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New: Green Coffee Bean Max 2014 Review – Does Green Coffee Bean Max Work?

Green Coffee Bean Max LogoYou may have heard the latest buzz about green coffee bean max. This product has been keeping many people in the health and wellness industry talking. Even Dr Oz is getting in on the action and telling everyone about the green coffee bean.

If you are interested in health and wellness, this product could be something you are interested in. In this Green Coffee Bean Max review you are going to be able to learn what Green Coffee Bean Max is, what the benefits are, how it helps with weight loss, what ingredients are in the product, if there are side effects, what the experts are saying and how much you will have to invest to get this product. Let’s go ahead and talk about these things.

What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

GCBMAXGreen Coffee Bean Max is a product that utilizing green coffee beans to help its users get the results that they desire. Green coffee beans are one of the biggest things people are interested when it comes to health and wellness. The main reason is because people have been hearing all of the great benefits of these green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. The reason coffee beans are normally dark is because they have been roasted. There are many different benefits that have come out after studies of this product and people are rushing to get in on the health and wellness band wagon.

What are the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Max?

Some of the top health benefits have been showed cased on much media, so you may know these amazing benefits, but just to give you a refresh:

  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Free from Chemicals
  • Slows Down Aging

GCB MAX 2These days there are so many people that have imbalances in their blood sugar. These problems are on the rise and this is not only specific to one country. Having an imbalance in blood sugar can cause many different problems, but can be helped now whenever you use this product.

If you have a problem with losing weight, it could be because of your metabolism. If you find that you are having a difficult time losing weight even though you are doing everything that you can like dieting and exercising, it could be because your metabolism is so low. There is no reason that you should have to suffer from this problem. You can now take Green Coffee Bean Max and start seeing your metabolism sky rocket.

Some products you utilize to lose weight and get healthier have chemicals. This product is chemical free. Besides for that it has been known to decrease blood pressure as well as helping with cancer prevention. This is an amazing discovery and thousands of people are making sure that they do not miss out.

No one wants to get old. Most of the things that come with age are not something that people are excited about hearing about. Sometimes though, there are people who are excited about where they are going, what they are doing and how they will be able to get the most out of life. If you are serious about being able to increase your ability to function, even whenever you are older, you need to make sure that you are investing in your health now. Green coffee beans can help you increase your health and reduce your waistline.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Max Help with Weight Loss?

GCB MAX Bottle

Green Coffee Bean Max helps by making sure that glucose is used appropriately. This means that you are going to be able to lose weight quicker than if your body was not functioning correctly. Your body heat is also raised by this supplement. Raised body heat helps to burn off unwanted fat in the body. This product also has great amounts of antioxidants which will help with weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingredients

There are no additives or preservatives. This product is totally one hundred percent green coffee bean extract. You can use this supplement without worrying about anything harmful being in it. You will also get fifty percent chlorogenic acid in the product.

Are There Side Effects with Green Coffee Bean Max?

There are no side effects whatsoever when you use Green Coffee Bean Max. Since the coffee beans have not been roasted there is barely any caffeine content in the supplement. You will not have withdraws or other problems if you were to stop taking the supplement. It is all natural and you will be able to get the results that you want without any harmful side effects that some other weight loss supplements may give to you.

What Are the Experts Saying?

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingridients Photo

Experts are raving over the green coffee bean. Even Dr Oz did an experiment with his staff to check and see what the results would be. Almost all of the women saw great results with green coffee bean and they were able to increase their health and decrease their waistline.

More people than Dr Oz are talking about this supplement. The news media has people buzzing about green coffee bean extract all over the place. This means that you are going to be able to be able to use this product comfortably and not worry about anything because the experts have already done the research.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

There are currently some serious discounts to be had on  Green Coffee Bean Max to get the latest and lowest price please click on the link below.

Green Coffee Bean Max works and you can find out more about the product and buy right from the office website. It will be shipped directly to you.

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Become Irresistible With Use of Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract


green-coffee-34You have every right to be concerned if you are too thin; however it will present you lesser obstacles medically. The actual problem begins to brew when you turn out too fat for your comfort. This is because soon it begins to speak on your health quotient and starts to bring in additional diseases on board. Obesity can be a difficult enemy. It reflects on our social lives, our camaraderie with friends, and our mental and physical acumen. The idea is to nip it in its budding stage. However, if it actually assumes large proportions, there is no reason to lose hope. Mother Nature has come forward with another helping hand in the shape of pure green coffee extract.

A Little Reflection on Weight Loss

Many of us keep suffering silently because strict dieting and harsh exercises are largely thought to be an antidote to obesity. Now, it is natural to be compelled at times when you are dieting and you suddenly come across a chocolate ice-cream. Similarly, one is prone to give exercises a miss when something more engaging comes up on the horizon. Such events make people vulnerable to lack of discipline at a time they have taken up tough routines to reduce weight. However, Mother Nature knows its children well and thus it has packed enough bounties in its cupboard. Pure green coffee extract is one such “manna from heaven’ which does not ask you to do anything extraordinary.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe essential idea is to take 2 capsules (altogether 800 mgs) before meal and this is largely enough to get you strong results in a short span of time. You do not have to stick to tough regimens while you are on these capsules. Yes, it always helps to cut down on fatty foods to an extent.

What You Need to Prefigure According to Dr Oz

Dr Oz has taken a lot of pain to relieve us of our discomfort. He has unequivocally spoken about the powers of green coffee. However, he has also admonished the deceivers (scam brands) and asked us to prefigure certain things before we start on our capsules.

  1. 100% pure extract- you should shy away from any supplement that is prepared in the lab. This is because it then turns out to be synthetic and surely uses fillers. Naturally, it takes away from the rawness of the ingredients thus making the green coffee beans less potent.
  2. Amount of Chlorogenic acid- generally, the amount of this should be more than 45 %. Though 45 % makes a decent cut, it is always welcome to look for more. Anything less than 40 % shall again be abstained from. This is because Chlorogenic acid is the biggest reason for weight loss. We will talk about it in more detail in the next paragraph.
  3. GCA and Svetol- Either GCA or Svetol must be present in the coffee bean extract that you choose. In absence of either of them, the probability of weight reduction comes down.
  4. Labeling- Always look at the earnestness of the label and not its stellar-effects. Just harping on the word ‘Pure’ in big fonts does not make a supplement pure according to Dr Oz. the idea is to declare the presence of GCA, Svetol and also announce that there are no fillers being used.
  5. Safety parameters- it is ideal to buy only from a manufacturer of repute. There are nefarious elements being introduced into the supplement business each day. This is why it becomes doubly important to find out whether the products have been created by a cGMP certified manufacturer and that they have been made within FDA approved premises.

How Chlorogenic Acid Works?

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesIn essence, Chlorogenic acid is the miracle creator of the supplement. It has been proven that this component retards the rate of introduction of glucose into our bloodstream. Extra glucose stores itself as fat in our body. When glucose is released at a slower rate, our body is able to process it a lot better; this way, there is no glucose left to alter into fat. Apart from this, Chlorogenic acid also helps in obstructing body fats safely.

Another aspect that has widely been noticed is the performance of this acid in converting liver fats into glucose. Thus, we do not feel short of energy at any time and the process of fat-breakdown in liver is also quickened appreciably.

Recommended Dosage

32It is recommended to take about 800 mgs of green coffee supplement daily. By and large, you should stick to ‘supplement’. Actually, the only other viable option is taking it directly after grinding it. However, this is not feasible as the coffee beans may be too brittle for the palate. Thus, you must stick to the capsules. 800 mgs will give you only 32 mgs of caffeine which is far lesser than what roasted coffee beans in a coffee mug will provide you. This must be noted by those cynics who think that green coffee may also turn out to be a stimulant like Ephedra.

Other Benefits

We have talked at some length about how it can help in reducing weight. It is time we also ponder over where else is it turning out to be effective. As a first, it is great for our heart’s health as it reduces triglycerides and also reduces the levels of Homocysteine. Homocysteine is a chief collaborator in weakening our heart. It is generally found to be higher for those who suffer from higher stress levels. Green coffee has Polyphenols which reduces them considerably. As an aside, green coffee beans are extremely potent in keeping blood sugar levels in check. We have already talked about how Chlorogenic acid performs this act.

To Conclude

weightlossplans1_600x450Dr Oz has been amongst the earliest voices that has encouraged pure green coffee. Owing to his repute, people started giving it some consideration. They were still cynical or apprehensive at any rate but after rounds of clinical experimentations, it was concluded beyond doubt that green coffee beans can help you release weight drastically. An experiment has actually showed people losing about 17 pounds in 22 weeks. If these results are not an indication what is?

Though obesity is a big concern, we can still keep it below the level of pandemic. The idea is to take maximum help from this natural supplement and observe the changes that it brings in our general vitality and state of obesity.

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All You Need To Know About Amazing Green Bean Coffee Extract


green-coffee-20You might have taken a look into your body flab and fat, and wondered how you are going to get rid of it to maintain a perfect figure. There is no shortage of options with regard to what can be used to help an overweight person tackle this problem. From exercises, to gyms, to diet pills, and all types of weight programs, making a choice on what to use can be quite daunting. Pure green coffee extract has now been added into the equation. The only interesting bit about it is that its still relatively new in the market, but the results are quite positive.

Despite the numerous options open for people interested in losing weight, there is possibly still no visible sign that there is any progress. This is the reason why people are now looking for natural ways in which they can tackle their weight problems without placing their lives at greater risk. Pure green coffee extract is one of the most effective tools any person can use. If you have ever tried using all the other options and failed to achieve your goals, this one is bound to make you a happy person. It presents a variety of health benefits as well, on top of being effective as a weight loss program.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeIt is inappropriate for a person to take this product in its raw and natural format hence the need for pure green coffee extract. They are converted into supplements which people then consume according to the prescribed dosage in order to enjoy the benefits. This extract is derived from green unroasted beans of coffee. The extracts are then made into supplements, or pills which are primarily designed to help people become successful when attempting to lose weight naturally. This is an extract where you are not forced to go out and exercise, or make a huge change in your diet.

Chlorogenic acid is one of the most important ingredients in the loss of weight. It is found in pure green coffee extract in sufficient quantities. The usual type of coffee is ineffective primarily because the roasting process gets rid of this acid hence nullifying its ability to help with weight loss. How does this acid work to aid weight loss? It is effectively utilized in blocking excess fat from your system. An overweight person is one whose system is unable to control the amount of blood sugar. The chlorogenic acid helps with this regulation hence effectively helping with weight loss.

The fact that pure green coffee extract can work to help you with weight loss on its own, doesn’t mean that there is no need to take extra precaution or measures. Continue to take proper diet, while participating in active physical exercise programs. When these measures are used in conjunction with the green coffee extract, the results emerge within a short period of time. The key here is to take the extract in the prescribed dosage regularly. If there is a change in dosage, the health care provider should be informed accordingly.

3524382002_8441190e56Are there any side effects related to the use of pure green coffee extract? The side effects probably would have been severe and many if this product was not natural. At the moment, the amount of research that has been carried out on this supplement, don’t offer enough evidence as to whether there are any serious side effects. This is not to say that there aren’t any, but if you notice anything suspicious effects in your life, or body, and you suspect the pure green coffee extract, your doctor ought to be informed as soon as possible.

However, when it is consumed in large quantities, it can lead to nervousness and other health complications that lead to risks. Restlessness and insomnia are the other types of side effects that you can exhibit. However, these are nothing compared to the many health benefits a person will enjoy from the use of these extract. The human body can benefit a lot from the elimination of excess fats. General health of a person whose body no longer carries huge amounts of fats improves by quite some margin. This is of great benefit and is bound to be long term.

When you start taking green bean coffee extract, you can be sure that the possibility of being afflicted by type 2 diabetes would be greatly reduced. This eliminates one more reason for worries from your life. It is understood that the number of people being infected with diabetes is on the rise all over the world. Whereas in the past years diabetes was considered to be a disease for the rich, hence being referred to as a lifestyle disease, these days it appears to attack everyone. Consumption of the green bean coffee extract helps to keep the possibility of diabetes at bay.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesA visit to the website of Dr. Oz will most definitely offer some insight into how to identify the best and genuine green bean coffee extract. It is thought that there are many variations of this supplement with some of them not as effective as others. In order to give yourself a chance of obtaining only the best extract, you need to carry out adequate research and this world renowned doctor can help point you out to the best sites from whence you can get this extract. Your work is to take your time and look for reviews online to help you make the best decision.

Keep your heart in good shape by taking green bean coffee extract. Work with it as advised or recommended by your doctor. However, as you use it, make sure that you implement the necessary changes in your life that will not negate the effects of this supplement in your life and body. If there are certain foods that you need to eliminate from your diet, proceed to implement this course of action. Where you need to be physically active, don’t hold back. Work on your body and improve your health the best way you know how.

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Pure Green Coffee – Healthy Benefits

pure green coffee plant

pure green coffee plantOne of the products that have caused a buzz among dieters and people with various health conditions is pure green coffee. This has particularly been the case after it was featured in a TV program that is hosted by a popular doctor in the US. These are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. When coffee is roasted, the amount of chemical known as chlorogenic acid is reduced. Chlorogenic acid is a phytochemical that appears naturally in it. It is for this reason that the coffee beans have more health benefits than roasted coffee.

The coffee bean extract is a dietary supplement product that is available in capsules. The product has become popular due to its ability to burn fat and its promoters claim that you do not need to combine it with either diet or exercise. The product has been endorsed by neuropathic doctors as well as certified nutritionist. However, it is important to avoid taking supplements such silica, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and maltodextrine along with the green coffee extract.

Studies have shown that when chlorogenic acid is combined with caffeine, it is effective in the loss of weight. The coffee extract helps in promoting the burning of fat by the liver, increase metabolism and inhibits the absorption of fat. It also helps in releasing glucose to the blood stream after meals. The chlorogenic acid is usually effective in the burning of fats as compared to carbohydrates. This makes it an effective remedy for muscle fatigue particularly for athletes and body builders.

The recommended dose of coffee beans is 400 milligrams which should be taken twice a day before meals. In order to have the best results, there is a need for you to be consistent in taking the green coffee beans. Where you miss one dose, you should forget about it until the next one particularly where it is almost time for one.

green coffee plantDo not be tempted to take twice the dosage. The dietary supplement should be not be swallowed with food but instead should be taken with a glass of water. You may take the product with vitamin supplements. However, like it is advisable with many other drugs, consult a doctor if you are using any other medication and intend to use the diet supplement.

Other than the loss of weight, chlorogenic acid has been found to have some other health benefits. Where the chlorogenic acid that is found in green coffee was compared with other antioxidants like green tea and grape seed, it was found to be two times more effective in the removal of radicals that are oxygen free. The chemical also helps in averting the hydroxyl radicals that are responsible for cells degradation. Chlorogenic acid is also a polyphenol which is essential in neutralizing different types of carcinogenic compounds and thus preventing them from causing damage and mutation of DNA.

The green coffee is also important in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid is essential in decreasing the levels of plasma homocysteine. Where there is a high concentration of these chemicals in the blood, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is high. The coffee beans are also good in the treatment of hypertension. Not only does it help in regenerating vitamin E but it also neutralizes the free radicals and thus inhibits the oxidation of the low-density lipoprotein that is responsible for damaging arteries and accelerating atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that both diastolic and systolic blood pressure decreases with the use other product.

Pure Green Coffee PlantsThere are studies that have indicated that people who take the diet supplement have lesser chances of getting diabetes. The green coffee beans can be used to supplement diet to manage the insulin levels as well as encourage the resistance of insulin. This is due to the abilityof it’sacid to help in the metabolism of glucose.

The product is known to improve the effectiveness of different pain medications such as migraine drugs. Unlike the roasted coffee, green coffee has been noted to have no or little side effects. This is because of its lower caffeine amount. Green coffee contains a fifth of the caffeine amount that is contained in a cup of coffee. The caffeine may cause anxiety in the user of the supplement and therefore, you should go for those supplements that contain no caffeine. It also doesn’t contain cafestol. However, the coffee beans contain caffeic acid which is important in boosting the energy levels.

Like it is the case with any other diet supplements, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health care practitioner before pursuing the use of pure green coffee as a diet supplement. With the continuous development of cellular-health in the recent past, scientists have shifted their focus to the free radicals as a main cause of poor health and short lifespan today. Therefore the role of the green coffee beans in equalizing the levels of blood sugar as well as its weight loss properties cannot be ignored.

Green Coffee Beans PillsHowever, it is important for dieter to turn to the diet supplement as a boost and not a replacement for the other weight loss methods. Using a weight loss product such as the coffee beans extract should not be a substitute for exercise and a good & quality diet. Even though the pure coffee beans have received favorable reviews from dieters and even doctors, the amount of study done on the product hasn’t been conclusive. This is why there is a need for a careful approach to lifestyle and diet.

However, it is clear that there is a new moment in health and nutrition science that revolve around green coffee that is pure and their link to weight loss. By losing weight in a moderate way and making other changes, the end result will be a healthy lifestyle. On top of this, the coffee beans are a cost effective way of losing weight. Therefore, it is without doubt that coffee beans and extracts have numerous benefits. This is why the product has caused a lot of buzz among dieters and nutritionist. This makes it diets supplement that you should consider going for.

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Dr. Oz TV Show On Green Coffee Extract Helps Lose Weight Many People Everywhere


green-coffee-32I’ve just been doing even more research on Dr. Oz green coffee extract after seeing the feature on the Dr. Oz show. It is starting to get mainstream acceptance as a healthy way to help manage weight loss and a bunch of other health benefits, now that more and more health professionals are talking about the clinical studies.

Dr. Oz has a great show. He tries to present the whole story, especially when the subject might be considered a controversial one. I’ve been a big fan for the past year and watch every episode. The show he did recently on the green coffee bean extract really convinced me to give this supplement a try. The results have been good so far, but I haven’t been taking it long enough to really see the results I want. Although there are hundreds of people who take this supplement and make zero changes to their lifestyles and still lose weight, I’m following Dr. Oz’s recommendations and doing a proper exercise program in healthy diet along with taking the green coffee extract. I’m confident that if I do miss a workout or have a cheat day on my diet I’ll still be making good progress because of my supplements and be able to get right back on the program.

dr oz 1So if you’re looking for a way to lose weight and still be lazy you could try this. I can’t tell you if it will work all on its own because I don’t have that personal experience. I think it’s important to eat as healthier a diet as possible and get some exercise.

Some of the other health benefits mentioned on the show are it’s effect on balancing the blood pressure, balancing the sugar levels, improving your cardiovascular function, acting like colon cleanse, and antioxidation.

I think could use this long term without any side effects or negative interactions that I know of although I have read some accounts from people saying the supplement has had either no affect or it’s been too powerful. One woman even said she thought it spiked her sugar levels.

semenax_pills_lgIt’s important to make sure you get the right product. There are different manufacturers and supplements like these are not regulated by the FDA so you have to be extra careful. I can tell you that meet in my friend have put the time in to make sure we got the green coffee extract that was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. We also made sure there was no caffeine in the product we bought. I know how important it is to avoid adding extra caffeine to your diet.

My friend started taking green coffee extract as well. We both take one pill about 1/2 hour before our meals. It really is that easy. She is a fan of the Dr. Oz show and she watched the episode on green coffee bean extract with me. We’ve been talking about it and other products ever since that episode first aired on TV. The results have been very similar to mine. Everything is working well, only need more time to get those great results.

We have both been going on walks together every morning on the local trails, and we are playing basketball on Saturdays with my son and his friends. Where is all this extra energy coming from? Seen Dr. Oz green coffee extract did not say that you will get a direct energy boost but we have both been happy with our energy levels, even with fewer carbohydrates in our diets.

girl measuring her stomachI wish I could eat like those boys do. My son does eat a semi healthy. He just needs a lot. He also takes as vitamins and he has asked me if he should take the green coffee abstract. I have and body and any yet because he is already skinny and healthy and also he is only 15 years old. He doesn’t even like coffee, I don’t think he needs it. For the rest of us, every bit of help we can get is a longer life and a more active one.

My specific goal is to lose 20 more pounds and my friend wants to lose 30 pounds so she is back to her weight for the day she got married. We are both on our ways to achieving those goals, and we both think that the Dr. Oz and the different supplements he recommends, including green coffee bean, for playing their part.

weight loss and coffee

I need to convince my husband to start taking some. He can stand to lose a few pounds. After I show him what can be accomplished he will get on board. I worry about his heart and cardiovascular health. He doesn’t seem to care, so I worry enough for the both of us. I’ve gotten him to try it a few times, but he will not remember to take it on a regular basis like I do.

Getting back to me and my friend. Her name as Sarah. Both of us have seen a decrease in our appetites for sweets and candy. I am especially susceptible to overindulging and chocolate ice cream. It is one of my favorites and I used to eat a bowl of it every evening while watching TV. Now I don’t even snack any longer after 6:00 and Sarah doesn’t either. We’ve been researching this together in talking about it and we both think that the reduced cravings for sweet foods is because of the the benefit of having balanced sugar levels. I have not had a problem with diabetes but Sarah is diagnosed pre diabetic by her doctor. This means that she has a problem with insulin resistance. And by the way she did talk to her doctor before she started taking the green coffee extract. Her personal doctor gave for the okay and we’re both happy that he did because it seems to be working. Sarah was worse than me when I came to snacking. She would be moody and have fluctuations in her energy levels all day long prompting her to binge eat on cookies and other sweets.

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Make Your Body Slimm Faster With Dr’s Oz Weight Loss Tips

Dr. Oz endorsing Green Coffee

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThere are so many people out there that will do anything to get a product that promises wholesome benefits as far as weight management is concerned. If you have ever read any of Dr. Oz weight loss tips, you probably know that there is so much more involved in weight loss and management other than just getting rid of the extra fat. Green coffee is a fairly new concept in the weight loss industry but the good thing about it is that it is easy to explain and understand. In very simple terms, it is simply unroasted coffee. This means that it is the exact opposite state of the coffee that we use to brew the famous hot drink. Due to the fact that green coffee is very bitter, it is normally taken as a supplement. The extract is found by simmering the green beans for 15 minutes in distilled water and then packed. We will not go into the scientific process as the above explanation is sufficient for the purposes of this article.

What difference does simmering have on raw coffee beans?

Research has shown that roasting coffee kills a particular chemical called chlorogenic acid and simmering leads to the retention of this acid. The green coffee supplements contain at least 50% of the chlorogenic acid and this acid is the one responsible for the properties that green coffee is praised for. The above two paragraphs are enough for education purposes. Now let us look at what these green beans do.

They Help Reduce Body Weight

Coffee ImageA test was conducted to show how true this is and the results were amazing. Several people, both men and women, were categorised into three groups. The first group was given pills containing high concentration (1050mg) of green coffee extract, the second group given low concentration (700mg) of the same extract and the final group was placed on placebos. After 22 weeks of study, they were weaned off the supplements and it was noted that the group that were on green coffee extract dosage lost about 10% of their body weight. It is though that the chlorogenic acid increases the metabolism and makes it more efficient leading to the burning of fats and more cholesterol. In all the people that were on the study, none developed any side effects and hence this supports the idea that the green coffee is safe.

Green Coffee Helps the Body Balance its Sugar Levels

Green Coffee Beans PillsSugar is one of the most important compounds that the body needs. The sugar is absorbed by the intestines in form of glucose and this glucose is used to produce energy for cellular activities. In the event that the body has excess glucose, the same is converted to fats and stored to be used later. However, in the same study conducted above, it was found that those who took coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid absorbed about 7% less glucose in their intestines. This means that the chlorogenic acid helps the body absorb only the required amount of glucose leading to stress free weight management as it stops the formation of new fat deposits and you don’t even have to work out.

Green Coffee Beans Lower the Blood Pressure Level

Best-slimming-pills-photoIf you have a problem with high blood pressure, green coffee beans can help you and without any side effects. Many of Dr. Oz weight loss tips have a way of bringing blood pressure into the mix and this will not be different in any way. Research has shown that green coffee extract leads to dilation of the blood vessels leading to reduced blood pressure. This happens because once the blood vessels are dilated, they are able to ferry more blood at the same time hence lowering the pressure. One way that the acid achieves this is by preventing low density lipoprotein from getting oxidised as once oxidised, it leads to the depositing of bad cholesterol on the major blood vessels leading to high blood pressure. The extract can be taken as advised by a doctor to help avoid high blood pressure control medication.

Green Coffee Beans Have Antioxidant Properties

If there is a piece of information that is making cancer researchers happy, it is this ability of green coffee beans to act as an antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid gives the beans this ability and this means that it gets rid of free radicals in the body hence leading to the prevention of cancer. It gets better as the acid will remain in your blood so any time you consume anything that is carcinogenic in nature; the antioxidant properties come into effect and neutralize the carcinogenic compounds. If you were wondering how to prevent cancer, now you know.

Green Coffee Beans Lead to Improved Cardiovascular Health

online-shopping_3By now, you already can guess that chlorogenic acid is responsible for most of the positives of green coffee beans and the same case applies here. If you have high homocysteine levels in your blood, you are at a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that the active chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans has the effect of reducing homocysteine levels in the blood hence leading to better and improved cardiovascular health.

All the above are ways in which the green coffee bean has been found to affect the human body and no side effects have been reported so far. In actual sense, some of the leading coffee outlets like Starbucks have begun selling coffee enriched with the green extract as a product. It is however advised that you buy the green coffee pills instead of using the raw extract. This is because the extract is bitter and you will give up after a few attempts. In buying, do make sure that the pills have no other additives and are 100% of the extract to be on the safe side. If you are on any other medication, it is important to have your doctor approve of the green coffee supplements to avoid any harm that may be caused when the two come into contact. In the same way that Dr. Oz weight loss tips encourage healthy eating, the green coffee pills are not an excuse for you to eat unhealthy so remember to keep your diet in check.

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Are There Any Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects Known To Be Afraid Of?

pure green coffee plant

pure green coffee plantWhenever something huge comes up over the medical horizon, critics start brandishing their swords. Their aim is to tear apart any fresh idea that may have come up. After all, not without anything are they called critics. Pure green coffee seems to be triumphing despite the theatrics of such critics. This is because pure green coffee beans extract is a winsome idea developed by Mother Nature itself. Now, which critic can outmaneuver nature?

However, to make sure that the worth of a product is duly analyzed, one must talk with a neutral mind. Thus, without carrying any prejudice lets first ponder over pure green coffee bean extract side effects.

Side effects

Green Coffee SymbolIf you are a pregnant or a lactating mother, maybe you should keep away for a little while from the supplement. If you have high blood sugar levels or hypertension, you can find great benefits from pure green coffee. However you are recommended to consult your physician prior to the course. Side effects have been few and far between and generally constitute of troubled stomach and mild jitteriness. A few people have talked about initial phase of nausea.

This is where side effects factually end. “Rumor mills work overtime” and there will always be people perpetrating misinformation and thriving on them but the side effects, till the point they really manifest themselves, have been neatly discussed above.

What Caused an Alarm?

Having said this, it is significant to consume only the most potent supplements. This statement deserves being elaborated. The moment Dr Mehmet Oz gave his confirmation to pure green coffee, a lot of people began to harbor hopes of quick profit. They started coming up with one supplement after another in order to make quick buck. They were right in the conviction that people would flood to the sales desk because pure green coffee was declared effective only after clinical experimentations and public memory will not have faded away so quickly.

Understand the Trap

The trap actually worked and people made beelines for the sales shelves. However, people did not realize that such sellers often came up with inferior brands that were full of fillers and synthesized supplements worked over in laboratory environment. This is generally done to bring down the cost of manufacturing. In order to make higher profits, the sellers did not mind cutting down on the benefits of the product. Now, once these products began to fail or started creating side effects, the general goodwill of pure green coffee extract started suffering.

Keep Away From Inferior Brands

weightloss-scaleMost of the time, inferior brands are the cause of pure green coffee bean extract side effects. After all, nature’s product can hardly give us a single reason to worry. This is where our prudence comes into the picture. By being more circumspect we will make sure that we benefit more and also that the thugs end up making fewer gains through farce products. So how do we find out whether a product is genuine or not?


God blessed us with pure green coffee beans. The idea was to use it in its rawness and lose weight through it. So,
before another word is said, it is important to absorb that synthesized, flavored and filler-treated supplements are an absolute NO.


Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesNext, you must find out how much of Svetol or GCA is being used in making the capsules. If neither of them is present, and the label gives conclusive proof of it, then you must not look twice at such supplements.


Also, do not ponder much on the value of the word PURE written in large fonts. ‘Pure’ on the front label is just a garb beneath which the deficit of a product can be hidden. Thus it is important to look for the ingredients first. In this regard, the percentage of Chlorogenic acid present must also be found out. This is very crucial as Chlorogenic acid is the chief wrecker of body weight. Ideally, its amount shall be in the reason of 45% to 50%. In the event of this percentage falling below 40%, you must get ready to shop a little.


Another important point is to consider the safety parameters being used for manufacturing pure green coffee supplements. You must prefigure that the capsules have been made by manufacturers who boast of cGMP certification and the manufacturing process has been undertaken in a FDA approved commercial area.

How Being Overweight Can Make You Suffer

Many of us like to overpower the monster of obesity. None of us like suffering from additional concerns of heaviness, flatulence, bloating and tiredness. Moreover, no one wants their knees to cope up with the burden of a scarily weighty torso. We have not even begun on the problems that being overweight might cause to our heart, kidney, and liver. This makes our crusade against obesity more meaningful and urgent.

Weight Loss: the Easy Way

It is pardonable that most of us do not have it in them to go for long hours of exercise or bring themselves up to skipping meals. Yet, it is completely possible for us to give pure green coffee a chance. It does not ask us to make any extra sacrifice in life. While it is always advisable not to consume excess fat while you are on the course, truth remains that even this is not mandatory. Thus, it boils down to our attentiveness and how badly we want to lose those extra pounds.

weight_loss_coupleWe will all agree that it is those extra pounds that are the difference between an energetic, meaningful life and a sedentary, diseased life. The difference being as gruesome as it is, who will not like to give good health a chance.

In the Final Analysis

Keeping the above discussion in mind, we can take a serious leap in managing our weights by beginning on the green coffee supplements. It is time to reiterate that we must be overly cautious about discouraging the inferior brands and the swindlers behind them. Dr Oz has done his part by bringing to light the magic of pure green coffee, it is our duty to leverage it well and make it work for ourselves.

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How You Can Effortlessly Stay Healthy and Happy Faster with Help of Green Bean Coffee?


green-coffee-24Green Bean Coffee – The simplest and easiest solution to lose weight.


Green bean coffee is basically unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are often roasted above 470 degrees Fahrenheit. Roasted coffee beans lose most of their natural properties. This process of roasting also removes essential acids that help in reducing weight. Green bean coffee mainly contains chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides, and polyphenol compounds. Green bean coffee is known to have great positive effects on human body. Green bean coffee and green bean coffee extract is a great way to lose weight.

As shown on Dr. Oz’s show, green bean coffee pill is being considered a magic pill to aid weight loss as it does not require a person to make changes in his or her regular dietary habits. It does not require a person to do excessive exercise to burn calories. It works by simply reducing the release of sugar in blood in a natural way.

What is a Green Bean Coffee Pill?

Coffee Pills ExtractGreen bean coffee pill is a pill made from the extracts of unroasted green beans. It is used as a supplement to help a person stay healthy. Green bean coffee pill is recommended by many health professionals because of the various ways in which it benefits a person in staying healthy. If this pill is taken regularly, it helps to prevent seasonal illnesses as well.

How does Green Bean Coffee Help Us to Stay Healthy?

Green bean coffee works in various ways inside our body. Let us understand how it helps us to stay healthy and also discuss some advantages of green bean coffee as a natural supplement.

Weight Loss – Weight gain and obesity concerns a great majority of people on earth. Excessive fat plays a critical role in cardiovascular diseases. High body mass index makes a person look out-of-shape. Green bean coffee helps in reducing unwanted fat. This is because of its nature to cut bad fat in human body with the help of chlorogenic acid. Studies have shown very positive results in weight-reducing property of green bean coffee.

Photo of Jessica ParkerHealthy Liver – Green bean coffee is a great way to keep your liver healthy. This is because it mainly removes fat from liver. This happens due to the fact that green bean coffee reduces the accumulation of sugar in blood stream. Sugar is known to turn into fat. Therefore, green bean coffee pill is a great way to prevent liver diseases as well.

Cardiovascular Function – The chlorogenic acid helps to reduce the release of glucose post meal thereby helping a person lose weight. Losing weight helps us to stay fit and is also great for our heart. Increased weight and accumulation of fat in human body is bad for arteries of heart. Green bean coffee helps in slowing down the accumulation of lipids. It also works against bad fats like LDL. This way green bean coffee helps to improve our cardiovascular function. A good functioning heart is an asset of human body.

Colon Cleanse – Green bean coffee extract is a very good way to cleanse the colon. Its extracts help in removing toxic materials from our colon and also improving colon function. This is a very good solution for people who suffer from issues like constipation.

Antioxidant – Green bean coffee contains natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are famously known to help people stay away from diseases of various kinds. Our body takes in a lot of free radicals every day from dust, smoke, vehicle exhausts, and other such pollutants. Free radicals are known to cause many diseases in human body. Free radicals also play a critical negative role in serious diseases like cancer. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals. This consequently helps us to prevent diseases and stay healthy.

Green Coffee PillsDiabetes prevention – Diabetes is today one of the major illnesses on earth. Diabetes can cause diseases of feet, eyes, and has bad effects on many body functions. Due to green bean coffee’s property of reducing the release of glucose in blood post meal, it is great in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Blood Pressure – Increased blood pressure levels cause hypertension and headaches. High blood pressure is often a result of accumulation of fat in arteries. Green bean coffee extracts help in bringing blood pressure levels in normal range.

Energy – Low energy levels prevent us from completing our tasks in this fast paced world. Green bean coffee increases body’s metabolism. This helps a person to feel energetic all day.

Prevention of cancer – Green bean coffee has also shown positive results in preventing different types of cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer, and rectal cancer.

What is the Dosage of Green Coffee Bean Pills?

The recommended dosage of green coffee bean pills is 800 mg two times a day. These pills are to be taken before meal.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Green coffee beans are not a medication. It is just a natural supplement. This means it is digested by our body like food. Therefore, it has no side effects.

Can I Take Green Coffee Bean Pills If I am Suffering from a Medical Condition?

It is recommended to consult your physician before adding this pill to your regimen.


guyoncouchDiseases have become more common in this century due to various factors like industrialization, automobiles, factory exhausts, and various chemicals used by different manufacturers. Prevention is better than cure is a famous adage. However, most people fail to prevent diseases by not understanding the importance of supplements like green bean coffee. Research done on this product has shown many ways in which green bean coffee helps human body in functioning in its normal rhythm. Therefore, green bean coffee extract is a great way to enhance our body’s immune system to fight against different types of diseases.

Green bean coffee is safe as it contains no harmful additives. It is just unroasted green coffee bean extracts. It has been used for centuries in different countries. With no side effects, green bean coffee acts a perfect supplement. It can also help your present health condition with its antioxidant properties. We hope green bean coffee helps you to stay healthy and happy.

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What Are the Results of Dr. Oz Diet Experts Tests of Pure Green Coffee?

Dr. Oz endorsing Green Coffee

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeWho is always our favorite go-to man when it comes to all things health & fitness? Dr. Oz of course! Dr. Oz has provided us with many years of honest & incredibly useful facts about our health, diets & lifestyle choices. So it is no surprise that when Dr Oz diet experts had heard about the potential weight-loss & overall health benefits of the Green Coffee Bean they immediately wanted to put it to the test. Of course, that is just what they did.

First please allow me explain what “Green Coffee” is. Green coffee is the pure, raw & unroasted beans of the Coffea plant. These beans in their natural state have a large amount of chlorogenic acid in them. This acid is known for having fat-blocking and burning power. Many studies have proven that chlorogenic acid promotes slower absorption of fat and also gives your metabolism a boost. Sounds like the perfect thing for any person looking to jump start their weight-loss journey. Although you might be thinking that with all the coffee you drink that you are already getting enough of this lovely chlorogenic acid in your system. Well it is time to think again my friends. Unfortunately, when coffee beans go through the roasting process they are stripped of most of their great qualities, mainly the chlorogenic acid. So it is only in the pure, raw and unroasted form that you will be guaranteed to get the most bang for your body.

Green Coffee Beans PillsThe even better news is that not only do these raw beans naturally help with fat-burning weight loss & a boosted metabolism but they have also shown that they can bring overall health to your entire body. In several studies, users noted increased energy levels, a more alert mind, and decreased appetite. On top of that, green coffee also has the ability to balance your blood pressure levels and your sugar levels, which is definitely not an easy task for many overweight Americans. These are important levels to pay mind to in our bodies. Green coffee beans also promote overall cardiovascular health. They are said to have the fighting-power of aspirin when it comes to keeping your blood cells from wanting to stick together. Healthy blood cells & veins equals a healthy heart. Also coffee in it’s raw form is naturally full of antioxidants, but again the roasting process can cause those antioxidants to drop significantly. When having the raw green coffee, you are keeping in all of the rich antioxidant power. And just one more thing to boot, these beans also aid in healthy colon function. So with just one little addition to your diet, you can easily manage to properly care for your entire body.

be3886611faefee12a328a0a61ad8c98.wix_mp_1024As soon as the Dr Oz diet experts heard about these potential life-saving benefits, they decided they had to try it out for themselves. After finding the best doctors and dietitians in the country, Dr Oz diet experts set up their largest research study yet. They were excited to see that the benefits of these green coffee beans became clear in very little time. The show had a group of 100 woman, half of them taking 400mg capsules, three times a day, before meals for 2 weeks. The other half were placed on a placebo. They were also all instructed not to change their diet at all. Within just two weeks time those who were on the actual green coffee pills lost an average of 2 lbs. And this was without making any changes to their diet! Now imagine some green coffee supplements mixed in with a good diet and exercise and you will really be on to something. It was also noted that the placebo group did lose an average of 1 lb, however they are suspect to having been much more aware of their diet due to the requirement of keeping a food journal.

Regardless, I think the results speak for themselves. Not only are you losing weight without even trying, you are also giving a healthy boost to your entire body. Lucky for us, manufacturers’ have turned this coffee bean extract into pill form making it simple to have on hand no matter where you are for any meal. You can keep this small capsules in the car, your purse, or on your desk at work. Also with all the diet fads that we have been bombarded with in the last several years, this green coffee bean finally gives us a reasonable, inexpensive, and healthy change to make to our diet. The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on these magic little pills is through purchasing on the internet. This way you can buy in bulk & don’t even have to leave your home. Make sure that when you buy you check out the ingredients, even if it says pure it’s always safer to double check that it has GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol on the list.

best-and-worst-weight-loss-supplements-artAnother added bonus for users is that these pills have no side effects. So not only are you getting tons of overall health benefits, you also don’t have to worry about any pesky side effects like headache or nausea that often come with a change in your diet. Be reminded though that you should always consult with a doctor before adding any pills to your diet however thus far there have been no negative effects on users. Researchers will continue to keep a close eye on this supplement as time goes on to make sure this continues.

So as you can see the benefits of this little pill are numerous and also very important to your overall health. Not only will you have a jump start on weight loss, but you also get a beautifully pumping heart and veins, balanced cholesterol levels, balanced sugar levels, increased energy and awareness, healthy colon function, and an antioxidant boost to boot. Take if from the Dr Oz diet experts and put green coffee bean at the top of your next to-do list. Still are not convinced? Do as Dr. Oz would do and test it out for yourself!

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Why Green Coffee Weight Loss Pills Are So Incredibly Good?

Photo of Pure Green Coffee

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeCoffee beans that are purely green are well known for weight losing naturally and other health benefits. Green coffee beans are those that didn’t get roasted. Due to their not going through the roasting process, they have chlorogenic acid and its full effects. When coffee beans get roasted, all the good effects contained by the chlorogenic acid are lost. This acid helps in the maintenance of one’s blood sugar, metabolism and weight loss. This coffee also doesn’t include cafestol which is well known for causing ill effects to the human body. Green coffee pills are now available on the market as clinically proven supplementary pills.


The green coffee is taken from Arabica plants. The chlorogenic acid present in it in big quantities is well known for anti oxidant effects, burning of fats, and some others. It also contains caffeine and Polyphenols. Chlorogenic acid is a derivative of cinnamic acid with effects which are biological. These usually have a relationship with their subsequent anti inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

The Green Coffee Pills

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThese pills are natural antioxidants and with a high potential to burn fats. This can help one to naturally lose weight without getting involved in hard exercises of any kind. There are different forms of these pills with different concentrations in chlorogenic acid. The amounts of chlorogenic acid concentration range from 30% to 50%. Choice can be made according to its suitability to the specific body condition. The use of these green coffee weight loss pills is very good for all those that are interested in losing the excess weight without experiencing any side effects. They should be taken by only persons that are or above 18 years old. They are not recommended to be taken by pregnant or Breast feeding women.

Health Benefits Got From Green Coffee Pills

1. Improvement of the circulation of blood.

This is due to the presence of chlorogenic acid as the major compound. It also contains ferulic acid which is a metabolic component responsible for acting on the nitric oxide got from vascular endothelium.

2. Maintaining of the blood pressure

The presence of chlorogenic acid helps in the reduction of the high blood pressure and then normalizes it all the time. It is safe for people who have got hyper tension.

3. Maintaining of the blood sugar.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesThe green coffee weight loss pills have got a strong effect on diabetes. It helps to keep the blood sugar and insulin levels normal. It slows down the rate at which sugar is released into one’s body and also makes provision of the energy needed by one’s body all day long.

4. Reduction of the excess weight of the human body in what can be referred to as “safe mode”.

The pills make the achievement of weight loss very easy. It doesn’t require one to change his or her eating habits, exercise schedules and diet plans. One can achieve his or her most desired structure by just using the pill. The use of this supplement is known to be the best way of how one can have a healthy body and the simplest way to shade off weight.

5. Improves the human body’s metabolism.

6. Cleanses well the colon.

7. Good as an Antioxidant product.

8. Increases the body’s level of immunity.

9. It decreases one’s appetite.

The extracts from the green coffee beans can prevent a person from over eating.

10. Enables the elimination of fatty acids that are unwanted.

11. Helps a person to maintain a healthy body weight.

mainwl1_600x450The presence of caffeine in the pills prevents the further growth in one’s weight, a thing which is very essential for all the process of losing body weight. This is achieved by releasing the fats from the body.

12. Increases the rate of digestion and also burns the fats that are in excess.

It helps for proper digestion and cleansing of the bowel well.

Directions of the Use of the Green Coffee Weight Loss Pill

Instead of taking coffee which contains cafestol known not to be so good to the body, the pill can be taken every morning on a daily basis. For better results, a person is advised to take this pill according to his or her prescriptions as advised by the physician.

Coffee as a Functional Food

Internationally, the use of coffee for work enhancement, social engagement, well being and leisure is recognized widely. It can result into an increase in the effectiveness of the pain killers. It also improves liver function. Even with of all that very many reviews don’t mention green coffee as a functional food. When coffee is taken in reasonable amounts can be considered to be a functional food.

Side Effects of Green Coffee

Happy-woman-Fotolia_12331389_Subscription_XXLAt the moment, there isn’t any side effect of green coffee and its extracts that can cause one to get ill or any that is notable. As result, anyone interested in enjoying some of its benefits can take it without a single fear. The only requirement is to take the correct prescriptions as given to one by his or her physician so as to be totally free from any side effects.

Where and How to Buy Green Coffee Weight Loss Pills

Pure green coffee extract pills can be bought through online. There may be a number of free shipping options and other offers which may be available from certain links that sell green coffee products. The results that can be got from the use of this pill double its price. Very many special packages are available to be bought. Thus one should rush so that he or she can get the pills at special offers available.


In a brief conclusion, the green coffee weight loss pills give rise to a brand new age in the world of weight losing. This is the best tablet for giving rise to better off sensation effects in every individual’s life that make use of it. Its effectiveness is very great in all aspects. For all those that want to lead a happy and healthy life, this is the best resort.

The product is 100% natural and the safest alternative of all those present at the moment. All scientists approve this product to be a natural weight losing tablet which is clinically proven. Everyone can give a try to this supplementary tablet without any fears but instead get his or her body healthy and make life peaceful. There isn’t any dissatisfaction that can be got from the use of this product.

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The Secrets of the Magical Slimming Coffee


green-coffee-18Have you ever walked around, in the streets, malls, beach or anywhere for that matter and spotted a gorgeous body? Yes, that to die for body that you’ve always wished to have? Flat belly, muscular ass and toned arms-that’s what am talking about. The ones celebrities adorn as if they were the only ones in this planet meant for that perfect body. Personally, I know I would love such and am certain that you would too. When you ask anyone for advice, they will swear by exercise, diet and healthy living. All that crap that is so difficult to stick to, pardon me because we can make a thousand resolutions of not eating anything unhealthy,sticking to a strict to exercise regime but surely, does this really last long? Within no time we go back to our naughty self’s, naughty really? I don’t think so. Maybe there should be some magic that can come up and solve this mess, or maybe there is. Don’t give me that look be, because yes there is,trust me there is.

Green Coffee Beans HDEver heard of the slimming coffee? Mmmh, slimming and coffee both in the same sentence doesn’t seem right, does it? Relax, here is the story of Green coffee the coffee that does wonders to you and your body. So the question is, what is this slimming coffee? What has Green coffee got to do with it? Don’t you worry, your questions will be answered soon. In this world of today, everything is going green;from green houses, green energy to now the green coffee. Let me break it down to simple English, green coffee is coffee that has not been roasted and therefore tastes quite bitter and has no aroma to it. Let’s not stop it at that, there’s also green coffee pills which are pills made from green coffee. In other words, this morning beverage pardon me coffee lovers, can be used to help cause a slimming effect to the body and that’s where the name comes from “Slimming Coffee”. Wait, lets scream, isn’t that fantastic!

32Green coffee contains caffeine which is an appetite suppressant for a short period of time. This means that instead of grabbing that snack green coffee will ensure that you lack the urge. The burger, crisps, sausage, bottle of soda and all that unhealthy snack you love won’t definitely go down that throat. Believe it or not, just that will make you not add a calorie. As easy as-you name it. Green coffee pills also contains caffeine that is a diuretic that helps in loosing water weight. Even though this is just an illusion because you will gain it when you eat, fact remains you still lost some weight. So you who wants to loose water weight, let the journey begin with the slimming coffee. According to Medline Plus, caffeine which is in green coffee boosts energy. This means that you’ll stay active for long and the more active you stay the more calorie you loose, what a wonderful way to start your day. The effects of this slimming coffee are endless all of them enhancing your well being,so no more waiting green coffee is the way to go. Balancing blood pressure level, balancing sugar level, improving cardiovascular function, colon cleansing and anti-oxidation just to name a few. You don’t believe me? Then let me tell you because this must surely be the magical drink.

This slimming coffee as we call it balances blood pressure level as it has chlorogenic acid a 30% component in green coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid is a part of primary polyphenol antioxidant family which has an antihypertensive effect. If you are hypertensive this could be your savior. Despite loosing weight, you will keep hypertension at bay a deadly killer.

The other function of this slimming coffee is the balancing of sugar level. Studies have showed that the long term effect of caffeine usage which is in green coffee increases insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity will ensure that your sugar level is balanced. Need I say more?Just make it your habit of sipping green coffee our magical slimming coffee.

weight-loss5Improving of cadiovascular function is also another function of the green coffee. This is how it does it. Green coffee has a component chlorogenic acid that has feralic acid. This acid metabolises nitric oxide derived from vascular endothilium. This improves the action of blood vessel and improves blood circulation. According to June 2008, Journal of Cardiovascular prevention & Rehabilitation, green tea has an acute beneficial effect on endothilial function, assessed with flow-mediated dilation of the brachial artery in healthy individuals. Cardiovascular improvision is therefore your choice, if you choose green coffee your lucky because you will have so much to smile about.

Now lets go to the colon cleanse function of our magical slimming coffee our green coffee. Green coffee complements colon cleansing and this is how it does it. Green tea speeds peristalsis movement that helps in the promotion of release of food wastes and other toxins from the body. A perfect way to do your detox. So next time, instead of spending so much of your hard earned money getting a detoxifier just go the cheaper way with green coffee-the slimming coffee.

Green Coffee Beans PillsLast but not least I will explain to you how green coffee helps as an antioxidant. Green coffee is a strong antioxidant because it is not roasted. The lack of roasting makes the antioxidants in green not to be lost. Therefore, you will be having a drink that the antioxidants are intact. Antioxidants help in ensuring that your body has a rich supply of oxygen and therefore a strong immune system for you. Diseases will hence be kept at bay and those hospital visits that you hate will be a thing of the past.

Yes, yes, yes the benefits are so many more. If I could scribble them down for you, I doubt if you would embark your journey of embracing this magical drink. I am definite that once you start taking this slimming coffee it’s you who will be scribbling some of its benefits to me. I guess enough said, now let me give you a chance to stop dreaming and be that size zero you always wanted to be.

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7 Powerful Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

green coffee bean benefits

green coffee bean  benefitsI have seen so many weight loss supplements among them I can name HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), Chitosan, Whey protein, Beta Glucan, Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA, Glucomannan?And Mango Seed Fiber but green coffee bean extract has defeated all of them. The craze for this weight loss supplements flourishing rapidly because of its magical output. I am going to discuss some excellent Green coffee bean extract benefits throughout my writing.

Let’s find out most powerful green coffee bean extract benefits

1. Fat Burner

The Chlorogenic acid of Green Coffee prevents the release of glucose from the body that significantly burns body fats and helps to lose body weight. One of the weight loss studies suggests that green coffee has an effective nutraceutical that works for reducing weight for adults.

2. Rich Source of Antioxidant (Chlorogenic Acid)

Chlorogenic acid is the key component of green coffee bean extract which is a powerful natural antioxidant that does multiple actions on the human body using its powerful natural ingredients. Chlorogenic Acid works for the overall health of the human body.

3. Taking Care of Heart

Various studies have found that GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidants) takes care of heart functions. It’s been found from a study that consuming GCA decreases 2 beats per minute and doctors said that it is clinically significant for heart health.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

Different crossover studies have shown that GCA does some extraordinary for lowering blood pressure. Green coffee works for improving blood circulation and muscle tone while it helps to prevent cardiovascular problems controlling extra cholesterol in the body.

5. Develop Liver Metabolism

Developing liver metabolism is one of the important green coffee bean extract benefits. A recent experiment in Japan found that the main ingredient of green coffee Chlorogenic acid enhances energy metabolism. That also reduces lipogenesis by down-regulating sterol regulatory element-binding protein and analogous molecules, which contributes to the concealment of body fat accumulation. GCA also destroys the harmful toxins in the liver.

green coffee6. Appetite Suppressant and Mood improver

Chlorogenic acid helps to prevent absorbing and storing fat in the body. Not from study but some of green coffee consumers claim that GCA makes their appetite longer though the main aim of GCB is prevent overeating. It improves mood and little amount of caffeine in GCA works as energy booster. Improving mood and boosting energy levels is remarkable extra green coffee bean extract benefit.

7. Slow Down Aging Process

The powerful antioxidant in green coffee fights against harmful radicals in the blood stream that helps to slow down the aging process.

Before GCB we have seen different weight loss products in the market but all they were to come and go. Naturally produced Green Coffee Beans Extracts has come to help you with more health benefits to lose your extra pounds of weight without having any physical exercise. Green coffee bean extract benefits are not just these seven, there are numerous studies being experimented on this supplement to reveal more health benefits of it.

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Reviews – New Facts You Should Know

green coffee plant

green coffee plantThere are many effects of green coffee in human, which are positive to the well being of human body. Green coffee contains many compounds, which affect the chemistry of human body. It contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulating agent in the body. In addition, it also has chemicals apart from caffeine that stimulates the production of adrenaline and cortisone. Adrenaline is and important hormone in our bodies in that the body secrets it during the times of danger to provide extra energy. Green coffee beans extract is normally dark brown powder, which is hygroscopic in nature. Green coffee contains poly-phenols called hydro-xycinnamic acids in which the most popular acids caffeine and chlorogenic reside. These acid chemicals in the green coffee contain several benefits to the human body. The green coffee beans extract act as anti oxidant, prevent obesity, and inflammatory effects. In this green coffee bean reviews, we are going to discuss some of the benefits that you can get from green coffee.

Green Coffee SymbolOne of the main benefits of green coffee is that it promotes weight loss. A research carried out by scientists from Fat Chemical Company and Oryza Oil on the green coffee bean found out that green coffee contributes a lot to weight loss. The weight loss is achieved by taking green coffee because it has two major chemical compounds that natural contents of green coffee. Green coffee beans are not roasted. Therefore, they do not lose the natural chemicals that are essential for weight loss. However, roasting the green coffee beans will automatically remove these chemicals.

These natural chemicals in green coffee, which contribute to weight loss, are chlorogenic and caffeine acids. The caffeine acid from the green coffee usually discharges fatty acids from the stored fats in the human’s body. The chlorogenic acid also helps the liver in effective processing of the discharged fatty acids thus leading to weight loss. Researchers have found out that if an individual take one kilogram of food per day, which contains 10 grams of green coffee beans extract for a period of 2 weeks, that individual will realize 35 percent suppression in the increase of his or her body weight.

pure-green-coffee-pills-4Another important benefit of green coffee is that it greatly reduces blood pressure. A research conducted in both human beings and animals found out that the chlorogenic acid, which is one of the natural chemical present in green coffee extract, plays an important role in reducing the levels of high blood pressure in the body. In cases where the researchers conducted experiment on human beings using the green coffee extract, the level of high blood pressure was greatly reduced. The researcher found out that the green coffee extract was the most effective way of managing hypertension. This is possible if it is swallowed at a dose of 189 milligrams in a day.

Green coffee is also important in that it boosts the body’s metabolism. In other words, the green coffee extract alters the way in which the body absorbs glucose. The caffeine acid, which is one of the natural chemicals in the green coffee works as a stimulant. It therefore helps in boosting the energy levels in the body. Since the green coffee extract is not boiled, it does not contain chemical like cafestol, which increases the level of cholesterol in our body and lowers the density of lipoproteins. Until today, the green coffee extract has been proved to be safe for human consumption because there have been no claims of side effects or any adverse reactions. On the other hand, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, people with kidney and liver problems should take the green coffee extract with caution.


The green coffee extract also protects the liver from getting infections. For example, it reduces the incidences of the liver cirrhosis. In addition, the green coffee extract also helps in reducing the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, which is a liver cancer that usually comes in patients with preexisting liver cirrhosis. However, the exact means and the amount of green coffee extract needed in order to achieve these beneficial effects are still not clear.

The green coffee acts as a cardiovascular protective agent. It considerably reduces the incidence of an individual dying from cardiovascular related diseases. This is according to the group study published in the year 2008. A prospective study in Japan in the year 2009 conducted on 77,000 people aged between 40 and 79 revealed that green coffee consumption, together with caffeine intake, reduced risks of people dying from cardiovascular disease. The meta-analysis of the year 2012 concludes that people who drank considerable amount of coffee had lower rate of heart failure than those who do not take coffee. From the analysis, the biggest effect was on those people who drank more than 4 cups of coffee in a day.

The green coffee also acts as antioxidant. The green coffee contains poly-phenols such as flavan-3-ols monomers and pro-cyanidins, hydro-xycinnamic acids, flavonols and anthocynidins. These compounds act as antioxidant agent and reduce oxidative cell destruction. The green coffee can also prevent the dental cavities. The tannins, which are chemicals found in green coffee may reduce the cariogenic potential of foodstuffs. These poly-phenol compounds obstruct the glucosyltransferase activity of mutans streptococci, which reduces plaque formation on dental system.

slim_bodyThe green coffee also acts as anti-aging booster. The chlorogenic acid that is found in the green coffee beans is an antioxidant. This acid performs its duty in the body by destroying the free radicals that form in the body because of metabolic process. These free radicals are very dangerous. If they are left in the body, they will definitely destroy the cell membranes and introduce signs and symptoms of aging into your body. The green coffee beans extract contains chemicals that destroys these toxic radical substances and consequently slows down the aging process.

The green coffee is a powerful stimulant for peristalsis. It is also considered to prevent stomach constipation. However, excessive consumption of coffee can also cause excessive loose bowel movements. The stimulant effect of coffee on the colon can be in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine acid can only act as a diuretic when consumed in large quantity more than 600 milligram per day. The green coffee does not cause hydration.

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Reviews on Green Coffee Extract You Can Trust


green-coffee-19A lot of people are obsessed with junk food which leads to obesity and a wide range of associated ailments such as metabolic disorders, cardio-vascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Among the various options available to the obese people today, green coffee extract is the best weight loss product that not only cuts down flab but also aids in maintaining a good health.

Green coffee bean extract simply comes from the unroasted seeds (or beans) of the coffee plant. Green coffee bean extract is a yellowish brown powder, rich in hydrocinnamic acids (polyphenols), of ԝhich the tԝo important acids are chlorogenic anԁ caffeic acids. These extracts are available in the form of capsules at various health stores.

Green coffee bean extract is an amazing supplement ԝell known for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive anԁ, anti-obesity properties. Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. Hence, they contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid. The roasting process of coffee beans reduces amounts of the chemical chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. Besides chlorogenic acid, it also contains a host of other components like including chlorogenic acid, quinides, llignans, anԁ trigonelline, ԝhich all have been demonstrated to improve glucose metabolism in animal studies. Here is a list of the health benefits associated with green coffee bean extract supplement:


dr oz 1Chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee bean is a powerful antioxidant ԝhich fights the free radicals produced in our body as a by-product of metabolism. These free radicals, if left unneutralized, can damage our cells anԁ contribute to conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Anti-Cancer Agent

Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol anԁ neutralizes several classes of carcinogenic compounds. It lowers the risk of liver, colon, breast, skin anԁ rectal cancers

Heart Diseases

pure-green-coffee-pills-2High homocysteine concentrations in blood is a risk indicator for cardiovascular disease. Green coffee extracts reduce the levels of visceral fat accumulated around the midsection of the body anԁ also aid in the decrease of homocysteine levels in the blood plasma-thus, reducing heart diseases. This extract also inhibits lipid anԁ LDL degradation, thereby promoting optimal cardiovascular health. Moreover they keep blood-platelets from clumping together anԁ improve blood circulation all over the body – thus, prevent hardening of the arteries. Thus, drinking green coffee keeps many heart ailments like strokes, cardiac arrest, etc at bay. Last but not the least; chlorogenic acid is also beneficial for treating hypertension.


P5151142Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean reduces the risk of gylcemic disorders like diabetes, ԝhen people consume it for a long time, by inhibiting an enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase, that promotes sugar formation in the liver.
Chlorogenic acid users are less likely to get Type 2 diabetes. The reason for this can be attributed to the effects of the Chlorogenic acid on glucose metabolism. During glycogenesis, glucose is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen ( polysaccharide) , ԝhich is a long chain of insoluble glucose molecules. In this process, the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase releases free glucose into the bloodstream. If glycogenolysis is inhibited, the body gets its energy from fat cells, reducing the blood glucose levels. Moreover, chlorogenic acid anԁ magnesium in green coffee reduce insulin resistance, ԝhich plays an important role in diabetes.

Asthma and Headache

Green coffee is knoԝn to provide relief from asthma anԁ severe headaches.

Boosts Your Immune System

Backed By Science GirlIt is an immune modulator anԁ ԝhen taken regularly, it restores the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally. It modulates the immune system anԁ alleviates the common allergies by inhibiting histamine release anԁ by improving oxygen utilization. It is non-toxic anԁ can be taken daily ԝithout producing any side effects.

Anti-aging Benefits

Free radicals, the by-products of metabolism, destroy cell membranes anԁ conduce to symptoms of aging. Chlorogenic acids present in green coffee beans destroy these free radicals anԁ slow ԁown aging process. The oxygen radical absorption capacity of these beans is double as compared to grape seed extract.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Chlorogenic acids present in green coffee beans reduce hypertension by increasing plasma homocysteine levels. The extract is most effective when taken at a dose of 185 mg.

Detoxifying Liver

Green coffee contains cafestol anԁ kahweol ԝhich cleanse the liver by inducing the liver to purge fats, bad cholesterols anԁ other harmful toxic chemicals. This way overall health is maintained.

Promotes Weight Loss

happy_womanIt prevents the buildup of visceral fat in the body that usually builds up in the abdomen anԁ surrounds the heart, liver, pancreas anԁ kidneys. Too much of it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anԁ even cancer. Green coffee bean activates the liver to produce more bile lose body fat, increase metabolic process, anԁ also the discharge of glucose in to the bloodstream after consuming. The chlorogenic acid present in this wonderful supplement isn’t absorbed in plasma after ingestion anԁ it adheres to particular compounds in the body anԁ hinders the absorption of body fat in what you eat. The caffeine from the coffee releases fatty acids from stored body fat, ԝhile the chlorogenic acid assists the liver in processing the fatty acids more efficiently, thereby resulting in weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant

It reduces food cravings. This way, you ԝill start to eat significantly less than before, reduce your daily calorie intake anԁ experience fewer cravings throughout the day. Green coffee actuates the body to work towards eliminating the stored fatty acids anԁ calories.

Boosts Metabolism

It alters the way glucose is absorbed in the body anԁ boosts metabolism. Then again, since the green beans have not been roasted, they lack cafestol ԝhich woulԁ have otherwise increased levels of LDL cholesterol.

Mental Alertness

Green coffee boosts up your concentration power thereby improving your learning abilities anԁ alertness. Thus, it aids in reducing the cognitive errors outsiԁe the workplace. Moreover, it reduces fatigue anԁ increases endurance. It is also effective in treating migrane.

Beautifying Effects

Chlorogenic acid has regenerative properties anԁ acts on the digestive process through the GST (gluathion-S transferase) enzymeto protect the body from skin aging. Green coffee beans ԝith their anti-fat deposit properties are combined ԝith pilewort extract anԁ anԁiroba oil to improve the skin’s appearance anԁ thus, prevent the appearance of cellulite.

This extract is safe. However, pregnant anԁ breastfeeding women, young children anԁ people ԝith kidney anԁ liver issues shoulԁ refrain from taking this green coffee bean extract supplement.

Green coffee bean extract is a great supplement ԝhose advantages extend way beyonԁ јust its body fat burning abilities. In addition to the above mentioned advantages, it helps the body regenerate vitamin anԁ reduce the effects of toxins, suppressing oxidation of low density lipids (or LDL, the bad cholesterol), ԝhich helps you to avoid coronary disease. It also prevents type-II diabetes. Another positive side-effect of these supplements is that they create discomfort medicines work better, even increasing the strength of some migraine medicines.

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Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work and Can Help You Fight Overweight?

Photo of Pure Green Coffee

An Overview on Obesity and Weight Loss Methods

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeOne of the leading health problems that people encounter today is obesity. In fact, it ranks fifth in the World Health Organization’s list of diseases that affect global mortality rate. You see, obesity leads to a number of complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. The complications of obesity are very life threatening, more so than the actual disease. For this reason, it is important for you to always eat right and exercise so you can watch your weight.

However, this is easier said than done. Everyone knows that losing weight can be very hard and it takes a lot of patience and discipline to achieve desirable results. This is even truer for those who are considered to be morbidly obese because one of the reasons why they came to be like this is because they aren’t physically active to begin with. Another thing is that they aren’t used to watching what they eat and doing so may lead them to feel frustrated and food deprived.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeOf course, there are a number of ways one can lose all that excess fat without having to put in so much hard work such as bariatric surgery. The problem here however is that it can also be life changing. Take lap band surgery for example; imagine just what you will be able to eat when your stomach is just the size of a golf ball? Aside from that, serious complication can arise during the surgery itself.

If you aren’t ready to take that much risk, your best option is to lose weight naturally. There are also different methods available should you choose to go down this route. You can work with a nutritionist and a dietician so a proper treatment plan can be drawn up for you. You can also try complimenting your treatment plan with natural weight loss supplements.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplements

One weight loss supplement that is making waves these days is green-coffee bean extract. As we all know, coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants that are essential to helping the body get rid of the buildup of free radicals that are responsible of a long list of diseases. When coffee beans are roasted however, a lot of this essential compound is destroyed thus minimizing the positive effects of coffee.

pure-green-coffee-pills-2Through years of research and trial and errors, scientists have finally found a way to extract pure antioxidants from unroasted coffee beans and transform them into tablet or capsule supplements. Green-coffee bean extract supplements can easily bought in brick and mortar as well as online stores. The good thing about natural supplements is that since they don’t contain synthetically manufactured ingredients, they are generally considered safe and free from any side effects.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Aids in Weight Loss

The million dollar question here is, “Does green-coffee bean extract really work?” Before we answer your question, let’s discuss how one actually gains weight. Of course, eating a lot contribute greatly but you may have noticed that there are people who probably eat more than you do but still manage to control their weight. The reason for that is because their bodies have high metabolism and this is where you are probably lacking.

1305324012-30Metabolism is the rate at which your body is able to break down the food that you eat. The higher your metabolism, the faster calories are burned. This can be stimulated through exercise but sometimes, you need to give your body a little bit of help especially if you aren’t too active. The antioxidants that can be found in the coffee bean extract can not only help in stimulating your metabolism, it also controls the amount of glucose that is released in your body. This will ensure that all of the glucose that is released is converted into energy and not turned into fat.

However, you can’t just pop a capsule and expect to see results. Like all weight loss supplements,coffee bean extract supplements also need to be accompanied with exercise. This is to ensure that your excess energy will be used up. Failure to do this will only cause you to either gain more weight because your body will store it as fat. However, you also need to keep in mind that weight loss supplements may not be for everyone so it is best to consult with your physician before you decide to take coffee beane xtract.

Other Things you can Expect from Green Coffee Bean Extract

weight_loss_coupleAside from its ability to aid in weight-loss coffee bean extract can also help in lowering blood sugar levels. Since it controls the amount of glucose that is released which is immediately converted into energy, very little goes into the bloodstream thus making this supplement also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. It also helps improve the condition of those with high-blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as chlorogenic acid, in its purest form, have been proven to have antihypertensive qualities.

Safety Concerns Behind the Use of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Since coffee bean extract supplements are produced from all natural ingredient, they are generally considered to be safe. However, you need to keep in mind that it still contains caffeine which can be highly addictive when taken in large quantities. It also contributes to the development of health problems such as insomnia, high levels of anxiety, and migraines. Aside from this, coffee is considered to be a diuretic which is why those who consume it in large quantities are at risk of developing osteoporosis because of the amount of calcium that is flushed out of the body. Also, it can contribute to the worsening other gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

However, these should not discourage you from trying out coffee bean extract supplements because these problems can be prevented as long as it is taken in small doses. Make sure to speak with your doctor before your start taking it so you can be given advice on the dosage and also to ensure that it won’t cause any harm to your body.

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What Are Green Coffee Extract Side Effects?


green-coffee-22Green coffee beans are the coffee beans that not roasted. These beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid, which is normally displaced or destroyed in the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid is believed to have health benefits for combating cardiovascular diseases, contributing to weight loss, and prevention of contracting chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Green coffee beans became known for its contribution to better health, when it was originally mentioned by Dr. Oz on his TV show in early 2012. It was mentioned in connection with the capability to induce rapid weight loss with minimal effort. The mode of operation is not yet fully understood, but it appears that metabolic functions rates are greatly increased.

There are no serious side effects noted with the use of green coffee bean. Some studies have shown that, when it is taken in prescribed amounts, it can contribute to reduced blood pressure in certain individuals. Over a 12-week period, the recommended dosage of 80 – 200 mg has shown a moderate weight loss, and as much as 10% of the body fat in some people who may be considered as obese. The green coffee bean extract has quickly become the top selling weight loss supplement.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeIt is important to remember that green coffee bean contains caffeine, which has been linked to some negative health effects. Consumption should be carefully regulated, and it may necessary to consult your family doctor, before embarking on any weight loss program, and green coffee bean is no different.

There have been no significant adverse effects noted in human trials of Green Coffee extract, but there a few side effects that have been connected with the consumption of coffee, and have been noted as green coffee extract side effects.

One of the major green coffee extract side effects, is the apparent contribution to the condition of osteoporosis.

Caffeine appears to increase the amount of calcium that is dissolved and passed in urine. Calcium contributes to bone formation and if there is not enough present, bones can become brittle and weak. The maximum recommended dosage of daily consumption of caffeine should be limited to 300 mg per day which is about the amount of caffeine in 10- 8 oz cups of coffee.

Over consumption of caffeine has been associated with insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and sometimes it can also attribute to increased heart rates. Although there is no direct correlation, pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid heavy consumption of caffeinated products.

Caution must be exercised when consuming caffeine, as it has also be known to cause vomiting and nausea.

Along with nervousness, and restlessness, caffeine does nothing to help anxiety.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesResearch shows that caffeine can affect the manner in which the body metabolizes sugar, and the caffeine in green in green coffee bean extract may contribute to unstable blood sugar compositions. Diabetics that consume caffeine must regularly monitor the levels of sugar in the blood.

Caffeine has also been associated with the occurrence of diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome.

High levels of consumption of caffeine has also been linked to other conditions, such as glaucoma. In patients with glaucoma, there has been a noted increase in the pressure in the eye, which may be caused by dilation of the blood vessels. There has also been reports of increased blood pressure in individuals with already high blood pressure, who consume green coffee bean extract.

There has been very little concrete evidence to suggest that there are serious side effects that are directly related to the use of green coffee extract, however much of the negative effects are noted with consumption of caffeine.
Some research shows that results may be different in males, than those achieved in females.

whitebikiniIn a recent study where 117 males were tested, Green coffee been was shown to be quite effective in reducing blood pressures, while no significant side effects were noted. It may be possible, that it may affect different people differently, and a much wider testing sample may be needed for more representative results. The study did not take the background or lifestyle nor medical history of the test subjects into account.

In another short clinical trial of 28 Japanese subjects, who were tested for a period of 60 days, there were some positive effects noted with the incidences of hypertension, and there was very little chemical changes noted in the composition of minerals in the blood, such as copper, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex.

Green coffee bean extract appears to increase the rate and the manner in which glucose and fats are absorbed the small intestine, it also appears to reduce the amount of insulin which results in increased metabolic rates.
During many of the studies that were conducted over several months, much of the adverse effects were all unnoticed.

There has been a strong positive correlation, between weight loss, an the consumption of green coffee extract, but as with any unregulated supplement, there is a need to exercise some caution. Weight loss products, by the very nature of operation, can produce harmful side effects, if they are consumed indiscriminately.

Caffeine has shown to cause problems in many people, but green coffee bean extract is an all-natural product without the addition of synthetic substances. Although the product is not regulated or can be approved by the FDA as a drug, because it is actually sold as a food supplement, it contains much less caffeine than regular coffee beans and retains the benefits of chlorogenic acid that is destroyed when coffee beans are roasted.

weightlossplans1_600x450The maximum dose of green coffee bean extract, as recommended by some producers, contain less than 20% of that in a cup of espresso. The adverse effects may attributed to the effects of consumption of caffeine, and it may be advisable to lower the dosage of the extract, if any ill effects are experienced.

The major concern may be with the collective effect known as “malabsorption”, which is associated with irregular heart beats, and excessive weight loss, or malnutrition, as the useful as minerals and vitamins are absorbed, rather than being passed through for assistance in metabolizing food in the small intestine. Improper metabolism can lead to serious heath conditions and may even lead to cardiovascular malfunctions.

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All About Pure Green Coffee

Green Coffee Plant Photo

Green Coffee Plant PhotoPure green coffee beans are well known for its health benefits and natural weight loss. Pure green coffee are the coffee beans which are not get roasted. Due to that non roasting process, they contain the chlorogenic acid with full effects. If it gets roasted, then it loses all its good effects. This chlorogenic acid that presents in the green coffee help in maintaining your blood sugar and metabolism and helps in weight loss. It does not contain cafestol that causes ill effects to your body. It is now available in the market as supplementary pills and it is clinically proven.


Pure green coffeeare extracted from the Arabica plants. It contains the higher level of chlorogenic acid that is responsible for all its good activities like antioxidant effect, fat burning effect etc. and caffeine.

Pure Green Coffee Extract Pills

This pill is a natural antioxidant and a potential fat burner that helps you to lose your weight naturally and without doing any hard exercises. It contains the ingredients like chlorogenic acid and caffeine that gives good effects to the human body. Presence of chlorogenic acid is the specialty of this supplementary pill. It is available in different forms with the change in the chlorogenic acid concentration.

The extracts usually contain 30% to 50% chlorogenic acid concentration. You can prefer the one that suits your body condition well. These extract pills are the good one for whom wants to shed their excess weight without any side effects. It has been now promoted as the weight loss pill by the researchers because of its potential results. It works very quickly and effectively. It has many health benefits such as

  1. Backed By Science GirlImproves blood circulation
  2. Maintains blood pressure
  3. Maintains blood sugar
  4. Reduces excess body weight in a safe mode
  5. Highly improves your metabolism
  6. Cleanses your colon well
  7. Good antioxidant product
  8. Increases your immunity level
  9. Stops the storage of unwanted fatty acids in your body
  10. Increases your digestion and burns your excess fat
  11. Maintains healthy weight
  12. Good appetite suppressant

How to Use

You can take this Pure Green coffee extract pill daily in the morning instead of drinking coffee that contains cafestol that is not so good to your body. By roasting, the beans will lose all its good effects. So this green coffee bean is not roasted to get the full effects that makes good things to your body. It is clinically proven safe supplement without any side effects. Take this supplementary pill according to your prescription to have the good results. You have to follow the dosage according to your body weight and by consulting with your physician.

Blood Pressure

The chlorogenic acid concentration present in the pure green coffee help to reduce the high blood pressure and make your blood pressure normal all the time. It is safe for the person with hyper tension.


Pure Green coffee extract pills also have a great effect in diabetics. It helps to maintain your blood sugar level and the insulin level. It controls your blood sugar level well and helps you to lead a healthy life. It slows down the sugar release in your body gives you the energy that is needed for the whole day.

Appetite Suppressant

Pure Green beans extract is a good appetite suppressant that prevents from over eating. It is also very helpful in proper digestion and cleanses your bowel well.

Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss with Green CoffeePure Green coffee extract pills are promoted as the weight losing pills by the scientists because of its quick weight losing effects. There is no need to do any hard exercises and to follow any strict diet plans to achieve the body structure you like. These extract pills make your weight losing dream comes true and in a very easy way.

It also prevents your weight gain further. So that you can maintain your weight through out your life time by using it. Using this supplement is the best way to have a healthy and a simple way of shedding your weight. Caffeine that presents in this pill helps in promoting the release of fats and helps in preventing further weight gain. Preventing further weight gain is the main future in this product because it is a very important aspect in weight loss.

There is no need to change your eating habits, diet plans and exercise schedules. You can practice the same that you are doing before. But you can feel the weight loss by simply using these pills. You can have your most wanted body structure by using this pill. You can have the healthy weight loss by using this supplementary pill. You can have your weight loss by simply following your normal life style.

Side Effects

There are no visible ill effects or notable side effects so far. It is used by thousands and thousands of people worldwide because of its good effects. So you can use these extract pills without any fear. Always take the prescribed amount to be free from side effects.

Where to Buy

Green Coffee Beans PillsYou can buy these Pure Green coffee extract pills through online and there are many offers and free shipping options available for this product in the official link of Pure Green Coffee. The result of this pill is two times worth than its price. There are many special packages available to buy this pill. Rush to buy your pills with the special offers.

For a conclusion, these Pure Green coffee extract pills cause a new era in the weight losing world. It is the best pill that causes happier sensation effects in everyone’s life who uses it. It is very effective in all aspects and helpful in all ways to maintain your body and to lead a healthy and happy life.

It is the safest and the 100% natural product. It is approved by all scientists and it is a good clinically proven natural weight losing pill. Without any fear you can try this supplementary pill to have your healthy and peaceful life. You can not have any dissatisfaction by using this product.

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Pure Green Coffee Effects, Uses, Pills and Weight Loss

green coffee big box

green coffee big boxOne of the major benefits regarding the use of pure green coffee is its ability to help anyone interested in weight loss to achieve this goal. The effectiveness of weight loss has always been tied closely to whether the product being used to achieve this is natural or not. However, just as it is usually the case with most products used to achieve this, it is crucial that it is utilized in the best possible manner. The abuse of green coffee might just attract other health complications for which a lot more money will be used to treat rectify of resolve.

Pure green coffee helps with the burning of excess body fat hence helping the user to achieve his or her goal of losing extra weight. Moreover, when using green coffee of the purest level, you don’t need to carry out or follow other exercise regimens or strict diet program. Green coffee can accomplish this entirely on its own without too much of a handicap. In essence, it burns more body fat without the person being made to do more exercise except that which is done daily or regularly. Other weight loss supplements can only work when huge changes in exercise and diet are used in tandem with them.

Pure green coffee is completely natural hence its safety in consumption is much better than that of other products in the market. Even where there are side effects, they are not as adverse or harmful as those exhibited through the use of other types of weight loss supplements. The fact that this type of coffee hasn’t been roasted, means that it carries all the natural ingredients that are needed by the body to spur the loss of weight as required by the person using it. The main ingredient found in green coffee which aids with weight loss is known as chlorogenic acid, and it is a nutrient compound.

Chlorogenic acid is highly effective in terms of stimulating the burning process of excess fat in the body. It also helps with the inhibition of glucose release within the body while making sure that the metabolic process is boosted quite significantly within the liver. Eventually as the body loses excess fat and weight, it gets to a point where overall health is improved as well. Where a person has been complaining of high blood pressure, the use of green coffee in moderation can help quell this problem completely. These benefits are also seen in the improvement of the user’s cardiovascular health issues.

Green Coffee Beans HDPure green coffee is quite effective in helping a person afflicted with diabetes to find control of this disease. It also acts as an antioxidant within the person’s system hence offering the body some measure of protection from the effects and attacks of free radicals. Green coffee plays very many roles in the body and this includes offering the user relief from stress. The body fat contains fatty acids and these are harmful to the body unless a person takes pure green coffee. The caffeine found in the green coffee will strengthen the body hence enabling it to get rid of the fatty acids located in the body fats.

If you wish to shed off the excess weight in your body not only faster but naturally as well, there are very few supplements that help with this as much as pure green coffee. As it increases the body’s rate of metabolism, the extra effort put in by the body helps it to burn the excess weight and fats. This is a simple explanation as to why pure green coffee continues to be such an effective medium through which weight loss is no longer a pipe dream but reality. However, there are very many versions and types of green coffee hence the need to carry out proper and extensive research before settling on any.

Green Coffee Beans PackageMost diet pills contain some extract of pure green coffee because of its ability to help out with weight loss, as well as other benefits. The lack of strong taste in pure green coffee, unlike its roasted counterpart, makes it ideal to be taken through their pill form. The caffeine found in green coffee helps to boost an individual’s sense of awareness. Moreover, it also helps to keep the feelings of hunger under suppression hence aiding a person to avoid overeating unnecessarily. Caffeine is effective in stimulating a person by making him or her more energetic and active thus eliminating feelings of lethargy.

When you are hungry, or your stomach is empty, you should avoid the consumption of pure green coffee. When caffeine is taken on an empty stomach, it can cause your stomach lining to be harmed thus being the cause of some health problems. Excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to increase heart rates. The blood pressure can be significantly increased due to excessive use of caffeine. This is the reason why use of green coffee in moderation is highly advisable. You may also end up feeling quite jittery when you consume this product in excessive levels.

Backed By Science GirlHowever, when you are sure of the source or type of the pure green coffee you are using, there is no need to be overly worried about some of these negative effects. The reason for this is because of the relatively smaller amounts of caffeine contained in pure green coffee compared to roasted coffee. Roasted coffee tends to lose its chlorogenic acid hence a huge reduction in its ability to act as a weight loss supplement. Roasted coffee has the ability to generate antioxidants hence denying the body the ability to fight off free radicals compared to pure green coffee.

Pure green coffee is highly beneficial to the health. It can be rightly listed as a health supplement or product. There are times when it becomes wise to talk with your health care provider first before embarking on consumption of green coffee. Your doctor should be in a position of informing you about its efficacy especially if you are currently under medication. However, the bottom line remains the fact that the benefits of pure green coffee are unlimited.

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Green Coffee Extract: The Verdict


green-coffee-13There have always been wonder drugs and weird diets doing the rounds on the internet, many people have given up their battle to lose weight after trying these quick fixes.

The latest fad doing the rounds is pure green coffee, which was promoted on The Dr Oz Show. Since this product is 100% organic with no known side effects, it’s clearly a product to be reckoned with as it not only promotes weight loss but also has other health benefits too.

The Dr Oz show also promoted this product after conducting several experiments to assess the benefits of pure green coffee. The users of Pure Green Coffee have recorded a standard reduction of 10% body weight and a standard reduction of 15% body fat. These results were observed after only a period of 15 days, which supports the claim that pure green coffee with its chlorogenic acid, is indeed a miracle for people wanting to lose weight.

Pure Green Coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans which are green in color and contains chlorogenic acid which helps in weight loss. Our regular coffee doesn’t contain chlorogenic acid as it is lost during roasting.

Green coffee is not just a passing fad, but it has been around for centuries before the concept of roasting coffee beans for better flavor was invented. Even today, some types of Arabic coffee are made using only these beans.

There are many health benefits in drinking Pure Green coffee, the most popular benefit being weight loss. Some more are given below as follows:

Improves Metabolic Rate

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the person, which is a great way for promoting a healthy weight loss without the need for any strenuous workouts.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorogenic acid also reduces the amount of glucose absorption into the body after a meal. After the body reaches the optimum blood sugar level it does not allow excess glucose absorption into the body. It is very beneficial for diabetics who have to be careful about their blood sugar levels at all times.

Lower Caffeine Content Than Regular Coffee

The amount of caffeine in pure green coffee is also very less compared to our regular roasted variety. On a average there is only 25% of caffeine in a cup of pure green coffee as compared to a cup of regular coffee. So, we can safely say goodbye to the side effects of too much caffeine in our body like insomnia and increased blood pressure. It won’t help much in keeping you awake, but it sure will help you stay healthier for long.

Effective Colon Cleanse

pure-green-coffee-pills-2Pure Green Coffee is also an effective colon cleanse drink. It helps in expelling unwanted toxics from our body, thus creating a healthy body which is not bloated from unwanted fats and harmful toxins.

Immunity Builder

It also aids in building up our immunity as it contains rich and powerful antioxidants which promote a healthy blood flow.

Boosts Our Digestive System

Pure Green coffee also gives a boost to our digestive system and helps in making it stronger, by efficiently cleansing it of unwanted toxins. This helps in the reducing the belly fat, which is a sore sight for many.

Reduces Fat Accumulation

Chlorogenic acid effectively reduces all the fat blubber in our body, as it regulates the rate of glucose absorption and increases the metabolism rate. Lesser fat accumulation leads to a healthier heart and liver, thus prolonging a healthy life.

Helps Liver Functioning

Image of a slim girlThe break down of the fats, which happen in the liver, is given a boost by the chlorogenic acid. This results in a healthy liver ensuring its proper functioning and reducing the risk of a fatty liver.

Reduces Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Through less fat accumulation in the body, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is also reduced significantly. The blood flow in the body is also regularized thus ensuring a smooth functioning of the heart by reducing its workload.

With all these health benefits, it is understandable for some people to be cynical. But the many health benefits of this miracle drink should be considered, before coming to a conclusion after reading the reviews on the web.

This miracle drink needs no special preparation, but I’m just mentioning the process so that all doubts can come to a rest.

Making Green Coffee

Boil the green coffee beans just like regular coffee. Take the beans to distilled water in the ratio of 1:6. you can use a teapot or a sauce pan. Boil the beans and then lower the heat to simmer it for around 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally for about an hour.

Also available now, are the pure green coffee extract pills, which are a boon for people who just want to pop one and forget about it. While buying, though, I would suggest that you look for labels that say 100% organic, vegetarian with no additives.

2395822990_080048b89cThese pills are a wonderful option for people who love their regular cuppa who cannot get around without their caffeine fix. These pills contain the green coffee extracts, which act as effective fat burners in the body.

As with all the products and their reviews on the internet, the pure green coffee too has its share of non believers and endorsers.

Since this is a 100% organic product, it is safe to say that there no major side effects, apart from missing your daily caffeine fix J due to the low amount of caffeine in the pure green coffee.

The other challenges that must be overcome by the enthusiasts of green coffee would be:
The taste – which is best described as bitter J, by many. Add a spoon of sugar or any sweetener of your choice to overcome the bitterness.

No Flavour – that’s right!! There is no heady coffee flavor that we are so accustomed to. As these coffee beans ain’t roasted, the flavor of coffee is missing.

All in all, pure green coffee extract or pills, give us the easiest solution to manage our weight and improves our health.

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Benefits Of Green Coffee And Green Coffee Pills To Our Body

green-coffee-bean-wall.jpgGreen coffee is produced from coffee beans that are not roasted. Green coffee is simply the coffee beans as grown and as naturally harvested. The chemical ingredients are unaltered as compared to roasted coffee. Green coffee is gaining immense global popularity as many studies point to a number of health benefits. Unroasted coffee beans are suited to carry a high level of chlorogenic acid as well as high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to help the body fight free-radicals. The chlorogenic acid increases rate of metabolism naturally. This combination generally leads to increased levels of energy as well as enhanced weight loss. Many suppliers are known to offer the green coffee in pill form which contains less caffeine compared to a cup of green coffee.

Green coffee and weight loss

Some scientific studies have shown that if an individual consumes a certain quantity of green coffee before meals daily then they could lose up to 30 percent of their body fat. Additionally, the cellulite appearance also diminishes. The combination of antioxidants and the chlorogenic acid goes along way in creating a weight loss effect. Chlorogenic acid is a very powerful antioxidant as well. The acid usually slows and lowers absorption of glucose into our bloodstream translating into a slower rate of insulin release. Insulin is a very important hormone that controls the blood sugar level. Insulin will be released into the body when glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream. Regulation of the body blood sugar leads to a slowed fat production process. This leads to metabolism of already existing fat by the body for energy. Green coffee and pills are known to slow down the rate of body sugar metabolism. This is a key process in the weight loss process. An accelerated rate of body sugar metabolism will lead to weight gain.

Green coffee and blood pressure

Image of a slim girlRoasted coffee will generally get their chemical ingredients altered after the roasting process. This type of coffee often contains compounds known as cafestol and kahweol. These compounds are known to increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body. They usually increase the levels of the LDL cholesterol in the liver as well as in the blood. The LDL cholesterol often leads to heart problems when it gets oxidized. High blood pressure is a common health risk associated with factors such as: obesity, excess alcohol intake, smoking, high levels of salt intake as well as genetics. Chlorogenic acid, a compound in green coffee will help reduce blood pressure.

Green coffee and colon cleansing

Green coffee will enhance the rate of colon cleansing. Colon cleansing is often intended to eliminate toxins from the intestinal tract specifically the colon. Colon cleansing habour a number of health benefits. A dirty colon often leads to headaches, weight gain, fatigue as a result of excess harmful toxins and wastes which also affect digestion. Colon cleansing will lead to increased absorption of vital nutrients. The body will be able to burn calories faster leading to a reduction in weightloss. A clean colon will generally lead to higher levels of energy. A clear colon will lead to a clear skin because harmful toxins usually affect the skin. This will lead to increased productivity due to the high levels of confidence. A dirty colon may lead to painful bowel movements. Colon cleaning will make bowel movements easier. Problems of indigestion as well as stomach gas also vanish with a clean colon. Several scientific studies have shown that colon cleaning will lead to excellent well being, elimination of toxins as well as weight loss. The antioxidants and acids in green coffee and pills will enhance the expulsion of toxins from the body. This process will lead to overall great health.

Green coffee and antioxidation

Backed By Science GirlAntioxidaion is simply prevention of oxidation. Green coffee and green coffee pills are composed of high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants are known to fight against free-radicals. They also enhance the levels of body metabolism. The general biological processes that take place in the body usually lead to the creation of oxidants. Oxidants often cause harmful chemical reactions that can cause harm to the body. Oxidants can for example react with cells in the colon hence destroying them. This often lead to gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. Antioxidants will prevent the oxidants produced by the various chemical processes in the body from causing any harmful reactions. Research has pointed to the presence of beneficial antioxidants in green coffee and green coffee pills. They will basically save your life.

Green coffee and cardiovascular function

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death worldwide. Types of cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease, stroke, and rheumatic heart disease amongst others. They are associated to risk factors like high blood cholesterol, obesity, unhealthy diet, diabetes as well as high blood pressure. Green coffee and green coffee pills contain antioxidants and chlorogenic acids that will significantly reduce the risk factors associated with most of the cardiovascular diseases.

P5151142In summary, green coffee and pills are composed of high quality unroasted green coffee bean with high levels of 5-caffeoylquinic acids, a naturally occurring blend in chlorogenic acids. These acids are present in green coffee. Roasted coffee lack this acids due to removal during the process of roasting. These acids enable a healthy weight, improved cardiovascular function, healthy blood sugar levels as well as body fats. The green coffee beans are rich in polyphenol which is rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine. This offers a great weight management results. Research shows that green coffee will inhibit fat absorption while stimulating fat metabolism by the liver. It also enhances utilization of fat for body energy while balancing blood sugar levels. This goes along way in controlling weight gain as well as preventing major diseases. Green coffee pills usually are easy to swallow and they come in capsule form. These pills promote healthy blood sugar, antioxidation, healthy blood sugar levels, weight control as well as increased cardiovascular function.This supplements is now popular with people struggling to loss weight.

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The Amazing Fat Burner — Dr. Oz Green Coffee

Green Coffee Plant Photo

Green Coffee Plant PhotoGreen coffee bean capsules give a huge boost to weight loss when taken daily. The initial study that has gotten everyone so excited monitored 16 participants over a period of 22 weeks, and found that each had amazingly lost on average about 17 pounds.

More convincing proof was when Dr Oz himself conducted his own study using 100 women from a tv audience. The women who got green coffee pills lost twice as much as those who received a placebo.

The following gives all you need to know about Dr Oz green coffee beans, clearing up the rumors and questions many people are grappling with.

How Does It Help Lose Weight?

Dr Oz Green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid. The acid is key to its many weight loss benefits because it signals your liver to burn the stored fat FIRST. Also, it slows processing of sugars into glucose, so there’s less in your blood making for much more fat burning. Excess glucose doesn’t turn to fat later. This way there are immediate benefits as well as long term ones.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThis is exactly what happened with some participants in a recently conducted study on the green coffee bean extracts by Scranton University under Joe Vinson. Findings were revealed during the 243rd National Meeting of the longtime running American Chemical Society (ACS).

The Key Is The Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is prevalent mostly in green coffee beans, however it is destroyed during the roasting process that is used to make coffee drinks we’re all familiar with. It’s important that a process used in turning beans into easily consumed capsules doesn’t use heat that damages the chemical structure thus severely impacting amounts of chlorogenic acid that is present in a finished product.

Avoid product that have misleading terms like the word “Pure”.

Some illegitimate retailers use terms such as “Pure Green Coffee Bean Extracts”, but the term Pure means nothing here. There’s NO REGULATION ensuring what “Pure” means.

Avoid over-the-top Claims

If you are reading any green coffee reviews and all they keep doing is rave about how much of a miracle it is, so take caution. Good suppliers of supplements are sure to tell you the potential downsides or side effects. They’ll also tell you the exact ingredients.

Read Labels

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesThe key is ensuring you’re getting a true quality extract and nothing filled with needless ingredients which could actually be harmful. READ THE LABEL! The scammers can’t lie on a label. Dr. Oz will recommend a product with:

  • at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Without fillers nor additives
  • Atleast 400mg per capsule

If you see this on a label, it’s not one of those worthless scam products.

Once roasted to 475 degrees, the coffee beans are at times described as very rich and full-bodied. However for the fullbodied person, not so rich and unroasted coffee beans – which are green as the moment they were picked – would hold the key to cheap as well as effective weight loss.

In a recent study that was presented at the ACS’s spring national meeting which was in San Diego, sixteen overweight adults took, low doses of green coffee bean extracts, high doses of green coffee supplements, and a placebo. Even though the study was small, results were striking. It concluded that Subjects taking full doses of the green coffee extracts lost an average of about 17.5 pounds.

Green Coffee Extract Benefits

manmeasuringwaistmainStudies have suggested chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of fat during food intake as well as activating metabolism of extra fats.

Chlorogenic acid has specifically been shown to inhibit the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase.

Green Coffee contains many components. Every one of them may have the potential pharmacological effects
The key to real long term weight loss is one very important active compound that’s called Chlorogenic Acid found in green coffee beans.

Chlorogenic Acid is able to decrease blood pressure, systolic as well as diastolic.

Ready to Get Slimmer?

Green Coffee Beans will inhibit fat absorption. They also activate fat metabolism which is done in the liver. The Chlorogenic acids found in the Green Coffee Beans can be described as a natural phytochemical found in a very wide array of plants, all with high concentrations of Green Coffee Beans. It’s been found to inhibit release of glucose into a blood stream, especially after meals. This appears to really help people lose weight much faster. Chlorogenic acid can also induce body fat loss through increasing the body heat produced. This way it leads to promotion of thermogenesis, natural burning of fat to produce energy. It’s also believed to reduce generation of fat cells because of its superior antioxidant effects.

guyoncouchGet yourself a Firmer Butt

You’re likely to end up inlove with your new body. Fit into sexy slim jeans easily.

Get to Shed Inches Off a Belly

One of the best benefits of Green Coffee Extracts is that it is ideal for reducing belly and hips areas.

Defined Legs

Without the fad diets as well as overly costly gym memberships, you’ll be in the greatest shape of your life. Get all this from Dr Oz Green Coffee Extract.

Green Coffee In The Media

Normally, it is not recommended to follow hype on “weight-loss” supplements, particularly weight-loss supplements that make grand claims like “4 day” weight loss or “free” weight loss. It is strongly believed by nutritionists and gym trainers that a key to weight loss is healthy diet and exercise. However here is an incredible super food that delivers results! This super food, the green coffee bean, has been creating major media buzz.

Conclusion – The Amazing Fat burner

Green Coffee Bean extract truly IS an effective weight loss supplement. However the popularity of this new product combined with the simplicities involved with internet retail business mean there exist many scam companies that are working to take advantage of this phenomenal interest in using Green Coffee beans for weight loss. It is very important at this time to get a product that is legitimate and true. The popularity of this green coffee extract is fanned by its reputation to deliver results.

Also, to encourage more effective weight loss, be sure to exercise whenever possible. Combining this with the green coffee beans will lead to results that will astound you.

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