coffee beans. Again the chlorogenic acid present in these beans is the main cause of this benefit. This acid is a natural anti- oxidant and its abundance in a coffee bean makes the bean a powerful anti- oxidant. The chlorogenic acid successfully eliminates all the harmful free radicals thereby increasing the longevity of a human body by promoting its health.

Improves Heart Health and Prevents Heart Related Disorders

Often with advancing age blood platelets start to form clumps while flowing within the veins and arteries. A clump can easily block any artery and if a major artery is blocked, it may lead to serious heart ailments. Green coffee beans have been found to have natural aspirin like ingredients. These ingredients help boost our body’s blood circulation. This helps in the prevention of hardening of our arteries.

Green Coffee PillsAn increased level of blood pressure is one of the major reasons of heart strokes. Also constant high pressure along the walls of our arteries makes them weak thus causing them to rupture. This leads to formation of clots in our body. The aspirin like properties of the unroasted coffee bean helps us control our blood pressure and keep it at the normal level of 120/80.
High levels of cholestrol especially the presence of LDL cholestrol leads to numerous heart diseases. Cholestrol in our body gets deposited along the arteries and capillaries in our hearts. Thus they restrict the blood flow. Sometimes, due to excessive cholestrol deposition, blood flow through an artery complete stops thus leading to a heart attack. So it is necessary to keep the cholestrol levels in our blood in control. The green coffee bean helps by serving this very purpose. They have the ability to successfully check blood cholestrol levels.

Detoxification of the Liver

In order to live a long and healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to have a clean and healthy liver. Toxins present in the liver are bound to create numerous health problems down the road. The natural coffee bean has the ability to detoxify our liver. Certain chemicals present in the green coffee bean help the liver get rid of the unwanted fats, toxic substances and cholesterol. Also the coffee bean helps in balancing the liver’s metabolite function.

Improvement In Alertness of the Mind and Increase Levels of Energy

happy_womanLike roasted coffee, green coffee also boosts our mental alertness. It drives away the drowsy and sleepy feeling thus enabling us to stay more alert. Moreover coffee helps improve our memory power and the power to reason. A simple cup of coffee can boost our concentration levels to a completely new high thus helping us improve our learning capabilities.

The main wonder ingredient in coffee is the caffeine. This chemical works wonder with our bodies and brains. It has been found that caffeine can successfully increase the energy levels in our body. So it helps us stay awake when we need to and sleep soundly when we wish to.

Other Benefits of the Green Coffee Bean

The green coffee bean helps us to clean our colon. It also helps in weight loss by boosting our rates of metabolism and by suppressing our appetite. The Green Coffee bean can be prepared as a beverage and then drunk like normal coffee. Nowadays green coffee supplements in the form of pills have hit the market. These pills are cheap and are aimed at improving the health of its user by providing them with all the benefits of green coffee. Most of these supplements use natural ingredients and the coffee beans are selected from the Arabica variety of coffee plants.

So next time while you are drinking coffee, make sure that it is green coffee so that you do not miss out on all these wonderful benefits.

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Essential Facts on Dr. Oz Recipes You Should Know

green coffee plant

green coffee plantThe benefits of green coffee are making it gain popularity as one of the new superfoods that can help assist in weight loss, and this is especially so since it was featured as Dr Oz’s recipe for foods that can help maintain good health and general well being.

This power packed coffee bean the fruit of the Coffea plant and is processed in five significant steps which involve cleaning, drying and roasting before it is finally ground and brewed to yield coffee. An important factor that navigates the ability of green coffee beans in weight loss is chlorogenic acid. This particular acid has been found to assist in the inhibition of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase, which promotes the yield of glucose formation in the liver region. The presence of this acid in coffee beans aids in the reduction of weight-related disorders, provided there is a long-term consumption of coffee, and is also believed to be the primary contributor towards obesity control factors for coffee. This has been proven in researches which show that women who have consumed green coffee bean extracts over a period of a fortnight lost 2 pounds without changing their diet.

dr oz 1Your usual cup of coffee would definitely have the presence of chlorogenic acid in it, but not as much as a green coffee bean would. There are definitely roasted green coffee beans out there, but you would not be able to experience the full impact of its anti-obesity properties as a sizable amount of the chlorogenic acid is removed during the roasting process, which in turn reduces the bitterness of the coffee beans.

Green coffee beans have so much limelight thrown onto them that the beans are also processed in the form of dietary supplements. You would definitely have to keep your radar on when purchasing these supplements, as there are a number of factors you would need to weigh in to ensure that you are getting the best out of the product you purchase, be it in the drugstore or online.

Young woman and weight lossThe first thing you would need to keep your eyes open for is the percentage of chlorogenic acid which is in the supplement. It is recommended that the product you go for contains a bare minimum of 45 per cent of chlorogenic acid. Capsules that come with a percentage lower than this would not provide a significant impact towards one’s weight loss goals, as demonstrated in researches and studies conducted. The dosage which a normal individual would be able to consume would be a 400mg supplement of green coffee beans, thrice a day, and always at least half an hour before meals.

The second factor to look into is the list of ingredients which is shown on the bottle of the green coffee bean supplement you are purchasing or the online website from which you are getting it from. Be sure to ensure that the product which you are purchasing mentions either GCA(R), which is basically green coffee antioxidant, or Svetol (R). This is vital, especially if the item you are purchasing advertises that it is made out of pure green coffee beans. If the bottle you are looking at does not have either GCA(R) or Svetol (R) written on it, it is not worth purchasing.

semenax_pills_lgThe benefits of green coffee beans are definitely not limited to its weight loss abilities, as it has a myriad of other equally important and beneficial factors. The availability of kelp, for example, in the beans, provides the green coffee consumer with an invaluable source of minerals and vitamins that are vital for the human body. This aids as a metabolism booster and in return also assists in weight loss.

The extract that is obtained from the green coffee beans also provides help in regulating both blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. It is a well-known fact that the presence of bad cholesterol escalates the possibility of heart complications and even cardiac arrests, and this is made worse if there is a significantly high level of bad LDL cholesterol that can also promote cardiovascular problems. Regular consumption of the extract of green coffee been will not only reduce the presence of such harmful cholesterol levels, but also keep the levels in at a healthy level.

You may not have known this, but if you intend to keep your hands of that bag of chips or that tub of ice-cream, all you would need is a fix of green coffee. This Dr Oz recipe has also been proven to act as an inhibitor in cravings, and works as a successful suppressant for appetites. This definitely scores a goal in weight control as it provides the means for using one’s own storage of fatty acids for fuel to be burnt instead, as well as calories.

online-shopping_3If you are studying for an exam or preparing an important task at work, the best booster you would need to scout for also comes in the form of green coffee beans. Experience the elevated levels of energy that is both natural and without side effects (as opposed to other energy drinks that are high in sugar content and designed to crash and burn you afterwards!) as you go through your day or night. You will also find that you have a good amount of energy to keep you going throughout the day with a minimal amount of green coffee in your system.

Whatever your choice or reason may be for trying out green coffee beans, it is definitely a healthy choice, and the best part of this superfood is the fact that it is natural and works towards regulating your body towards a healthier standard in the long run. Be it as a weight loss instrument or an energy booster, once you try out green coffee beans, you will find that you will never want to return to the pesky old varieties anymore! Be sure to have a look at the Dr Oz recipes which are also available online on how you can get the ultimate results out of green coffee beans.

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The Amazing Fat Burner — Dr. Oz Green Coffee

Green Coffee Plant Photo

Green Coffee Plant PhotoGreen coffee bean capsules give a huge boost to weight loss when taken daily. The initial study that has gotten everyone so excited monitored 16 participants over a period of 22 weeks, and found that each had amazingly lost on average about 17 pounds.

More convincing proof was when Dr Oz himself conducted his own study using 100 women from a tv audience. The women who got green coffee pills lost twice as much as those who received a placebo.

The following gives all you need to know about Dr Oz green coffee beans, clearing up the rumors and questions many people are grappling with.

How Does It Help Lose Weight?

Dr Oz Green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid. The acid is key to its many weight loss benefits because it signals your liver to burn the stored fat FIRST. Also, it slows processing of sugars into glucose, so there’s less in your blood making for much more fat burning. Excess glucose doesn’t turn to fat later. This way there are immediate benefits as well as long term ones.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThis is exactly what happened with some participants in a recently conducted study on the green coffee bean extracts by Scranton University under Joe Vinson. Findings were revealed during the 243rd National Meeting of the longtime running American Chemical Society (ACS).

The Key Is The Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is prevalent mostly in green coffee beans, however it is destroyed during the roasting process that is used to make coffee drinks we’re all familiar with. It’s important that a process used in turning beans into easily consumed capsules doesn’t use heat that damages the chemical structure thus severely impacting amounts of chlorogenic acid that is present in a finished product.

Avoid product that have misleading terms like the word “Pure”.

Some illegitimate retailers use terms such as “Pure Green Coffee Bean Extracts”, but the term Pure means nothing here. There’s NO REGULATION ensuring what “Pure” means.

Avoid over-the-top Claims

If you are reading any green coffee reviews and all they keep doing is rave about how much of a miracle it is, so take caution. Good suppliers of supplements are sure to tell you the potential downsides or side effects. They’ll also tell you the exact ingredients.

Read Labels

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesThe key is ensuring you’re getting a true quality extract and nothing filled with needless ingredients which could actually be harmful. READ THE LABEL! The scammers can’t lie on a label. Dr. Oz will recommend a product with:

  • at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Without fillers nor additives
  • Atleast 400mg per capsule

If you see this on a label, it’s not one of those worthless scam products.

Once roasted to 475 degrees, the coffee beans are at times described as very rich and full-bodied. However for the fullbodied person, not so rich and unroasted coffee beans – which are green as the moment they were picked – would hold the key to cheap as well as effective weight loss.

In a recent study that was presented at the ACS’s spring national meeting which was in San Diego, sixteen overweight adults took, low doses of green coffee bean extracts, high doses of green coffee supplements, and a placebo. Even though the study was small, results were striking. It concluded that Subjects taking full doses of the green coffee extracts lost an average of about 17.5 pounds.

Green Coffee Extract Benefits

manmeasuringwaistmainStudies have suggested chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of fat during food intake as well as activating metabolism of extra fats.

Chlorogenic acid has specifically been shown to inhibit the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase.

Green Coffee contains many components. Every one of them may have the potential pharmacological effects
The key to real long term weight loss is one very important active compound that’s called Chlorogenic Acid found in green coffee beans.

Chlorogenic Acid is able to decrease blood pressure, systolic as well as diastolic.

Ready to Get Slimmer?

Green Coffee Beans will inhibit fat absorption. They also activate fat metabolism which is done in the liver. The Chlorogenic acids found in the Green Coffee Beans can be described as a natural phytochemical found in a very wide array of plants, all with high concentrations of Green Coffee Beans. It’s been found to inhibit release of glucose into a blood stream, especially after meals. This appears to really help people lose weight much faster. Chlorogenic acid can also induce body fat loss through increasing the body heat produced. This way it leads to promotion of thermogenesis, natural burning of fat to produce energy. It’s also believed to reduce generation of fat cells because of its superior antioxidant effects.

guyoncouchGet yourself a Firmer Butt

You’re likely to end up inlove with your new body. Fit into sexy slim jeans easily.

Get to Shed Inches Off a Belly

One of the best benefits of Green Coffee Extracts is that it is ideal for reducing belly and hips areas.

Defined Legs

Without the fad diets as well as overly costly gym memberships, you’ll be in the greatest shape of your life. Get all this from Dr Oz Green Coffee Extract.

Green Coffee In The Media

Normally, it is not recommended to follow hype on “weight-loss” supplements, particularly weight-loss supplements that make grand claims like “4 day” weight loss or “free” weight loss. It is strongly believed by nutritionists and gym trainers that a key to weight loss is healthy diet and exercise. However here is an incredible super food that delivers results! This super food, the green coffee bean, has been creating major media buzz.

Conclusion – The Amazing Fat burner

Green Coffee Bean extract truly IS an effective weight loss supplement. However the popularity of this new product combined with the simplicities involved with internet retail business mean there exist many scam companies that are working to take advantage of this phenomenal interest in using Green Coffee beans for weight loss. It is very important at this time to get a product that is legitimate and true. The popularity of this green coffee extract is fanned by its reputation to deliver results.

Also, to encourage more effective weight loss, be sure to exercise whenever possible. Combining this with the green coffee beans will lead to results that will astound you.

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An Overview of Dr. Oz Green Coffee Beans Beneficial Features

dr oz 1

dr oz 1Nowadays, there is a lot of hype about the effects of green coffee beans in the loss of weight. There are different websites and companies that are marketing the benefits of the supplement as well as other products meant to burn fat. Many people are left wondering whether this is a gimmick by manufacturers of the green coffee extracts to hoodwink dieters into buying the product. It is for this reason that The Dr. Oz Show decided to carry out an experiment to find out if these claims are real.

Green coffee beans are those which have not undergone the roasting process .After the beans have been roasted; there is a breaking down of the plant compound known as chlorogenic acid. This is a chemical that is believed to be effective in limiting the absorption of glucose and thus help in the reduction of weight.

green-coffee-35According to Dr OZ, it is important for consumers to be careful when buying different weight loss products if they wish to avoid getting duped with products that are both phony and ineffective. The celebrated physician suggests that as a consumer, you should look out for the ingredient’s list while buying a supplement.

An important factor that you should consider is whether the product contains extracts of chlorogenic acids. This is listed as Svetol or GCA (green coffee antioxidant) in most of the products. According to Dr OZ green coffee beans, you should look for capsules that have at least 45%of the acid. Pills that have an amount that is less is likely to be ineffective as there are no studies showing their effectiveness. Where a product doesn’t list its ingredients, you should avoid buying it. There should also be no artificial ingredients or fillers in the list. Avoid getting fooled by the manufacturers terming their products as “pure” as it doesn’t add value to the product as long as it doesn’t contain the right ingredients.

Green Coffee Beans PillsThe dosage of capsules usually differs and they are available in 800mg, 400mg and 200mg. In the experiment that was conducted by The Dr. OZ Show, the participants took 400mg, 3 times in a day. This was taken thirty minutes before every meal. However, there are some clinical trials that have indicated that the 200mg can also be effective. There is also a need for a food journal to help you stay informed of your food intake habits.

According to Dr OZ green coffee beans, the study involved 1000 women who were aged between 35 and 49. All of them were overweight, with a BMI of between 25 and 45. None of them was breastfeeding, pregnant or had a major medical problem such as diabetes. They also did not have a history of heart attacks.

The women were given a placebo or a green coffee bean extracts which they were supposed to take three times in a day. The 400mg capsules were supposed to be swallowed thirty minutes before every meal. None of the participants was informed of the pills they were taking. On top of this, the participants were not supposed to change their diet. They were also required to maintain a food journal which was supposed to help the team from Dr OZ Show to know what the women were taking. The weights of the participants were taken again after a period of two weeks.

weight-loss5The results of the study indicated that after a period of two weeks, the women who had taken the green coffee extract lost an average of two pounds. Those who took the placebo on the other hand lost an average of one pound, perhaps because of being aware of their diet within the two week period due to the food journal.

In another study that was conducted by Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity journal in the month of January 2012, the researcher studied 16 adults who were using different dosages of the green coffee beans chlorogenic acid extracts. They were either taking a dosage of 700mg or 1050 mg in a day for a period of 12 weeks. All of them could be considered overweight as they had a BMI of over 25. They lost an average of 18 pounds, which was around 10percent of their body weight or 4.4% of their body fat.

Therefore, there is enough evidence to show that the green coffee beans do work. However one question lingers: Are the green coffee extracts safe for use by everybody? Even though the product is safe for healthy adults who are over the age of eighteen, there are groups of people who should not take the supplement. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Since the supplement is still new, there is no evidence on any of its effect on unborn babies or even children. For this reason, it is advisable for children not to take the product. People who are allergic to coffee r even caffeine should also not take the product.


There are questions that have been raised over the possibility of the product having some side effects. According to Dr OZ, the supplement has no known side effects. It also has an advantage in that the level of caffeine in the coffee beans extract is lower as compared to what is in the roasted coffee. This makes it safer as it doesn’t contain the risks associated with the use of caffeine.

It is also important to realize that even as you choose the green coffee beans as an option for loss of weight, you should also not ignore the importance of a healthy diet as well as a continuous exercise regimen. No single supplement can be said to be 100% effective in the loss of weight without being combined with a lifestyle change.

It’s also important to note that Dr OZ green coffee beans is not supposed to endorse or promote any brand of a green coffee extract. Therefore, you should ignore any email communication or ads that suggest that Dr OZ has recommended that particular brand.But it is clear that the supplement is effective in loss of weight and there is no rerason as to why you should not give it a try.It might just be the solution to shedding off the extra fats.

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How the Incredible Effects of Pure Green Coffee Can Help You?


Effects of Pure Green Coffee

green-coffee-3You might have seen models starving themselves to get a zero figure, surviving on cigarettes and espresso. It might sound unhealthy and unrealistic but there is alternative to attain perfect figure, the power of coffee can be indeed used for weight loss. Although majority of the population favors the dark coffee drink and consume it on daily basis. The stimulating effect of coffee on our central nervous system is the reason for its consumption.

On the other hand pure green coffee is gaining immense popularity to aid for weight loss. The idea of using green coffee to start losing weight might seem new to many people but it has been around for many years and has helped people to achieve ideal weight. Shedding weight is not an easy task to aim for, it needs hours of hard work coupled up with proper discipline. There are many supplements available in the market but you cannot be sure of its effectiveness. Keeping all these scenarios in mind, green coffee pills does seem a liable option. Coffee is natural antioxidant and it also protects our body from different free radicals. These free radicals are linked with diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, accelerated ageing to name a few.

The Benefits of Using Pure Green Coffee Pills

Green Coffee SymbolConsumption of coffee is pleasurable but green coffee beans are more reliable and rewarding. The green coffee beans are different from the dark beans and also have a totally different aroma and savor.

Coffee reduces appetite and increases the capacity of our body to use the stored fat and convert it into energy. Reduced appetite will naturally lead to less consumption of food; more importantly eat more healthy food. Coupled up with this, the desire for water also increases resulting in effective functioning of our body. Since green coffee pill is a detoxifier, the more water you consume the more you will flush out the toxins from the body. Pure green coffee is also effective in regulating the sugar levels in the blood. The correlation of green coffee beans with insulin also prevents the body from storing excess fat.

Being lower on caffeine, green coffee can help you in increasing concentration, alertness, improvement of work pace without causing any side affects to the body. Green coffee brings many benefits to the user as contrast with the dark coffee. It is also rich in various minerals and vitamins. Most important of all it removes obesity which is a growing concern among the young youth of the world.

A Natural and Effective Way to Reduce Your Weight

Backed By Science GirlPure green coffee is a perfect way to lose weight. The green color of the beans is due to the fact that they have not been roasted. The normal dark coffee beans that we consume everyday have been roasted at 475 degree of Fahrenheit. The roasting of the bens actually makes them lose the anti-oxidant and fat-burning elements present. Thus, the green coffee bean is present in their most natural state and is one of the natural ways to shed the weight from the body. The green coffee bean also contains leptin, which is essentially a hormone present in the body. This hormone leptin is responsible for body’s response towards starvation. Our brain tends to work on the level of leptin in the body to determine how much fat should be kept in reserve. When our brain does not sense the correct level of leptin hormone, the overall result is obesity. The metabolism becomes slow and the fat also increases with time. Green coffee helps in maintaining the levels of leptin and balances the body. The other benefit of green coffee is that they are more affordable as compared to other roasted beans. Since there is no processing or roasting involved, there is no addition of additives as well. This also means that you are more liable to get the chlorogenic acid found in them. This acid helps in absorption of fat from the body and promotes the fat metabolism in liver. The acid produced by green coffee beans blocks the storage of glucose in the body. Hence the body is forced to rely on the fat concentration which eventually results in weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is also responsible for lowering of blood pressure and boosts metabolism at the same time.

How You Should Consume Green Coffee Beans?

It is highly recommend that you should consume the pure green coffee every day and it should be just before or after the breakfast. The amount can be varied as 800 mg or 400 gm of two doses per day. There is no hard and fast rule for this pill, so even if you miss a capsule it does not create any problem. But on an average you should maintain the routine. This pill should not be ingested with any food ingredient and should be ideally taken 30 minutes before meal, followed by a large glass of water.

pure-green-coffee-pills-4Often people have this query in mind if they can take normal tea or coffee with green coffee pills. It is alright to consume these drinks with green coffee. But many people also report that they tend to feel less inclined towards tea or caffeinated coffee after consuming regular intakes of green coffee. However you should consult a doctor or any health professional before consuming it. Green coffee is designed to aid in weight loss but not to cure or treat any diseases.

Green coffee is indeed famous for its weight losing and slimming properties. Many people have achieved great results using these green coffee beans. But at the same time balanced diet coupled up with proper exercises is also required to achieve great results. There is nothing better than having a safe and natural oxidant to shed your weight. With the increased health awareness issues cropping up in the world, an organic extract can increase your chances of keeping your body healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you take green coffee bean pills for maintaining your circulatory nervous system, its antioxidant properties, to support your blood pressure levels; it is indeed wonderful addition in your diet.

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Secrets You Didn’t Know About Pure Green Coffee

pure green coffee plant

pure green coffee plantThe influence of green tea with regard to weight loss has always been a matter of public knowledge, at least for those who are enthusiastic about this issue. However, it has only started emerging that pure green coffee is just as effective in helping people to overcome this problem. Preliminary studies continue to show that green coffee beans are well equipped with the ability to fight off weight gain. The presence of excess body fats can be reduced simply by taking pure green coffee in the prescribed manner. Over-consumption of green coffee beans could lead to health complications.

Some people might think that pure green coffee is something they don’t know much about. In simple terms it is nothing other than the coffee beans in their un-roasted form. Green coffee beans possess one ingredient that is not found on the roasted form, chlorogenic acid. This acid exists in the green berries in its natural state.

It is the most crucial ingredient for any person willing to embark on natural weight loss regimen. Some of the best diet pills are equipped with this acid to make them effective in performing their requisite functions, and this shows just how important it is considered in weight loss.
Pure green coffee beans carry very negligible amounts of caffeine in them.

Once coffee beans are roasted, the levels of caffeine are increased in them. Caffeine makes people feel energetic for short periods of time while when it is taken heavily, it could lead to serious cases of insomnia. The unroasted coffee may carry a bitter taste in the mouth when it is taken just as it is.

It is for this reason that people are advised to consume this type of coffee in the form of pills. Consumption of the pills or capsules should be with moderation. The recommended dosage is about two to three times everyday.

Pure green coffee strengthens the body to work more efficiently than it has done prior to its consumption. Moreover, it has the capacity to help neutralize or prevent the onset of type II diabetes by increasing the rate of metabolism within the liver and reducing the levels of blood glucose. Too much fat in the liver coupled with high levels of glucose in the blood are the two most notorious causes of type II diabetes. Eventually, as you continue taking green coffee in the required dosage, you help to keep your body in good shape thus staying healthier than you have ever done.

Green Coffee PlantsToo much consumption of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates, leads to a situation where they are converted into sugar, commonly known as glucose. This type of sugar tends to overwhelm the liver, which at this point is being attacked by fats. The body, through the liver, is then unable to convert or process the excess sugar. This is the simplest process through which multiple health problems start occurring in the body. You will then hear someone complaining of weight gain, or excess fats in the system, or high blood sugar.

There are several diets in the market which are designed to correct the health complications described above. However, they are limited in their effectiveness and would not be able to work well for the long term. The other problem with these types of diet pills is that they reduce entire food groups within the system unnaturally.

Remember that when unnatural solutions are provided the body might react aggressively hence making you feel unhealthy. You don’t need unnatural solutions which promise you a quick fix process. You need a solution that assures you of permanent eradication of the problem.

When people learn about the difference that pure green coffee can bring into their lives, they fail to implement changes in other areas of their lives too. This may lead to a situation where you cut down on your excess weight but are still unfit. You need to watch what you are eating at all times while ensuring that you are actively involved in physical exercises.

However, what pure green coffee helps with is that you don’t have to undertake wholesome changes in terms of your diet. Other diet regimens will ask you to carry out thorough changes in what you eat and this may lead to a lot of discomfort.

When you are taking pure green coffee, you need to watch the amount you are using. It is safer that you consume not more than 400 mg of this coffee in capsule form. This totals to around two capsules and they must be taken not less than one hour before each meal.

The ingredients are not made with chemicals or fillers that you will find to be of great harm to your body as long as consumption is within the stipulated quantities. Disruption of sleep, usually a complaint that people cite whenever they consume roasted coffee, is something that you won’t experience with these diet pills.

Thus far, preliminary studies are showing that pure green coffee has multiple health benefits. Some of the benefits accruing to a person, who uses green coffee, include reduction of high blood pressure. The LDL cholesterol levels are also brought down quite significantly as a result of using this green coffee.

Photo of Jessica ParkerBlood sugar is best maintained at a stable level and this possible through the consumption of pure green coffee. As long as the liver functions effectively and regularly, the body will be at optimal level and this is something that is made possible through taking of green coffee.

A person that has struggled with being overweight or obese will be familiar with feelings of sluggishness that he or she has to deal with regularly. As the body, through the liver, gets rid of excess fats, the body fat index gets reduced. This leads to increase in energy and any pretense of being lethargic is eliminated.

If your lifestyle is relatively safe, you may not need to change it much when you feel that there is need for you to embark on weight loss, as long as you take the right amounts of pure green coffee diet pills.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviewed By Medical Experts


green-coffee-29Weight loss is a worldwide phenomenon that has and continues to attract unprecedented attention from both sexes. The need to conform to society’s idea of the ultimate appearance is increasingly rising with crazy diet fads, rigorous exercise routines and herbal intake therapy. The common goal here is to get rid of the flab and maintain a lean thin frame.

Many have given up in the quest of losing citing lack of time, especially where the gym is involved. Some have gone right back to their unhealthy eating habits after sticking to a diet for a few days while some just get bored of ‘nasty’ tasting herbal concoctions all promising immediate weight loss.

One thing is for sure, everyone wants to lose weight but no one wants to stop eating! Enter the latest craze, the green coffee bean extracts into the bandwagon and you have a miracle waiting to happen.

What is Pure Green Coffee?

Green Coffee PlantsPure green coffee is made of coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. They are therefore high in a chemical known as chlorogenic acid which is the main ingredient required for weight loss. The coffee that we are used to taking is usually reddish in color and this is because it has been roasted. Heat gets rid of the weight loss chemical component.

How Does It Work?

So by taking the extract from the unroasted green coffee, the chlorogenic acid goes to work by burning fat away. It also stops the formation of any other fat by blocking excess absorption as well as reducing the absorption of sugar. This in essence ensures that weigh gain is kept at bay since the rate of metabolism is also increased.

The chlorogenic acid is also known to reduce the levels of blood pressure thus keeping high blood pressure complications at a bare minimum.

How Do I Ingest The Extract?

white-background-person-slimming-bodies_3341675Once the extract is removed from the coffee beans, they are processed and available in capsules of either 400mg or 800mg. Some experts recommend taking two pills of 400mg and a single one of 800mg before a meal. However, this may vary ad it is advisable to visit your doctor for the correct dosage so that you are assured of 100% success.

Will I Be Required to Change My Diet?

This has got to be the most beautiful thing about using the green coffee bean extract. One is NOT required to change their diet; in fact, one can pile on the carbohydrates and eat just about anything because the pills will burn the fats dead in their tracks! In essence people, the green coffee extract allows you to retain your love for pizza without worrying about your waistline.

What About Exercise?

weightlossplans1_600x450While it is advisable to always exercise so as to maintain a physically fit body, this will not be necessary for weight loss. That wonderful chemical contained in green coffee extract has already done the work for you.

Health Benefits of the Pure Green Coffee Extracts

So, we have already found out how the green coffee extract works and how it aids in weight loss. However, there is more to just weight loss when it comes to this miracle pill. Taken correctly, you stand to benefit in the following ways.

Balanced Blood Pressure

Studies have released evidence that continuous intake of chlorogenic acids (CGAs) have led to the reduction of high blood pressure. This happens when the acids metabolize nitric oxide which is the root cause of high blood pressure. The studies revealed that the more regular the intake of the pill, the more balanced the blood pressure levels became.

Improvement of Cardiovascular Function

Once the nitric oxide is metabolized by the chlorogenic acid contained in the green coffee extracts, blood circulation in the body is improved thus ensuring that all cardiovascular functions take place without complications.

Acts As an Antioxidant

Green Coffee PillsGreen coffee is rich in antioxidants as compared to the normal roasted coffee beans. The chlorogenic acid is rich in antioxidants thus keeping at bay most diseases like diabetes. At the same time, it works towards cleansing the colon thus working as a good detoxification agent.

Guarantees Weight Loss

We all know that obesity is a health scare and thus the need to maintain a healthy body is key. As explained already, the green coffee bean extract helps in reduction of weight loss thus keeping you healthy and happy at all times.

Pros and Cons of Taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Online ShopSo now, let’s look at the major pros and cons that have been brought forward about the use of this magic pill. The pros are as follows:

  • No added additives or harmful chemicals are included I the magic pill. This eliminates any other kind of complications that may arise from foreign chemicals.
  • All natural product extracted from the green coffee beans, good for body.
  • Guarantees fast weight loss through burning of existing fat and encouraging quicker metabolism.
  • No need to take part in crazy diets or strenuous physical work outs.
  • Balances the blood pressure levels and improves cardiovascular action.
  • An affordable method of weight loss as compared to other methods e.g. paying for annual gym subscriptions.

There isn’t much to write about the negative effects of taking the green coffee extracts since there is little or no side effect. However, caution is provided as follows:

  • Expectant and lactating mothers are discouraged against coffee intake thus it may not be safe for mother and child to take the magic pill.
  • Avoid taking too many cups of coffee in the bid of losing more weight faster. Experts advise not more than 3 cups a day.
  • Before purchasing the magic pill, ensure that it is the original product since there are a lot off fake pills in the market. Buy the original product.

Well, there you have it, a naturally safe way to lose weight without the hullaballoo associated with the practice. It helps that the pill is readily available in most pharmaceutical shops as well as alternative health shops. Visit the web as well to find out the best brand of the magic pill for your consumption.

Work your way towards a better, healthier you!

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Shape Up Your Body and Lose Weight with the Use of Green Cofee Extract

Green Coffee Beans Package


Green Coffee Beans PackageObesity and weight gain is as a result of increased volume of stored fats in the body. Process of storage of fats starts from absorption, circulation and synthesis of storable components such as fats.

For weight loss to be achieved, the method used must achieve either of the processes, inhibit absorption from food intake, decrease synthesis in the liver or increase the metabolism of stored fats in the liver.

In order to achieve healthy body weight loss, method used must affect all body systems in order to avoid sudden health deterioration because of unmonitored, uncontrolled weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract is among the best and fastest method to achieve desired weight loss while still maintaining healthy status of body. It acts on the body by reducing synthesis of sugars and increase metabolism of fats.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean is the raw, unroasted coffee beans. Extract from the raw coffee beans contain components which are at higher levels than in roasted beans. These components in the coffee extract have their own independent pharmacological effects.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeCaffeine is the popularly known component in the coffee, though coffee extract’s effects on weight loss and anti-obesity are due to other components including chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans and trigonelline. These compounds have been proved to improvemetabolism of glucose in the liver.

Chlorogenic acid is the most critical component in the extract. Chlorogenic acid inhibit glucose-6- phosphatase enzyme which promotes synthesis of glucose in the liver. This effect is responsible for decreased risk of glycemic disorders like diabetes. Chlorogenic acid has also been proven to inhibit absorption of fats from food intake and activate the metabolism of extra fats hence weight loss is achieved.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Lead to Weight Loss?

In a study documented in Diabetic, Metabolic syndrome and Obesity journal on January 2012, researchers provided 16 participants who were overweight due to their BMI ranging at 18.5 – 25 with green coffee extract for 12 weeks without change in diet. After 12 weeks, participants had lost an average of 10.5% of their total body weight and 4.4% of their total body fat. No side effects were reported in this study.

weight_loss_coupleDr Oz in his tv show, Dr. Oz show, through show’s medical unit conducted a trial of the green coffee extract under the guidance of experts and dietician. 100 women between ages 35 – 49 years and a BMI of 25-45 were randomly selected. The women were each provided with a placebo or green coffee extract and instructed not to change diet lifestyle but for the medication to be taken before meals. Ater two weeks, the women who had taken green coffee extract had lost an average of two pounds while the ones that had taken placebo had about one pound.

Natural chloregenic acid in the green coffee extract prevent influx of glucose into the blood stream which increases metabolism of the liver hence burn out fat fast. The two mechanisms are in synergy to inhibit storage and absorption of fats.

In both scientific studies carried out, participants were instructed not to change their eating habits or exercise routines if any. Weight loss can be accelerated by supplementing the extract with proper diet and regular exercises.

What are Other Benefits of Green Coffee Extract?

Blood sugar balance: Levels of blood sugar determine health status of the body. Blood sugar imbalances can lead to hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Imbalance causes inflammation which damage hormonal control systems, organs, and immune system. Green coffee extract inhibit glucose-6- phosphatase hence inhibit release of sugar to the blood hence stabilizing blood sugar levels

Cardiovascular benefits: Cardiac system consists of vital organs which are susceptible to damage due to accumulation of fats hence compromising their function. The fast fat burning ability by green coffee extract relieves the stress on the organs and restores the efficiency functions.

Decrease in cholesterol: Cholesterol play vital role in protecting vital organs such as brain and spinal cord. Too much of cholesterol can accumulate in organs such as arteries and veins causing blockage which can lead to stroke. Green coffee extract supplements decrease LDL cholesterol, vessel clogging cholesterol, levels. HDL cholesterol levels remain constant or increase. This cholesterol promotes healthy heart and reduces risk of heart attack or stroke.

Green Coffee PillsBrain benefits: Brain is a vital organ that is important in maintaining steady quality of life. Itsupplements helps maintain energy levels in the body, and ensures nutrients and oxygen are sufficiently available to the brain. This improves concentration, productivity, and memory hence increasing brain power. The extract is used to improve conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

High blood pressure: Hypertension affects 40% of Americans and 70% of overweight individuals. Hypertension can lead to stroke if not controlled. Since blood pressure is directly related to body weight, thus control of body weight leads to controlled blood pressure. Green coffee bean extract supplements lead to body weight loss which leads to proportionate decrease in blood pressure. Significant blood pressure drop is realized after a four to six weeks of the supplement use.

Anti-oxidation/Immune system benefits: Chloregenic acid is a strong antioxidant. Anti-oxidant extracts free radicals in the blood stream. Free radicals slow internal body processes and damage the skin. With intake of the extract, antioxidants absorb the free radicals and kill them allowing the skin and immune system revitalized.

Colon cleansing: Colon and bowel are vital areas for absorption and waste management. Chloregenic acid help in promoting healthy colon consequently stablelizing bowel movement. Prevents constipation and other diseases such as colon cancers and liver cancers.

What Are the Side Effects and Contraindications of Green Coffee Extract?

happy_womanIt has no side effects and if any, are as a result of levels of caffeine in the extract which can be controlled. These side effects include restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia, stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting, increased heart rate and breathing rate.

Some precautions are taken before intake of green coffee extract, which include incidence of pregnancy or breastfeeding, history of anxiety disorders, bleeding disorders, Diabetes, hypertension or osteoporosis.

Green coffee bean extract has been proved to be the most reliable and convenient way to lose weight fast. It is the safest and healthiest method due to the natural nature of the compound, minimal side effects, and its overall effect on improving health and quality of life.

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Green Coffee General Product Overview

weight loss and coffee

weight loss and coffeeYou might have heard about this slimming trend today that uses raw coffee extract as one of its main ingredients or the so-called green coffee bean dietary pill. These pills are typically found in capsule forms which have either brown or green coating. Each capsule contains high amount of antioxidant which can effectively denude free radicals away from your system. Aside from being an effective fat eliminator, green coffee bean pills can also bring various benefits to one’s health.

Green coffee bean extracts are widely commercialized on the Internet. It is also a talk on the television. If you were looking for clarity about these products’ specifications, benefits, generalize instructions and possible side effects, then you have come to the right article. Brace yourself to read this quick guideline and overview about green coffee bean extracts.

Why Such Products Are Popular In The Market?

Statistically speaking, more than 60 percent of the populations in the world are suffering from obesity. Some people are willing to pay whatever the price might be as long as it can help them beautify their body’s appearance. Chemical-based dietary supplements brought fear to many because of reported instances on where those products brought damages to its users. Natural dietary supplements are known to a lot of consumers since they are crafted from organic materials which mostly come from fruits, leaves and plant roots. Tons of people had already left testimonials about their experiences on using herb-based products and so far, majority of those testimonies stated positive reviews. Moreover, products of such kinds are practically cheaper compare to those capsules which are made from chemicals. These are basically the same reasons why many people love green coffee bean extract pills. It’s cheap and is safer to use.

What Is It and Where Does This Supplement Came From?

Green Coffee PlantsThe extract is a natural substance derived from raw coffee. The coffee beans are not roasted nor have undergone to any chemical mixture processes. Your usual coffee has gone through roasting process and is typically flavored with other mixture while green coffee is at its purest form. The extracts are then process in organic ways and are turned into capsules. Some formulations are mixed with other herbs. Pure green coffee bean pill tastes bitter. Hence , some manufacturers add sweetener for easy oral intake.

Cost and Availability Of These Products

You’ll find products of such kind sold in per bottle offer on where the prices range from 19- per 60-capsule bottle. Commonly you are given huge discounts whenever you buy multiple bottles. There will be no prescription needed. You can buy the product from street pharmacies or through online marketplaces like EBay and Amazon or you can also purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s website.

What’s With The Product and How Can It Help Me?

Coffee ImageThe unroasted coffee contains chlorogenic acid, a known substance which is also effective for removing body fats. The presence of chlorogenic acid on coffee inspired manufacturers to create green coffee extracts in forms of supplements and capsules. The detoxacation effect of chlorogenic acid can help achieve a better skin complexion as well as it can also effectively cleanse the colon. The presence of natural caffeine on each capsule reenergizes the body and boost mental alertness. Green coffee bean pills are said to be as effective as other dietary supplements which are made from green tea extracts. The amount of chlorogenic acid in each pill gives competitive benefits the same as what *catechins (antioxidant found on green tea products) can provide. Green coffee extracts can also suppress the hunger making it easier for you to control your diet.

Further Explanation About The Product’s Functions

Theoretically, green coffee bean products are said to help balance blood sugar and well as minimize blood pressure. Weight loss results are to be expected two-four weeks after utilizing these dietary supplements.

Clinical Studies and Green Coffee Beans

The results on clinical studies show that those subjects who were given green coffee extracts gained mental alertness and are notably energetic. Weight loss results were seen after two weeks of continuous usage of specific green coffee bean extract pills. On other clinical experimentation held, the dosage of the coffee extract was doubled yet, the result did not show any adverse effect.

Dosage Recommendations

It is recommended that one should take a capsule which is 800mg, 30 minutes before meal time alongside with a glass of water. Dosage recommendation is found on the product’s label and users must follow the instructions. Although this sort of product is particularly harmless, pregnant women, those who have anxiety disorder, people who are allergic to coffee and those who are under 18 years old must consult a doctor first before taking any green coffee extract pill.

Caffeine and Green Coffee Bean

We all know that too much caffeine is no good to our health so just take the pill accordingly. Since green coffee extract are raw, you can expect that the capsule form of these dietary supplements have higher amount of caffeine.

Testimonials By Its Users

As claim by many testimonials, pills of this sort are effective even without exercise or strict diet. Although, health specialists recommend that any dietary pills are more effective with the right exercise and healthy lifestyle routine.

Pointers To Note When Purchasing Green Coffee Bean Pills

Green Coffee Beans PillsIt is important that before you purchase your pills, you must do your own research about the specific product as well as the manufacturer’s reputation in the market. Green coffee bean products are flooding in the market, hence it would require a little researching effort in order to get the most effective ones. Needless to say that you must entrust your purchase to a manufacturer which offer reliable product and a provider that is trusted by many.

The Bottom Line

Green coffee bean capsules are practical dietary supplements that can help you eliminate those annoying body fats. Along with its other health benefits, you will surely not regret buying your own green coffee bean dietary supplements. It is important that you follow the instructions suggested on the bottle’s label when you utilize such pill. With healthy lifestyle and proper exercise, positive results are to be expected with the help of this natural capsules.

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Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract For Better Health

Photo of Jessica Parker

Photo of Jessica ParkerPure green coffee bean extract is obtained from raw seeds or beans, in the red berries of the coffee plant. In producing the normal coffee for sale, the berries are roasted to produce the traditional beverage. However, no roasting is done for green extract so as to preserve important components. Today, people have created a lot of interest in how this is prepared due to its importance in antioxidant properties as well as a slimming aid.

Some people have made efforts in using traditional coffee as a slimming aid but caffeine is responsible for its effects. Caffeine stimulates activities but may lead to withdrawal symptoms as well as undesirable side effects. Although containing much less caffeine pure green coffee bean extract has proven to work more effectively. It does not have the side effects associated with ordinary coffee.

How It Works

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeGreen coffee beans extract does not work due to caffeine. In fact, roosting of coffee beans is done at 400 degrees and Chlorogenic acid which is the active ingredient would burn off. Its name does not imply that it contains chlorine. The name means “green” from ancient Greek, referring to a green color the acid produces when certain chemical reactions are taking place in it. This ingredient metabolizes blood sugar, reduces cholesterol and accelerates fat loss.

Its basic function is stopping release of glucose in the bloodstream. When the body stores sugar, it results in formation of fat cells. Fat cells are responsible for excess gaining of weight. Chlorogenic acid may even lead to burning of fat within the liver through boosting metabolism rate.

Chlorogenic acid works by making sure that after eating food, there is a slow rate of production of glucose. Complex carbohydrate molecules like starch are broken down in our bodies to give simple sugars like glucose. The latter is used for providing energy within the body. If the energy requirements are lower than the available glucose in the body, some of it is converted into fat for storage in some parts of the body like under the skin. Thus, a lot of exercise is required to make use of glucose to prevent it from being converted into fat following high carbohydrate intake. Chlorogenic acid will easily help here by lowering glucose production rate.

The vast number of chemical reactions taking place in the human body may result into compounds known as “free radicals”. These cause a lot of damage to cells. They accelerate aging and interrupt the structure of DNA; this may result in cancer. Chlorogenic acid is in the class of compounds called antioxidants. They are important inhibitors of the oxidation reactions resulting in formation of free radicals.

The use of pure green coffee beans in achieving weight loss has made a splendid splash. It is a natural, safe and powerful way to lose your excess weight easily and quickly. A study was conducted on overweight young adults on a full dose form of green coffee beans extracts. Amazingly, they had lost 17.5 pounds in twenty two weeks. This was about 10.5% loss in total body weight. You do not have to swallow any more frustrations with supplements to use when planning to lose weight. Just make use of natural green coffee beans and you will comfortably lose weight to whatever point you wanted. There are no safety issues as this method is exclusively natural.

Choosing the Best Brand

Coffee Pills ExtractBuyers are in indifference of what brand of pure green coffee to purchase due to the vast number of supplements that have flocked the market recently. There are a few points that you may find helpful when you are choosing your brand.

Since chlorogenic acid is the important component in green coffee extracts, you must consider its quantity in the brand. For effective weight loss consider 30-50% chlorogenic acid. If a given supplement does not give the actual quantity but simply states its availability, you should avoid it.

When planning to buy health supplements, you should not to be very strict about the price you pay for it. Remember cheap may turn out to be expensive in some way. Although there may not exist much difference between the cheap and costly brands in terms of content, you should be prepared to part with at least $40 for a monthly supply. You should be cautious with cheap brand as they may contain preservatives and unnecessary ingredients to reduce the price.

Reviews being an expression of the experience customers have had with a product are also helpful. They will tell you how efficient the supplement is. An effective and good review will receive at least 60% positive reviews. Before you buy a supplement, make sure you check about 20 reviews from it. Since you are not looking for 100% perfection, a few negative reviews are fine. But you should not go for a brand whose negative reviews are above 40%.

Green Coffee Online ShopThe manufacturer should ascertain that you will get the best value for your money. Clear refund policies and money back guarantees are qualities of an effective product. Confirm that the money will be refunded in case the product does not turn out satisfactory. There are also available online offers for some of the best Green coffee Bean extract brands. You should consider checking to sample different offers.

The recommended dosage is 400mg taken thrice per day and at least 30 minutes before eating. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take this supplement. It is also a no to people who are caffeine allergic. The supplement targets the market comprising of adults above the age of 18 who will normally have some pounds to dispose.

For this product to give the most powerful results, it should be taken along with an exercise plan and a good balanced diet. Since it works to its standards, this product has received enormous response from customers. Doctors have endorsed it as a powerful way to lose pounds. Green coffee bean extract seem to be a good alternative to people with weight loss problems, glucose disorders like diabetes, cancer as well as blood pressure problems.

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Green Coffee Benefits – Indeed a Big Deal in 2013

Green Coffee Beans Big Photo HD

Green Coffee Beans Big Photo HDA large majority of people, in the Western part of the world can’t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the greatest inventions of this century! No wonder, it is considered to be one of the most popular beverages in the world today. Hence, there are a number of coffee store chains and numerous independent coffee stores, dedicated to selling coffee products alone.

Among the highly popular coffee store chains are Caribou Coffee, Starbucks and Time Horton. The list does not end here. There are many new entrants in the market today and they are fast gaining popularity, among the millions of coffee lovers, across the world. Very few people can resist themselves, from the addictive taste and the mesmerizing smell of a great smelling cup of coffee.

There won’t be a soul, who would not have heard of coffee. On the other hand, many are still unaware of green coffee bean extracts, effect of Green Coffee on the human body, health benefits of Green Coffee Pills on the human body, benefits of Pure Green Coffee and Pure Green Coffee products. In case you are wondering, Well firstly there are a number of benefits associated with Green coffee extracts.

The most important health benefits of Green Coffee Pills etc are that they help you to loose weight, maintains correct blood pressure levels, maintains balance in your blood sugar level, it improves your cardiovascular functions and also helps in colon cleansing. This is mainly because they are very rich in antioxidants.

pure green coffee plantGreen coffee is essentially, coffee that has been produced out of coffee beans and have never undergone the process of roasting. Coffee bean cultivation first originated, around the Red Sea area of Arabia, during 1100 AD. Since the process of roasting, was not being practiced during those days, they would simply brew un-roasted coffee beans and create a beverage that was very similar to tea. Even today, the popular traditional Arabic coffee is prepared using green beans, as a key ingredient.

Well Green coffee has once again started gaining popularity around the globe. Several health benefiting qualities are now being reported. Since the un-roasted coffee beans are known to carry, very high levels of antioxidants and some amounts of chlorogenic acid, they are beneficial to your health. The antioxidants will help your body to fight age free-radicals, whereas the acids, naturally speeds up your metabolism. As a result, you will notice increased energy and rapid weight loss, when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

The most effective way to derive benefits of the healing properties within the green coffee would be, to consume it in its extracted form. Therefore, these are now available in pill forms, as well. You can purchase it online, from a number of suppliers. The best part is that, it contains low levels of caffeine. Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance among people Green coffee products. Most people think that conventionally coffee beans in its natural state are dark brown in color.

Well, they could not have been more wrong! Not many people seem to be aware of the fact that coffee beans are green in color, in its natural form. Coffee beans are actually grown as seeds, within a red bright berry which grows on a tree. This berry is spilled opened and the coffee beans are then harvested. Next they are usually roasted and thereby gain its dark brown color and peculiar flavor.

Coffee ImageSeveral centuries back, coffee was served as a tea beverage. It was made from green coffee beans, in its raw form. However since green coffee can be quite bitter and lack the flavor that people have now started to love, most people began roasting them. Media is always going back and forth about the health benefits of regular black coffee.

They seem to be fairly undecided, whether black coffee is indeed good for health. On one hand, it is rumored to cure cancer, whereas on the other hand, it is often stated to be a cause of cancer. Thus the health benefit of roasted coffee is questionable and uncertain. However, green coffee beans are proven to provide assured health benefits.

Green Coffee beans are naturally rich in antioxidants. Also since contain a chemical component known as chlorogenic acid. These chemicals speed up the weight loss process and prevent aging by speeding up your metabolism. Moreover they block cellulite build ups, by partly blocking glucose release into your body.

Thus an increased metabolism will help your body in naturally burning more than usual fat. As a result you will loose more weight. You will derive these benefits without your exercise or altering your diet. Although a weight loss product can be made more effective, by combining it with any regular workout routine.

Thus we can safely conclude that, the naturally high levels of antioxidants will delay aging; by correction of free radical levels. Asa result this product helps in loss of weight and higher energy level. You can also get rid of your jittery feelings and anxiety; often caused by several other weight reductions products. Since Green coffee helps naturally loose weight without side effects, it is fast gaining popularity. The other possible benefits are:

  1. Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeHelps in lowering blood pressure
  2. Helps in lowering cholesterol levels in your body
  3. Helps in improving your muscle definition
  4. Helps in improving your mood
  5. Helps in making you alert, attentive and also improves mental functions
  6. Help you to decrease your appetite
  7. Helps you to loose weight

Ever since these benefits have become well known, several people have begun to consume coffee, made out of un-roasted coffee beans. You can also purchase green coffee beans available for brewing. These are preferred by those who don’t like the characteristic flavor of brewed coffee.

Some brands are now offering Green Coffee, as a combination of un-roasted coffee with other ingredients like Ginseng and green tea. Now, this combination can be truly beneficial. One of the most efficient ways to derive the benefit of green natural coffee beans is by extracting pure green coffee.

This extract will take far lesser time to prepare, compared to a glass of green coffee. Additionally it will give you a highly powerful dose. The best part being, it contains only one fifth amount of caffeine, compared to a regular cup of coffee.

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Dr. Oz: Lose Weight Effectively With Green Coffee Bean Extract

Photo of Pure Green Coffee

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeGood health and overall well-being starts by weighing just right for your height and build. Having the ideal weight is something everybody wants, but unfortunately do not have. One of the biggest challenges people face in life is losing weight. In a world where thin is the golden standard, many people torture themselves by going on fad diets and going through different weight loss plans just to achieve their ideal weight or figure. Some of these fads include consuming a limited amount of calories, only one type of food group, or working out for 6 hours every day. Unfortunately, many diet fads and weight loss programs do not always work; and if they do, results are short term. For many people to have gone through diet hell and live through it, finding out the result of their effort is only short term is a nightmare in itself. Moreover, many people experience nasty side effects from diet fads like nausea, dizziness, loss of energy, and dry skin to name a few.

dr oz 1

In a study funded by Applied Food Sciences (makers of green coffee extract supplements), the American Chemical Society in San Diego discovered that the sixteen obese men and women who took green coffee bean extract pills lost around 17 pounds in five and a half months. For a maker of green coffee bean extract supplements to fund a study on the benefits of the substance raised more than a few red flags. However, Dr. Oz did his own study and found out that a person taking green coffee extract pills lost an average of 2 lbs. every week whereas a person who does not only lost a pound each week.

With Dr. Oz’s study results of the connection between green coffee bean extract and weight loss, losing unwanted pounds has never been easier, faster, and more effective.

Caffeine and Weight Loss

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesScientific research has proven that a connection does exist between coffee and weight loss. Coffee contains a great amount of caffeine in its pure form. Caffeine, a natural thermogenic, stimulates the body to produce heat. When heat is produced by caffeine in the body, the body starts to consume more energy and metabolic levels are raised three times the normal speed. In short, because green coffee bean extract contains lots of caffeine, it raises a person’s metabolism by a little more than 10%. Thus, you are able to eat more and maintain the same weight or eat less and lose weight in the process.

Green Coffee and Weight Reduction

When coffee is roasted, the result is what many people enjoy during various times of the day. However, when freshly picked, pure green coffee is simply unroasted coffee- coffee in its purest form- which may be the answer to all weight related problems out there. Green coffee extract has been found to significantly reduce fat absorption as well as fuel metabolic rates in the liver, both of which are very important in weight reduction. Green coffee contains a natural chemical called chlorogenic acid. This chemical slows the release of sugars in the bloodstream, a process which also helps in weight loss. Since chlorogenic acid increases thermogenesis (a process when body heat is produced), fat is burned faster for energy consumption. Moreover, because green coffee contains much more anti-oxidants than roasted coffee, taking green coffee supplements can also help in reducing the production of fat cells in the body.

Green Coffee Extract and Its Other Benefits

weight-loss-needsFor a person on a coffee diet, the main goal is to lose weight. However, there are also other benefits in taking pure green coffee bean extract as part of your weight loss program.

Reduces hypertension

Scientific studies have proven that green coffee can reduce blood pressure. A person suffering from hypertension can benefit from taking green coffee because the chlorogenic acid in green coffee affects the blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure.

Lowers cholesterol

Due to the anti-oxidants contained in green coffee, the amount of homecysteine in the body, an amino acid that has been linked with cardiovascular diseases, is reduced. Furthermore, these anti-oxidants also inhibits the growth of bad cholesterol keeping your heart healthy.

Balances sugar level

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee does reduce blood sugar levels through its inhibiting properties that works against the glucogenolisis in the body which in turn prevents it from amassing into abnormal levels so that in can be effectively converted into energy. Research also shows that individuals who consume green coffee pills regularly are less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Cleanses the colon

Green coffee bean extract has been found to not only aid in the cleansing of the colon but also stabilizing bowel movements.

Eliminates free radicals

weightlossplans1_600x450Another great benefit to taking green coffee is its aid in the elimination of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are one of the main causes in looking older than you actually are, having bad blood circulation, and in having less lean muscle. Moreover, green coffee stimulates the creation of vitamin E in the body and strengthen the immune system. In short, taking pure green coffee as part of your weight loss program will ensure that you will not only look younger but also feel younger.

Buying Green Coffee

If you plan to take green coffee extract, make sure that the supplement you buy only contains pure green coffee bean extract. In his study, Dr. Oz did not recommend any product brand for ethical purposes, but advised consumers to buy supplements that contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid, Svetol, or GCA (green coffee antioxidant). Unless you are armed with the knowledge that other ingredients on the label are safe, avoid products that have these “other” ingredients on the label as these may pose health risks.

Question GirlGreen coffee extract can be found in most health food stores, but many websites also offer this. If you decide to buy online; remember that although many websites offer green coffee extract pills online, only buy from reputable sites. Many websites and shops may boast of their expertise on the product, however; a few of them sell substandard green coffee extracts which contain contaminants or impurities that could be dangerous to one’s health. One way to find out if the website offering the green coffee extract is legitimate is to check out reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients. Taking green coffee bean extract is an effective way to lose weight, but this is only possible if the product you buy is pure.

Overall, the feed back concerning Dr. Oz and his study on green coffee bean extract for weight loss has been nothing but positive. Since green coffee extract is a natural substance, it has no known side-effects. This miracle substance does not just help you reduce your weight significantly but also aids in keeping your heart healthy, your blood sugar levels and blood pressure down, your colon clean, and your face and body looking good- making you feel better all over. So, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight, taking green coffee bean extract coupled with regular exercise and a healthy diet will do the trick for you.


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Things You Should Know About Pure Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans HD

Green Coffee Beans HDCoffee is a caffeinated drink that is taken by people all over the world. It is such a nice drink that it can be taken at any time of the day and it is the first thing taken by so many people before they can be fully awake and ready to face the day. Coffee is made from a coffee bean that is brewed with the help of a coffee making machine which are bought based on the way that you want to make use of it either for personal purposes or for commercial reasons. The pure green coffee beans are a brand of coffee beans that is especially made for weight loss.

This pure green coffee beans is quite different from your usual coffee beans because it does not pass through the process of roasting that the other caffeinated coffee drink pass through. It is made use of in the way that it was harvested (the green color) and that is why it is boasted of to be the pure green coffee beans. The essence of using it in its natural state as dietary supplements without allowing it to pass through any process is because it helps a lot when it comes to losing of weight.

How does the Pure Green Coffee Beans Work?

green-coffee-30The pure green coffee beans work very fast as a result of the fact that it does not go through any means of processing like the other types of coffee beans which are popular all over the world. This simple act of processing this coffee in its natural state helps the body lose its weight because of the presence of the chlorogenic acid that helps burn off every fat that is retained in the body. The other type of coffee cannot do this very fast because of the fact that the process of roasting the coffee beans to give it the brown color that it has decreases the presence of chlorogenic acid that can be gotten from it.

It helps you lose weight by boosting up your body’s metabolism and also by burning off all the extra fat that has been stored in your liver in the form of glucose. It also helps you shed that much needed weight that you want to shed by helping your body reduce the amount of sugar that it absorbs and stores.

Some of the Advantages of Pure Green Coffee Beans

pure-green-coffee-pills-4There are numerous advantages that can be associated with the pure green coffee beans and some of such advantages are as follows:

  1. It helps boost up your body’s metabolism and hence, the general well being of your body and your health at large.
  2. It helps you lose weight by burning off all the extra fat stored in your liver in the form of glucose.
  3. It further has the advantage of helping you maintain your new body weight (after the shedding of the much desired weight that you want to shed) by reducing the amount of sugar absorbed by your body.
  4. It also has the benefit of being a 100% natural ingredient weight loss diet supplement.
  5. There is no side effect because the ingredient used in the production of the supplement is 100% natural. Isn’t that simply great as an advantage where you are not scared or worried whether your body will react to any chemical that is used in producing the weight loss dietary supplement that you are taking.
  6. The pure green coffee beans works in helping you shed that extra weight very fast. In fact, it works very fast that within the period of a week, you will start seeing the result of the product.
  7. It has another advantage of helping you lose weight fast without any stress on your part. Without the aid of exercising or dieting (you can eat what you like eating), you can still lose weight pretty fast by just taking the pure green coffee beans.
  8. It also has the advantage of taking caffeine at a much reduced amount of about 20mg per day while that of the regular brown coffee beans is about 200mg.
  9. The green beans are also very good for you because while you are losing weight with these pure green coffee beans, it also helps lower your blood pressure all at the same time.
  10. It works for every kind of body and results are seen by all body types in the space of one week as had been earlier on stated.

How to Take These Pure Green Coffee Beans

Slimming (4)It is advisable that you take it in the form of capsules because it is very bitter much more bitter than your regular coffee because of the high presence of chlorogenic acid which had not been reduced through the process of roasting.

You should take two capsules at least about 30 minutes before you take your meal and you should take this capsule two or three times in a day with a full glass of clean drinking water for the optimal result in weight loss.

It is advisable that you take it with lots of water because the body needs water to help it process the nutrients embedded in the diet capsule taken by you.

Make sure that the capsules you buy and take are made from pure green coffee beans without any kind of preservatives or additives.

Happy-ladyAlso make sure that you exercise and watch your diet in order to shed extra weight (the weight that will be shed with the use of the diet capsule combined with the weight that will be shed from the way you eat and the exercise done by you).

It is further going to be to your benefit if you buy the brands that were stated in the Dr Oz program because of its authenticity.

Lastly, it is advisable that you buy the products that are made in the United States of America than the ones that are made in the Republic of China as you can return the ones made in the US if it does not meet up to the standard of being natural easier and faster than you can return the ones made in China.

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