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New: Green Coffee Bean Max 2014 Review – Does Green Coffee Bean Max Work?

Green Coffee Bean Max LogoYou may have heard the latest buzz about green coffee bean max. This product has been keeping many people in the health and wellness industry talking. Even Dr Oz is getting in on the action and telling everyone about the green coffee bean.

If you are interested in health and wellness, this product could be something you are interested in. In this Green Coffee Bean Max review you are going to be able to learn what Green Coffee Bean Max is, what the benefits are, how it helps with weight loss, what ingredients are in the product, if there are side effects, what the experts are saying and how much you will have to invest to get this product. Let’s go ahead and talk about these things.

What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

GCBMAXGreen Coffee Bean Max is a product that utilizing green coffee beans to help its users get the results that they desire. Green coffee beans are one of the biggest things people are interested when it comes to health and wellness. The main reason is because people have been hearing all of the great benefits of these green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. The reason coffee beans are normally dark is because they have been roasted. There are many different benefits that have come out after studies of this product and people are rushing to get in on the health and wellness band wagon.

What are the Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Max?

Some of the top health benefits have been showed cased on much media, so you may know these amazing benefits, but just to give you a refresh:

  • Balances Blood Sugar
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Free from Chemicals
  • Slows Down Aging

GCB MAX 2These days there are so many people that have imbalances in their blood sugar. These problems are on the rise and this is not only specific to one country. Having an imbalance in blood sugar can cause many different problems, but can be helped now whenever you use this product.

If you have a problem with losing weight, it could be because of your metabolism. If you find that you are having a difficult time losing weight even though you are doing everything that you can like dieting and exercising, it could be because your metabolism is so low. There is no reason that you should have to suffer from this problem. You can now take Green Coffee Bean Max and start seeing your metabolism sky rocket.

Some products you utilize to lose weight and get healthier have chemicals. This product is chemical free. Besides for that it has been known to decrease blood pressure as well as helping with cancer prevention. This is an amazing discovery and thousands of people are making sure that they do not miss out.

No one wants to get old. Most of the things that come with age are not something that people are excited about hearing about. Sometimes though, there are people who are excited about where they are going, what they are doing and how they will be able to get the most out of life. If you are serious about being able to increase your ability to function, even whenever you are older, you need to make sure that you are investing in your health now. Green coffee beans can help you increase your health and reduce your waistline.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Max Help with Weight Loss?

GCB MAX Bottle

Green Coffee Bean Max helps by making sure that glucose is used appropriately. This means that you are going to be able to lose weight quicker than if your body was not functioning correctly. Your body heat is also raised by this supplement. Raised body heat helps to burn off unwanted fat in the body. This product also has great amounts of antioxidants which will help with weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingredients

There are no additives or preservatives. This product is totally one hundred percent green coffee bean extract. You can use this supplement without worrying about anything harmful being in it. You will also get fifty percent chlorogenic acid in the product.

Are There Side Effects with Green Coffee Bean Max?

There are no side effects whatsoever when you use Green Coffee Bean Max. Since the coffee beans have not been roasted there is barely any caffeine content in the supplement. You will not have withdraws or other problems if you were to stop taking the supplement. It is all natural and you will be able to get the results that you want without any harmful side effects that some other weight loss supplements may give to you.

What Are the Experts Saying?

Green Coffee Bean Max Ingridients Photo

Experts are raving over the green coffee bean. Even Dr Oz did an experiment with his staff to check and see what the results would be. Almost all of the women saw great results with green coffee bean and they were able to increase their health and decrease their waistline.

More people than Dr Oz are talking about this supplement. The news media has people buzzing about green coffee bean extract all over the place. This means that you are going to be able to be able to use this product comfortably and not worry about anything because the experts have already done the research.

How Much Does This Product Cost?

There are currently some serious discounts to be had on  Green Coffee Bean Max to get the latest and lowest price please click on the link below.

Green Coffee Bean Max works and you can find out more about the product and buy right from the office website. It will be shipped directly to you.

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What Are the Results of Dr. Oz Diet Experts Tests of Pure Green Coffee?

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeWho is always our favorite go-to man when it comes to all things health & fitness? Dr. Oz of course! Dr. Oz has provided us with many years of honest & incredibly useful facts about our health, diets & lifestyle choices. So it is no surprise that when Dr Oz diet experts had heard about the potential weight-loss & overall health benefits of the Green Coffee Bean they immediately wanted to put it to the test. Of course, that is just what they did.

First please allow me explain what “Green Coffee” is. Green coffee is the pure, raw & unroasted beans of the Coffea plant. These beans in their natural state have a large amount of chlorogenic acid in them. This acid is known for having fat-blocking and burning power. Many studies have proven that chlorogenic acid promotes slower absorption of fat and also gives your metabolism a boost. Sounds like the perfect thing for any person looking to jump start their weight-loss journey. Although you might be thinking that with all the coffee you drink that you are already getting enough of this lovely chlorogenic acid in your system. Well it is time to think again my friends. Unfortunately, when coffee beans go through the roasting process they are stripped of most of their great qualities, mainly the chlorogenic acid. So it is only in the pure, raw and unroasted form that you will be guaranteed to get the most bang for your body.

Green Coffee Beans PillsThe even better news is that not only do these raw beans naturally help with fat-burning weight loss & a boosted metabolism but they have also shown that they can bring overall health to your entire body. In several studies, users noted increased energy levels, a more alert mind, and decreased appetite. On top of that, green coffee also has the ability to balance your blood pressure levels and your sugar levels, which is definitely not an easy task for many overweight Americans. These are important levels to pay mind to in our bodies. Green coffee beans also promote overall cardiovascular health. They are said to have the fighting-power of aspirin when it comes to keeping your blood cells from wanting to stick together. Healthy blood cells & veins equals a healthy heart. Also coffee in it’s raw form is naturally full of antioxidants, but again the roasting process can cause those antioxidants to drop significantly. When having the raw green coffee, you are keeping in all of the rich antioxidant power. And just one more thing to boot, these beans also aid in healthy colon function. So with just one little addition to your diet, you can easily manage to properly care for your entire body.

be3886611faefee12a328a0a61ad8c98.wix_mp_1024As soon as the Dr Oz diet experts heard about these potential life-saving benefits, they decided they had to try it out for themselves. After finding the best doctors and dietitians in the country, Dr Oz diet experts set up their largest research study yet. They were excited to see that the benefits of these green coffee beans became clear in very little time. The show had a group of 100 woman, half of them taking 400mg capsules, three times a day, before meals for 2 weeks. The other half were placed on a placebo. They were also all instructed not to change their diet at all. Within just two weeks time those who were on the actual green coffee pills lost an average of 2 lbs. And this was without making any changes to their diet! Now imagine some green coffee supplements mixed in with a good diet and exercise and you will really be on to something. It was also noted that the placebo group did lose an average of 1 lb, however they are suspect to having been much more aware of their diet due to the requirement of keeping a food journal.

Regardless, I think the results speak for themselves. Not only are you losing weight without even trying, you are also giving a healthy boost to your entire body. Lucky for us, manufacturers’ have turned this coffee bean extract into pill form making it simple to have on hand no matter where you are for any meal. You can keep this small capsules in the car, your purse, or on your desk at work. Also with all the diet fads that we have been bombarded with in the last several years, this green coffee bean finally gives us a reasonable, inexpensive, and healthy change to make to our diet. The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on these magic little pills is through purchasing on the internet. This way you can buy in bulk & don’t even have to leave your home. Make sure that when you buy you check out the ingredients, even if it says pure it’s always safer to double check that it has GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol on the list.

best-and-worst-weight-loss-supplements-artAnother added bonus for users is that these pills have no side effects. So not only are you getting tons of overall health benefits, you also don’t have to worry about any pesky side effects like headache or nausea that often come with a change in your diet. Be reminded though that you should always consult with a doctor before adding any pills to your diet however thus far there have been no negative effects on users. Researchers will continue to keep a close eye on this supplement as time goes on to make sure this continues.

So as you can see the benefits of this little pill are numerous and also very important to your overall health. Not only will you have a jump start on weight loss, but you also get a beautifully pumping heart and veins, balanced cholesterol levels, balanced sugar levels, increased energy and awareness, healthy colon function, and an antioxidant boost to boot. Take if from the Dr Oz diet experts and put green coffee bean at the top of your next to-do list. Still are not convinced? Do as Dr. Oz would do and test it out for yourself!

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An Overview of Dr. Oz Green Coffee Beans Beneficial Features

dr oz 1Nowadays, there is a lot of hype about the effects of green coffee beans in the loss of weight. There are different websites and companies that are marketing the benefits of the supplement as well as other products meant to burn fat. Many people are left wondering whether this is a gimmick by manufacturers of the green coffee extracts to hoodwink dieters into buying the product. It is for this reason that The Dr. Oz Show decided to carry out an experiment to find out if these claims are real.

Green coffee beans are those which have not undergone the roasting process .After the beans have been roasted; there is a breaking down of the plant compound known as chlorogenic acid. This is a chemical that is believed to be effective in limiting the absorption of glucose and thus help in the reduction of weight.

green-coffee-35According to Dr OZ, it is important for consumers to be careful when buying different weight loss products if they wish to avoid getting duped with products that are both phony and ineffective. The celebrated physician suggests that as a consumer, you should look out for the ingredient’s list while buying a supplement.

An important factor that you should consider is whether the product contains extracts of chlorogenic acids. This is listed as Svetol or GCA (green coffee antioxidant) in most of the products. According to Dr OZ green coffee beans, you should look for capsules that have at least 45%of the acid. Pills that have an amount that is less is likely to be ineffective as there are no studies showing their effectiveness. Where a product doesn’t list its ingredients, you should avoid buying it. There should also be no artificial ingredients or fillers in the list. Avoid getting fooled by the manufacturers terming their products as “pure” as it doesn’t add value to the product as long as it doesn’t contain the right ingredients.

Green Coffee Beans PillsThe dosage of capsules usually differs and they are available in 800mg, 400mg and 200mg. In the experiment that was conducted by The Dr. OZ Show, the participants took 400mg, 3 times in a day. This was taken thirty minutes before every meal. However, there are some clinical trials that have indicated that the 200mg can also be effective. There is also a need for a food journal to help you stay informed of your food intake habits.

According to Dr OZ green coffee beans, the study involved 1000 women who were aged between 35 and 49. All of them were overweight, with a BMI of between 25 and 45. None of them was breastfeeding, pregnant or had a major medical problem such as diabetes. They also did not have a history of heart attacks.

The women were given a placebo or a green coffee bean extracts which they were supposed to take three times in a day. The 400mg capsules were supposed to be swallowed thirty minutes before every meal. None of the participants was informed of the pills they were taking. On top of this, the participants were not supposed to change their diet. They were also required to maintain a food journal which was supposed to help the team from Dr OZ Show to know what the women were taking. The weights of the participants were taken again after a period of two weeks.

weight-loss5The results of the study indicated that after a period of two weeks, the women who had taken the green coffee extract lost an average of two pounds. Those who took the placebo on the other hand lost an average of one pound, perhaps because of being aware of their diet within the two week period due to the food journal.

In another study that was conducted by Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity journal in the month of January 2012, the researcher studied 16 adults who were using different dosages of the green coffee beans chlorogenic acid extracts. They were either taking a dosage of 700mg or 1050 mg in a day for a period of 12 weeks. All of them could be considered overweight as they had a BMI of over 25. They lost an average of 18 pounds, which was around 10percent of their body weight or 4.4% of their body fat.

Therefore, there is enough evidence to show that the green coffee beans do work. However one question lingers: Are the green coffee extracts safe for use by everybody? Even though the product is safe for healthy adults who are over the age of eighteen, there are groups of people who should not take the supplement. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Since the supplement is still new, there is no evidence on any of its effect on unborn babies or even children. For this reason, it is advisable for children not to take the product. People who are allergic to coffee r even caffeine should also not take the product.


There are questions that have been raised over the possibility of the product having some side effects. According to Dr OZ, the supplement has no known side effects. It also has an advantage in that the level of caffeine in the coffee beans extract is lower as compared to what is in the roasted coffee. This makes it safer as it doesn’t contain the risks associated with the use of caffeine.

It is also important to realize that even as you choose the green coffee beans as an option for loss of weight, you should also not ignore the importance of a healthy diet as well as a continuous exercise regimen. No single supplement can be said to be 100% effective in the loss of weight without being combined with a lifestyle change.

It’s also important to note that Dr OZ green coffee beans is not supposed to endorse or promote any brand of a green coffee extract. Therefore, you should ignore any email communication or ads that suggest that Dr OZ has recommended that particular brand.But it is clear that the supplement is effective in loss of weight and there is no rerason as to why you should not give it a try.It might just be the solution to shedding off the extra fats.

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Are There Any Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects Known To Be Afraid Of?

pure green coffee plant

pure green coffee plantWhenever something huge comes up over the medical horizon, critics start brandishing their swords. Their aim is to tear apart any fresh idea that may have come up. After all, not without anything are they called critics. Pure green coffee seems to be triumphing despite the theatrics of such critics. This is because pure green coffee beans extract is a winsome idea developed by Mother Nature itself. Now, which critic can outmaneuver nature?

However, to make sure that the worth of a product is duly analyzed, one must talk with a neutral mind. Thus, without carrying any prejudice lets first ponder over pure green coffee bean extract side effects.

Side effects

Green Coffee SymbolIf you are a pregnant or a lactating mother, maybe you should keep away for a little while from the supplement. If you have high blood sugar levels or hypertension, you can find great benefits from pure green coffee. However you are recommended to consult your physician prior to the course. Side effects have been few and far between and generally constitute of troubled stomach and mild jitteriness. A few people have talked about initial phase of nausea.

This is where side effects factually end. “Rumor mills work overtime” and there will always be people perpetrating misinformation and thriving on them but the side effects, till the point they really manifest themselves, have been neatly discussed above.

What Caused an Alarm?

Having said this, it is significant to consume only the most potent supplements. This statement deserves being elaborated. The moment Dr Mehmet Oz gave his confirmation to pure green coffee, a lot of people began to harbor hopes of quick profit. They started coming up with one supplement after another in order to make quick buck. They were right in the conviction that people would flood to the sales desk because pure green coffee was declared effective only after clinical experimentations and public memory will not have faded away so quickly.

Understand the Trap

The trap actually worked and people made beelines for the sales shelves. However, people did not realize that such sellers often came up with inferior brands that were full of fillers and synthesized supplements worked over in laboratory environment. This is generally done to bring down the cost of manufacturing. In order to make higher profits, the sellers did not mind cutting down on the benefits of the product. Now, once these products began to fail or started creating side effects, the general goodwill of pure green coffee extract started suffering.

Keep Away From Inferior Brands

weightloss-scaleMost of the time, inferior brands are the cause of pure green coffee bean extract side effects. After all, nature’s product can hardly give us a single reason to worry. This is where our prudence comes into the picture. By being more circumspect we will make sure that we benefit more and also that the thugs end up making fewer gains through farce products. So how do we find out whether a product is genuine or not?


God blessed us with pure green coffee beans. The idea was to use it in its rawness and lose weight through it. So,
before another word is said, it is important to absorb that synthesized, flavored and filler-treated supplements are an absolute NO.


Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesNext, you must find out how much of Svetol or GCA is being used in making the capsules. If neither of them is present, and the label gives conclusive proof of it, then you must not look twice at such supplements.


Also, do not ponder much on the value of the word PURE written in large fonts. ‘Pure’ on the front label is just a garb beneath which the deficit of a product can be hidden. Thus it is important to look for the ingredients first. In this regard, the percentage of Chlorogenic acid present must also be found out. This is very crucial as Chlorogenic acid is the chief wrecker of body weight. Ideally, its amount shall be in the reason of 45% to 50%. In the event of this percentage falling below 40%, you must get ready to shop a little.


Another important point is to consider the safety parameters being used for manufacturing pure green coffee supplements. You must prefigure that the capsules have been made by manufacturers who boast of cGMP certification and the manufacturing process has been undertaken in a FDA approved commercial area.

How Being Overweight Can Make You Suffer

Many of us like to overpower the monster of obesity. None of us like suffering from additional concerns of heaviness, flatulence, bloating and tiredness. Moreover, no one wants their knees to cope up with the burden of a scarily weighty torso. We have not even begun on the problems that being overweight might cause to our heart, kidney, and liver. This makes our crusade against obesity more meaningful and urgent.

Weight Loss: the Easy Way

It is pardonable that most of us do not have it in them to go for long hours of exercise or bring themselves up to skipping meals. Yet, it is completely possible for us to give pure green coffee a chance. It does not ask us to make any extra sacrifice in life. While it is always advisable not to consume excess fat while you are on the course, truth remains that even this is not mandatory. Thus, it boils down to our attentiveness and how badly we want to lose those extra pounds.

weight_loss_coupleWe will all agree that it is those extra pounds that are the difference between an energetic, meaningful life and a sedentary, diseased life. The difference being as gruesome as it is, who will not like to give good health a chance.

In the Final Analysis

Keeping the above discussion in mind, we can take a serious leap in managing our weights by beginning on the green coffee supplements. It is time to reiterate that we must be overly cautious about discouraging the inferior brands and the swindlers behind them. Dr Oz has done his part by bringing to light the magic of pure green coffee, it is our duty to leverage it well and make it work for ourselves.

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Things You Should Know About Pure Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans HDCoffee is a caffeinated drink that is taken by people all over the world. It is such a nice drink that it can be taken at any time of the day and it is the first thing taken by so many people before they can be fully awake and ready to face the day. Coffee is made from a coffee bean that is brewed with the help of a coffee making machine which are bought based on the way that you want to make use of it either for personal purposes or for commercial reasons. The pure green coffee beans are a brand of coffee beans that is especially made for weight loss.

This pure green coffee beans is quite different from your usual coffee beans because it does not pass through the process of roasting that the other caffeinated coffee drink pass through. It is made use of in the way that it was harvested (the green color) and that is why it is boasted of to be the pure green coffee beans. The essence of using it in its natural state as dietary supplements without allowing it to pass through any process is because it helps a lot when it comes to losing of weight.

How does the Pure Green Coffee Beans Work?

green-coffee-30The pure green coffee beans work very fast as a result of the fact that it does not go through any means of processing like the other types of coffee beans which are popular all over the world. This simple act of processing this coffee in its natural state helps the body lose its weight because of the presence of the chlorogenic acid that helps burn off every fat that is retained in the body. The other type of coffee cannot do this very fast because of the fact that the process of roasting the coffee beans to give it the brown color that it has decreases the presence of chlorogenic acid that can be gotten from it.

It helps you lose weight by boosting up your body’s metabolism and also by burning off all the extra fat that has been stored in your liver in the form of glucose. It also helps you shed that much needed weight that you want to shed by helping your body reduce the amount of sugar that it absorbs and stores.

Some of the Advantages of Pure Green Coffee Beans

pure-green-coffee-pills-4There are numerous advantages that can be associated with the pure green coffee beans and some of such advantages are as follows:

  1. It helps boost up your body’s metabolism and hence, the general well being of your body and your health at large.
  2. It helps you lose weight by burning off all the extra fat stored in your liver in the form of glucose.
  3. It further has the advantage of helping you maintain your new body weight (after the shedding of the much desired weight that you want to shed) by reducing the amount of sugar absorbed by your body.
  4. It also has the benefit of being a 100% natural ingredient weight loss diet supplement.
  5. There is no side effect because the ingredient used in the production of the supplement is 100% natural. Isn’t that simply great as an advantage where you are not scared or worried whether your body will react to any chemical that is used in producing the weight loss dietary supplement that you are taking.
  6. The pure green coffee beans works in helping you shed that extra weight very fast. In fact, it works very fast that within the period of a week, you will start seeing the result of the product.
  7. It has another advantage of helping you lose weight fast without any stress on your part. Without the aid of exercising or dieting (you can eat what you like eating), you can still lose weight pretty fast by just taking the pure green coffee beans.
  8. It also has the advantage of taking caffeine at a much reduced amount of about 20mg per day while that of the regular brown coffee beans is about 200mg.
  9. The green beans are also very good for you because while you are losing weight with these pure green coffee beans, it also helps lower your blood pressure all at the same time.
  10. It works for every kind of body and results are seen by all body types in the space of one week as had been earlier on stated.

How to Take These Pure Green Coffee Beans

Slimming (4)It is advisable that you take it in the form of capsules because it is very bitter much more bitter than your regular coffee because of the high presence of chlorogenic acid which had not been reduced through the process of roasting.

You should take two capsules at least about 30 minutes before you take your meal and you should take this capsule two or three times in a day with a full glass of clean drinking water for the optimal result in weight loss.

It is advisable that you take it with lots of water because the body needs water to help it process the nutrients embedded in the diet capsule taken by you.

Make sure that the capsules you buy and take are made from pure green coffee beans without any kind of preservatives or additives.

Happy-ladyAlso make sure that you exercise and watch your diet in order to shed extra weight (the weight that will be shed with the use of the diet capsule combined with the weight that will be shed from the way you eat and the exercise done by you).

It is further going to be to your benefit if you buy the brands that were stated in the Dr Oz program because of its authenticity.

Lastly, it is advisable that you buy the products that are made in the United States of America than the ones that are made in the Republic of China as you can return the ones made in the US if it does not meet up to the standard of being natural easier and faster than you can return the ones made in China.

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Green Coffee Beans vs. Black Coffee Beans? Which Are Better And Why?

Photo of Pure Green CoffeeGreen Coffee is coming up as one of the most sought after drinks these days. The revolution of green coffee has been seen all over the globe and people from all the countries tend to like this drink. As the name says Green Coffee is product made from its constituent element i.e. the Green Coffee Beans. The science of producing coffee from coffee beans goes as long as back to 1100 AD. Natives of Red Sea were the first of the people to manufacture beans and coffee from it. The most instrumental factor which is even more luring than the taste of the Green Coffee itself is the advantage associated with it. The advantage being cited here are the various health related benefits of drinking Green Coffee.

Nice Big Green Coffee PictureThe beans of Green Coffee are usually unroasted and preferred the same way by many of the people who have this green coffee. The reason behind this preference is the high antioxidant levels in the unroasted beans which decreases the ageing speed and helps body fight the free radicals. Moreover, the Chlorogenic Acid in these beans is known to increase the metabolism of one’s body and thus improve his health. It is even pronounced by most of the experts that having Green Coffee with a proper diet and regular exercise can do wonders to health of an individual and improve it by leaps and bounds. Green Coffee is also often advocated by many as a magnificent weight loss supplement. This advantage of Green Coffee beans at times propels many to have it as pills itself in the extracted form, as not only the pill has way less amount of caffeine in it but also has proved to be beneficial in healing health of many.

The fresh aroma of Green Coffee and its less sharp piquancy makes it taste than any normal cup of coffee. Either an occasional coffee sipper or an addict or even not know to coffee all people happen to show an inclination to Green Coffee after relishing a cup of it. The caffeine amount which way less than in the Green Coffee beans than in the normal coffee beans are a major factor in this that finds its way to through the heart of the coffee sipper. The lower caffeine levels also allow the drinker to have the coffee with less amount of sugar than normal and thus proving more beneficial to one’s health.

Green Coffee Beans Pills

Most of the doctors and health experts are advising people to switch over to Green Coffee as it has only 20 grams of caffeine per serving which way less than a cup of normal coffee. Though one may debate on and say that coffee produced from roasted coffee beans would also have the similar health benefits but the research facts has it, that roasting eliminates the all important Chlorogenic Acid and the antioxidants from the beans and thus only remains the caffeine which is not only higher in content but also not beneficial to one’s health. The other beneficial actions of drinking Green Coffee are balanced sugar levels, helping in weight loss which is an essential thing for most in today’s world, improved blood pressure which is hampered usually by brown coffee and also betterment cardiovascular functions of one’s body. Some of these favorable outcomes of drinking Green Coffee are discussed below.

How does drinking green coffee help in weight reduction?


Being regular in drinking Green Coffee has been found helpful for many in losing weight. People all around the world on average have been found to lose about 15 pounds after constant use of green Coffee over a period of 3 months. This tremendous success rate uniformly has been accorded to the Chlorogenic Acid contained in Green Coffee beans by scientist unanimously. The most astonishing thing which gives the total credit of weight loss to Green Coffee is that people were able to shed their extra amount weight keeping same all their eating habits except just an addition of a regular cup of Green Coffee. Metabolism increased by Green Coffee is the critical factor that helps one to stimulate body organs to work at their peak and hence resulting in permanent weight loss.

As stated above, Green Coffee has been found extremely powerful in improving the cardiovascular functions of human body. Feluric Acid contained in the Chlorogenic Acid of Green Coffee, is known for assimilating Nitric Oxide from vascular endothelium which in turn improves blood circulation and optimizes blood vessels and hence not only improves the cardiovascular function of the body but also amends the blood pressure for better. This activity of the body goes a far way in its overall health improvement and also reduces the cholesterol levels as the blood circulation is at its apex.


One of the most instrumental factor in increasing the sales and popularity of the Green Coffee is it’s know impact in delaying the ageing process of the body which is the most desired thing by people all around the world. The credit for delaying the ageing process goes to Polyphenol contained in the Green Coffee which is abundant of antioxidants and reduces the free radicals in one’s body. The reduction of free radicals thus further reduces the degeneration of the body cells and helps an individual for maintaining his youth for a longer period. Green Coffee is also known for being helpful in reducing the migraine pains not only just by sipping it but it also increase the impact of pain killers on one’s body in a good manner. Researchers have also found Green Coffee helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer and colon as well, thus Green Coffee is advised to be preferred over brown coffee by the researchers.

As most of the things in this world green Coffee also has some of its side effects. Though these side effect are only prominent when Green Coffee is used in excess. Intake mineral in one’s body like magnesium and potassium may be affected by excessive drinking of Green Coffee. Green Coffee is advised not to be used by pregnant women , moreover to prevent any of its side effects drinking of Green Coffee is advised by the experts not more than 3 cups per day. As discussed above if used adequately side effects of Green Coffee can be avoided and Green Coffee only has benefits for all.

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Green Coffee Extract: The Verdict

green-coffee-13There have always been wonder drugs and weird diets doing the rounds on the internet, many people have given up their battle to lose weight after trying these quick fixes.

The latest fad doing the rounds is pure green coffee, which was promoted on The Dr Oz Show. Since this product is 100% organic with no known side effects, it’s clearly a product to be reckoned with as it not only promotes weight loss but also has other health benefits too.

The Dr Oz show also promoted this product after conducting several experiments to assess the benefits of pure green coffee. The users of Pure Green Coffee have recorded a standard reduction of 10% body weight and a standard reduction of 15% body fat. These results were observed after only a period of 15 days, which supports the claim that pure green coffee with its chlorogenic acid, is indeed a miracle for people wanting to lose weight.

Pure Green Coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans which are green in color and contains chlorogenic acid which helps in weight loss. Our regular coffee doesn’t contain chlorogenic acid as it is lost during roasting.

Green coffee is not just a passing fad, but it has been around for centuries before the concept of roasting coffee beans for better flavor was invented. Even today, some types of Arabic coffee are made using only these beans.

There are many health benefits in drinking Pure Green coffee, the most popular benefit being weight loss. Some more are given below as follows:

Improves Metabolic Rate

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the person, which is a great way for promoting a healthy weight loss without the need for any strenuous workouts.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorogenic acid also reduces the amount of glucose absorption into the body after a meal. After the body reaches the optimum blood sugar level it does not allow excess glucose absorption into the body. It is very beneficial for diabetics who have to be careful about their blood sugar levels at all times.

Lower Caffeine Content Than Regular Coffee

The amount of caffeine in pure green coffee is also very less compared to our regular roasted variety. On a average there is only 25% of caffeine in a cup of pure green coffee as compared to a cup of regular coffee. So, we can safely say goodbye to the side effects of too much caffeine in our body like insomnia and increased blood pressure. It won’t help much in keeping you awake, but it sure will help you stay healthier for long.

Effective Colon Cleanse

pure-green-coffee-pills-2Pure Green Coffee is also an effective colon cleanse drink. It helps in expelling unwanted toxics from our body, thus creating a healthy body which is not bloated from unwanted fats and harmful toxins.

Immunity Builder

It also aids in building up our immunity as it contains rich and powerful antioxidants which promote a healthy blood flow.

Boosts Our Digestive System

Pure Green coffee also gives a boost to our digestive system and helps in making it stronger, by efficiently cleansing it of unwanted toxins. This helps in the reducing the belly fat, which is a sore sight for many.

Reduces Fat Accumulation

Chlorogenic acid effectively reduces all the fat blubber in our body, as it regulates the rate of glucose absorption and increases the metabolism rate. Lesser fat accumulation leads to a healthier heart and liver, thus prolonging a healthy life.

Helps Liver Functioning

Image of a slim girlThe break down of the fats, which happen in the liver, is given a boost by the chlorogenic acid. This results in a healthy liver ensuring its proper functioning and reducing the risk of a fatty liver.

Reduces Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Through less fat accumulation in the body, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is also reduced significantly. The blood flow in the body is also regularized thus ensuring a smooth functioning of the heart by reducing its workload.

With all these health benefits, it is understandable for some people to be cynical. But the many health benefits of this miracle drink should be considered, before coming to a conclusion after reading the reviews on the web.

This miracle drink needs no special preparation, but I’m just mentioning the process so that all doubts can come to a rest.

Making Green Coffee

Boil the green coffee beans just like regular coffee. Take the beans to distilled water in the ratio of 1:6. you can use a teapot or a sauce pan. Boil the beans and then lower the heat to simmer it for around 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally for about an hour.

Also available now, are the pure green coffee extract pills, which are a boon for people who just want to pop one and forget about it. While buying, though, I would suggest that you look for labels that say 100% organic, vegetarian with no additives.

2395822990_080048b89cThese pills are a wonderful option for people who love their regular cuppa who cannot get around without their caffeine fix. These pills contain the green coffee extracts, which act as effective fat burners in the body.

As with all the products and their reviews on the internet, the pure green coffee too has its share of non believers and endorsers.

Since this is a 100% organic product, it is safe to say that there no major side effects, apart from missing your daily caffeine fix J due to the low amount of caffeine in the pure green coffee.

The other challenges that must be overcome by the enthusiasts of green coffee would be:
The taste – which is best described as bitter J, by many. Add a spoon of sugar or any sweetener of your choice to overcome the bitterness.

No Flavour – that’s right!! There is no heady coffee flavor that we are so accustomed to. As these coffee beans ain’t roasted, the flavor of coffee is missing.

All in all, pure green coffee extract or pills, give us the easiest solution to manage our weight and improves our health.

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2 Reviews on Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract You Should Pay Your Attention To

The Mircale Pill To Weight Loss

green-coffee-18I cannot remember a time I was not seeking weight-loss mechanisms, from vigorous exercises to diet-plans to diet pills. This is because I have always been overweight since my childhood years. My weight has always been a problem in my personal and social life. As a child I struggled with self-esteem issues but as I grew up I came to accept my weight but for health reasons I have continued seeking for ways of losing the extra pounds. I had tried everything I could think of before I decided to try out green coffee bean extracts. At a time when I was almost giving up on losing weight and blaming Mother Nature for my bad genes, I discovered the benefits of the green coffee bean extracts. In a few months, I had lost more than 25 pounds. I also became more energetic. I was basically a new person. The best thing about the supplement is that your appetite is not suppressed and you can continue with your regular diet. It is for this reason that I would like to give more information to those who are almost giving up on losing the extra pounds. Please pay attention.

The Facts

green-coffee-28The green coffee bean extracts are basically the unroasted version of the red coffee beans that is used to make the regular coffee. Roasting coffee beans at 470 degrees as is normally the case with regular coffee, removes the most important ingredient in weight loss- the Chlorogenic acid. The extract contains at least 50% of Chlorogenic acid- a poly-phenolic compound that is accelerates burning of body fats. The process of extracting the Chlorogenic acid from the beans also involves elimination of a significant amount of caffeine, leaving caffeine only equivalent to only about 1/8 of a cup of regular coffee.

How It Works

The Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient of the green coffee beans extracts. What the compound does is stop the liver’s production of glycogen consequently stopping the release of glucose into the blood stream once the blood sugar level is balanced. Furthermore, the compound enhances the process of burning fat in the liver. By boosting a person’s metabolic activity, chlorogenic acid enables the body to get rid of excess glucose and lowering the cholesterol levels while at the same time increasing one’s energy levels. This energy boosts comes hand in hand with improved concentration and mental activity.


Green Coffee PillsBefore I started taking the supplements, I did a bit of research to establish whether it was a genuine product with proven outcomes. I found interesting research in the internet. According to the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, the pure green coffee bean extract is the safest and cost-effective fat metabolism booster. A study done to verify this hypothesis was carried out and revealed that obese people can lose up to 17.5 pounds and 10.5 of body weight in just 22 weeks by just taking the supplement 30 minutes before breakfast every day. Also, studies revealed that the supplement is also good for those with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. All these statistics and reviews made me think about going to the store and trying out the diet suppliment. However, what made me go running to the store is the endorsement the extracts got in a TV show by Dr. Oz. The doctor called the supplement a miracle pill to burn body fat. That is when I knew that this would work for me. I was not disappointed because in just under 4 months, I had lost 25 pounds.

At this point, all I can say to all those who are struggling with excess body fat is that they should not give up and fold their arms before trying out the green coffee beans extracts. I wish you all the best as you begin the journey towards your ideal weight.

Get The Best Out Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Young woman measuring her waist with a tape measureI would not call myself fat, but I would not call myself thin either. I have always wanted to eliminate the extra fat that hangs on my hips, abdomen and chin. I am a very active person and usually go to the gym at least twice a week. I had tried diet-plans and pills but all they seemed to do is make me lose my body weight and not the pounds resting on the areas I am most conscious about.

When I learnt about the green coffee bean products, I was very excited and decided to try it out immediately. At first, I did not observe any effect on my weight but after sometime, I decided to try out taking the supplements while increasing my exercises and reducing on fats in my diet. The results were amazing. I lost all the fat that was resting on my chin, hips and abdomen in just 2 months. I stopped taking the supplements, but continued with my regular exercise and low-fat diet. I am proud to say that to this day, I consider my chin, hips and abdomen just perfect. I would recommend this product without any reservation.

Fast Weight Loss with Green CoffeeHowever, there are some observations that I made that need some attention from all those considering taking the supplements. Rule number one; be sure to purchase the right product. There are some manufacturers who replace the green coffee beans with ephedrine-which are cheaper- then masquerade the product as green coffee beans extracts. Also be sure to check for the ingredients before taking the product. The primary ingredient is pure green coffee bean extract. The supplement comes in two forms- there is the pill and the capsule. If you decide to take the capsules, ensure that you take the vegetable capsule that does not contain filler as this is digested very easily. I would recommend products by manufacturers from the US and Europe but not those from China.

Rule number two, ensure that you consult your physician before starting to take the pills or capsules. This supplement is not recommended by most physicians for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Another observation I made is that the pure green coffee beans extracts do not have any side effects. This I cannot say about the diet pills I had taken before. Although some people have complained of nervousness. This is just a mild effect of the caffeine but remember that this is better than the effect you get from regular coffee since the pill contains only 20 milligrams of caffeine per serving compare to the 180 milligrams in regular coffee. Now you have it. I guarantee you will not regret using the pure green coffee bean extract.

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7 Powerful Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

I have seen so many weight loss supplements among them I can name HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), Chitosan, Whey protein, Beta Glucan, Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA, Glucomannan?And Mango Seed Fiber but green coffee bean extract has defeated all of them. The craze for this weight loss supplements flourishing rapidly because of its magical output. I am going to discuss some excellent Green coffee bean extract benefits throughout my writing.

Let’s find out most powerful green coffee bean extract benefits

1. Fat Burner

The Chlorogenic acid of Green Coffee prevents the release of glucose from the body that significantly burns body fats and helps to lose body weight. One of the weight loss studies suggests that green coffee has an effective nutraceutical that works for reducing weight for adults.

2. Rich Source of Antioxidant (Chlorogenic Acid)

Chlorogenic acid is the key component of green coffee bean extract which is a powerful natural antioxidant that does multiple actions on the human body using its powerful natural ingredients. Chlorogenic Acid works for the overall health of the human body.

3. Taking Care of Heart

Various studies have found that GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidants) takes care of heart functions. It’s been found from a study that consuming GCA decreases 2 beats per minute and doctors said that it is clinically significant for heart health.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

Different crossover studies have shown that GCA does some extraordinary for lowering blood pressure. Green coffee works for improving blood circulation and muscle tone while it helps to prevent cardiovascular problems controlling extra cholesterol in the body.

5. Develop Liver Metabolism

Developing liver metabolism is one of the important green coffee bean extract benefits. A recent experiment in Japan found that the main ingredient of green coffee Chlorogenic acid enhances energy metabolism. That also reduces lipogenesis by down-regulating sterol regulatory element-binding protein and analogous molecules, which contributes to the concealment of body fat accumulation. GCA also destroys the harmful toxins in the liver.

6. Appetite Suppressant and Mood improver

Chlorogenic acid helps to prevent absorbing and storing fat in the body. Not from study but some of green coffee consumers claim that GCA makes their appetite longer though the main aim of GCB is prevent overeating. It improves mood and little amount of caffeine in GCA works as energy booster. Improving mood and boosting energy levels is remarkable extra green coffee bean extract benefit.

7. Slow Down Aging Process

The powerful antioxidant in green coffee fights against harmful radicals in the blood stream that helps to slow down the aging process.

Before GCB we have seen different weight loss products in the market but all they were to come and go. Naturally produced Green Coffee Beans Extracts has come to help you with more health benefits to lose your extra pounds of weight without having any physical exercise. Green coffee bean extract benefits are not just these seven, there are numerous studies being experimented on this supplement to reveal more health benefits of it.

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Make Your Body Slimm Faster With Dr’s Oz Weight Loss Tips

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThere are so many people out there that will do anything to get a product that promises wholesome benefits as far as weight management is concerned. If you have ever read any of Dr. Oz weight loss tips, you probably know that there is so much more involved in weight loss and management other than just getting rid of the extra fat. Green coffee is a fairly new concept in the weight loss industry but the good thing about it is that it is easy to explain and understand. In very simple terms, it is simply unroasted coffee. This means that it is the exact opposite state of the coffee that we use to brew the famous hot drink. Due to the fact that green coffee is very bitter, it is normally taken as a supplement. The extract is found by simmering the green beans for 15 minutes in distilled water and then packed. We will not go into the scientific process as the above explanation is sufficient for the purposes of this article.

What difference does simmering have on raw coffee beans?

Research has shown that roasting coffee kills a particular chemical called chlorogenic acid and simmering leads to the retention of this acid. The green coffee supplements contain at least 50% of the chlorogenic acid and this acid is the one responsible for the properties that green coffee is praised for. The above two paragraphs are enough for education purposes. Now let us look at what these green beans do.

They Help Reduce Body Weight

Coffee ImageA test was conducted to show how true this is and the results were amazing. Several people, both men and women, were categorised into three groups. The first group was given pills containing high concentration (1050mg) of green coffee extract, the second group given low concentration (700mg) of the same extract and the final group was placed on placebos. After 22 weeks of study, they were weaned off the supplements and it was noted that the group that were on green coffee extract dosage lost about 10% of their body weight. It is though that the chlorogenic acid increases the metabolism and makes it more efficient leading to the burning of fats and more cholesterol. In all the people that were on the study, none developed any side effects and hence this supports the idea that the green coffee is safe.

Green Coffee Helps the Body Balance its Sugar Levels

Green Coffee Beans PillsSugar is one of the most important compounds that the body needs. The sugar is absorbed by the intestines in form of glucose and this glucose is used to produce energy for cellular activities. In the event that the body has excess glucose, the same is converted to fats and stored to be used later. However, in the same study conducted above, it was found that those who took coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid absorbed about 7% less glucose in their intestines. This means that the chlorogenic acid helps the body absorb only the required amount of glucose leading to stress free weight management as it stops the formation of new fat deposits and you don’t even have to work out.

Green Coffee Beans Lower the Blood Pressure Level

Best-slimming-pills-photoIf you have a problem with high blood pressure, green coffee beans can help you and without any side effects. Many of Dr. Oz weight loss tips have a way of bringing blood pressure into the mix and this will not be different in any way. Research has shown that green coffee extract leads to dilation of the blood vessels leading to reduced blood pressure. This happens because once the blood vessels are dilated, they are able to ferry more blood at the same time hence lowering the pressure. One way that the acid achieves this is by preventing low density lipoprotein from getting oxidised as once oxidised, it leads to the depositing of bad cholesterol on the major blood vessels leading to high blood pressure. The extract can be taken as advised by a doctor to help avoid high blood pressure control medication.

Green Coffee Beans Have Antioxidant Properties

If there is a piece of information that is making cancer researchers happy, it is this ability of green coffee beans to act as an antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid gives the beans this ability and this means that it gets rid of free radicals in the body hence leading to the prevention of cancer. It gets better as the acid will remain in your blood so any time you consume anything that is carcinogenic in nature; the antioxidant properties come into effect and neutralize the carcinogenic compounds. If you were wondering how to prevent cancer, now you know.

Green Coffee Beans Lead to Improved Cardiovascular Health

online-shopping_3By now, you already can guess that chlorogenic acid is responsible for most of the positives of green coffee beans and the same case applies here. If you have high homocysteine levels in your blood, you are at a risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Research indicates that the active chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans has the effect of reducing homocysteine levels in the blood hence leading to better and improved cardiovascular health.

All the above are ways in which the green coffee bean has been found to affect the human body and no side effects have been reported so far. In actual sense, some of the leading coffee outlets like Starbucks have begun selling coffee enriched with the green extract as a product. It is however advised that you buy the green coffee pills instead of using the raw extract. This is because the extract is bitter and you will give up after a few attempts. In buying, do make sure that the pills have no other additives and are 100% of the extract to be on the safe side. If you are on any other medication, it is important to have your doctor approve of the green coffee supplements to avoid any harm that may be caused when the two come into contact. In the same way that Dr. Oz weight loss tips encourage healthy eating, the green coffee pills are not an excuse for you to eat unhealthy so remember to keep your diet in check.

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How the Incredible Effects of Pure Green Coffee Can Help You?

Effects of Pure Green Coffee

green-coffee-3You might have seen models starving themselves to get a zero figure, surviving on cigarettes and espresso. It might sound unhealthy and unrealistic but there is alternative to attain perfect figure, the power of coffee can be indeed used for weight loss. Although majority of the population favors the dark coffee drink and consume it on daily basis. The stimulating effect of coffee on our central nervous system is the reason for its consumption.

On the other hand pure green coffee is gaining immense popularity to aid for weight loss. The idea of using green coffee to start losing weight might seem new to many people but it has been around for many years and has helped people to achieve ideal weight. Shedding weight is not an easy task to aim for, it needs hours of hard work coupled up with proper discipline. There are many supplements available in the market but you cannot be sure of its effectiveness. Keeping all these scenarios in mind, green coffee pills does seem a liable option. Coffee is natural antioxidant and it also protects our body from different free radicals. These free radicals are linked with diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, accelerated ageing to name a few.

The Benefits of Using Pure Green Coffee Pills

Green Coffee SymbolConsumption of coffee is pleasurable but green coffee beans are more reliable and rewarding. The green coffee beans are different from the dark beans and also have a totally different aroma and savor.

Coffee reduces appetite and increases the capacity of our body to use the stored fat and convert it into energy. Reduced appetite will naturally lead to less consumption of food; more importantly eat more healthy food. Coupled up with this, the desire for water also increases resulting in effective functioning of our body. Since green coffee pill is a detoxifier, the more water you consume the more you will flush out the toxins from the body. Pure green coffee is also effective in regulating the sugar levels in the blood. The correlation of green coffee beans with insulin also prevents the body from storing excess fat.

Being lower on caffeine, green coffee can help you in increasing concentration, alertness, improvement of work pace without causing any side affects to the body. Green coffee brings many benefits to the user as contrast with the dark coffee. It is also rich in various minerals and vitamins. Most important of all it removes obesity which is a growing concern among the young youth of the world.

A Natural and Effective Way to Reduce Your Weight

Backed By Science GirlPure green coffee is a perfect way to lose weight. The green color of the beans is due to the fact that they have not been roasted. The normal dark coffee beans that we consume everyday have been roasted at 475 degree of Fahrenheit. The roasting of the bens actually makes them lose the anti-oxidant and fat-burning elements present. Thus, the green coffee bean is present in their most natural state and is one of the natural ways to shed the weight from the body. The green coffee bean also contains leptin, which is essentially a hormone present in the body. This hormone leptin is responsible for body’s response towards starvation. Our brain tends to work on the level of leptin in the body to determine how much fat should be kept in reserve. When our brain does not sense the correct level of leptin hormone, the overall result is obesity. The metabolism becomes slow and the fat also increases with time. Green coffee helps in maintaining the levels of leptin and balances the body. The other benefit of green coffee is that they are more affordable as compared to other roasted beans. Since there is no processing or roasting involved, there is no addition of additives as well. This also means that you are more liable to get the chlorogenic acid found in them. This acid helps in absorption of fat from the body and promotes the fat metabolism in liver. The acid produced by green coffee beans blocks the storage of glucose in the body. Hence the body is forced to rely on the fat concentration which eventually results in weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is also responsible for lowering of blood pressure and boosts metabolism at the same time.

How You Should Consume Green Coffee Beans?

It is highly recommend that you should consume the pure green coffee every day and it should be just before or after the breakfast. The amount can be varied as 800 mg or 400 gm of two doses per day. There is no hard and fast rule for this pill, so even if you miss a capsule it does not create any problem. But on an average you should maintain the routine. This pill should not be ingested with any food ingredient and should be ideally taken 30 minutes before meal, followed by a large glass of water.

pure-green-coffee-pills-4Often people have this query in mind if they can take normal tea or coffee with green coffee pills. It is alright to consume these drinks with green coffee. But many people also report that they tend to feel less inclined towards tea or caffeinated coffee after consuming regular intakes of green coffee. However you should consult a doctor or any health professional before consuming it. Green coffee is designed to aid in weight loss but not to cure or treat any diseases.

Green coffee is indeed famous for its weight losing and slimming properties. Many people have achieved great results using these green coffee beans. But at the same time balanced diet coupled up with proper exercises is also required to achieve great results. There is nothing better than having a safe and natural oxidant to shed your weight. With the increased health awareness issues cropping up in the world, an organic extract can increase your chances of keeping your body healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you take green coffee bean pills for maintaining your circulatory nervous system, its antioxidant properties, to support your blood pressure levels; it is indeed wonderful addition in your diet.

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Java Lean Review – My Recommendation As The Best Weigh Loss Product!

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and have been wondering how you can keep your pants the same size for more than a week? Many people have dealt with the same problem. It can be very annoying when you are attempting to push forward and see great results in your body but do not have the ability to get the results that you want. In this Java Lean review you will learn more about this product and if it may be just what you are looking for.

If you are wondering what coffee green beans are you will find it is very simple. Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. Java Lean uses this simple yet powerful ingredient to help you get the results that you want. What are some of the benefits you can expect whenever you use Java Lean? How can Java Lean help change your life, make you feel better about yourself and help you attract better people into your life?

Java Lean Benefits

  • Loose Weight & Burn Fat
  • Helps to Control Weight
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Works to Improve Cardiovascular Functions
  • Antioxidants the Body

These great benefits of Java Lean are just a few of the key benefits that customers are excited about experiencing when using the Java Lean product.

Being able to control your weight using a simple supplement which is all natural is amazing. The fact that it helps promote healthy blood sugar levels, works to improve cardiovascular functions and antioxidates the body is an added bonus which helps you push further towards a higher quality of health and wellness.

Why It Is Important to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Many people do not understand the dire importance of maintaining a healthy body weight. Some people also believe it has to be had and that you must exercise rigorously to be able to make any headway but this is not true at all. Whenever you use the Java Lean product you do not have to make diet or lifestyle changes. This can be helpful for those that are very busy and do not have as much time as they would like to prepare healthy meals or exercise every day.

Maintaining a healthy weight allows you to function better in day to day life. Speaking to your doctor about the ideal weight for you will help you find out which weight is the best and when you speak to them they will let you know that having a proper weight will help with your health in many areas. Besides for your health it also helps with your self esteem. If you are not happy with your body then you are not going to be happy in general. You deserve to do something good for you.

How Do I Use Java Lean?

Java Lean is very simple to use. All that you have to do is take the supplement and start to see the results. The directions on the bottle show you how much to take and when. These recommendations will allow you to get the best results. If you want to get the best results it is important that you would get enough of the product to see the results that you desire.

Many people have been able to see results within a week but to see significant results it is recommended that you purchase one of their larger packages. This would also allow you to get more of the product at a lower price.

Each bottle has 60 capsules. When you use the capsules at the dosage recommended this puts each bottle at a 30 day supply. Recommended dosage is 1 tablet 30 minutes before your meal. Using Java Lean is simple yet very effective. This could lead you into questions of how safe Java Lean is since it is so effective.

Is Java Lean Safe?

You may have been scared by some other weight loss products which have caused problems for people in the past. The good thing about Java Lean is that it is in no way a dangerous supplement. Java Lean is a weight management tool which is natural and safe.

What Are Customers Saying About Java Lean?

The best people that can tell you about this product are the users who have seen results. Here are a couple of customer testimonials from real users:

Thank you so much guys! I have struggled with weight loss my whole life, have tried product after product trying to loose the extra weight. Im stoked i have finally found something that works!!! For the first time in my life i Cant wait for summer! – Ashley

I wanted to write in and tell you that I was very surprised by the effectiveness of your Green Coffee Bean pills, I don’t usually buy products on the internet that offer the world cause I know that most do not do any good, but this time for some reason, I decided I would give this product a try and to my surprise it works incredibly well. So thank you. – Jessica

As you can see, these customers have seen great results and experienced breakthroughs when they may have even had a difficult time in the past. Just because you’ve had challenges with something in the past does not mean you will not be able to get results now. Why not see what kind of results you can get when using Java Lean? Since it is a safe and effective product, what do you have to lose?

Java Lean works for both men and women. Depending on the results that you desire you can use Java Lean to either maintain your weight or to lose additional weight. There are some people who are already considerably thin but cannot lose those last 10 pounds. This is where Java Lean can help.

Who Should Purchase Java Lean?

Individuals who are tired of fighting an uphill battle against their weight or tired of hitting that plateau and never seeing the weight go away should buy Java Lean. Those people who are looking for a natural and safe way to shed pounds or maintain their weight are the ideal candidates for this product.

Women and men alike have seen results using this product. You can look at the before and after photos on the official website to see the great results these people have achieve when using this product. All ages have also used this product. It does not matter who you are, if you wish to shed pounds or maintain you weight then you will be able to do this by using Java Lean.

Where Do I Buy Java Lean?

If you are ready to buy Java Lean and start seeing results that turn heads you can easily purchase from the Java Lean official website. Whenever you purchase from the official website you will be sure that you are not only purchasing the authentic product but also that you are purchasing through a secure website. The product is also guaranteed through the website and this means if you do not get the results that you want you will be able to get a refund.

For those of you that are wise shoppers and would like to receive a good bargain you will be able to whenever you invest in one of the product packages for maximum results. There are different product packages which will help you purchase what is right for your budget. Whatever you decide you will be able to get your order sent right to your home without any problem. Are you ready to start seeing weight loss results? Purchase Java Lean today.

Conclusion Regarding the Java Lean Product

The Java Lean product has helped many individuals achieve the results that they desire through a safe and effective means. The benefits of using Java Lean add so much value to the product that there really is no question about whether the product is worth the price or not. When you are able to achieve great results like those that you achieve by using Java Lean you will actually save the thousands that you would spend on liposuction or some other procedure.

When you think about the money you save using Java Lean you will be more than happy to whip your credit card out and get your product sent to you today. What are you waiting for? Do you want to continue living with your fat? Do you want to keep looking in the mirror and hating what you see? Of course not!

Well, guess what? You do not have to do that anymore. You can use Java Lean to get the results that you want starting right now. Just go to the official website, pick your product package and watch the mail. In just a few days you will have your product and be able to start seeing the results you have been wishing for. Act now to start seeing results.



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Significant Decrease in Weight, Thanks to Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans PackageCoffee is a very popular product in Western countries. Though we know that caffeine is not very good for those of us who chug it in by the gallons daily. Many of us require that regular caffeine hit to get us through another day’s hard work. Doctor’s warn us about taking in so much caffeine. But currently a new fad is touting coffee beans as the latest cure for many a common but grave ill! The coffee beans are the current favourite among the crowd seeking to cure a variety of ills.

The brown colour of the beans we have for coffee is due to the fact that they have been roasted. The coffee beans refer to the fresh unroasted beans which naturally contain a polyphenolic compound called cholorgenic acid; this gets destroyed when the beans are roasted. The cholorgenic acid helps in achieving weight loss. How it does so is it makes the liver to cease discharging glucose in the blood, thus the bodily system will burn the excess fat to use the glucose as energy. This method enhances the body’s organic processes to accelerate weight loss.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeGlycogen is an enzyme released by the liver, which is responsible for glucose production. The body utilizes glucose as a fuel, that is, it gives energy when the body burns it up. The presence of cholorgenic acid in the system inhibits glycogen production. Therefore it stops the release of glucose. When the body perceives this shortage it uses up the excess fat cells. The burn up of these cells results in weight loss.

Since the extract from the coffee beans work by affecting the liver, individuals with liver issues may have queries regarding its effectiveness. Before taking the extract those with faulty liver can go in for detoxification. A multitude of products are seen to help revert to a healthier liver. The extract itself is not a medicine or drug therefore it is not given by prescription. But for it to take better effect individuals are advised to have healthy liver.

Simply taking ordinary coffee cannot promote weight loss as the temperatures used to roast coffee beans make the cholorgenic acid lost to use. But the product itself has caffeine, which is inherently present in coffee. However the process of extraction significantly reduces the caffeine content. The only side effect from ingesting this is a somewhat active and alert state associated with caffeine.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesThe unroasted coffee beans are extremely bitter and have very less aroma. It is because of being so bitter that they are better taken in pill form.the coffee beans extractare made in tablet and capsule forms both. The capsule is usually made of vegetable matter to help in easy digestion. The initial dosage is 400mg per pill taken twice to thrice a day before meal times. This dosage can be increased if there are no side effects. But this should be done with a doctor’s advice only. Also prior to starting a course one should consult a doctor to check for hormone imbalances which may affect the working power of the extract. It is permissible to take other vitamins or supplements with this product. The extract is advisable not to be administered to people younger than eighteen years of age and to pregnant or lactating mothers.

The polyphenols present in the cholorgenic acid serve as antioxidants which can neutralize many carcinogenic elements. A healthy blood sugar level can also be maintained with its help. Furthermore the acid helps to decrease several cardiovascular problems. Hunger pangs leading to excess eating are can be brought under control. Digestion and immunity levels are boosted. Unconfirmed reports state that it even helps to ease migraine pains. The whole process makes one fit and healthy and it involves no artificial compounds introduced in the system.

weight loss and coffeeThe extracts not help only in an overall weight loss but also in targeting those hard to get areas. Now there are a few guidelines in buying the product. Mainly one should try to purchase them from Europe or U.S. as these countries have better medical review boards that supervise such products and restrict use of low or bad quality ingredients. It is wiser to get verified coffee beans and check against ephedrine substitutes, which are cheaper than the original. There are certain brands which are highly recommended, these should be crosschecked from various sources.

The World Health Organization has enough reliable statistics showing the number of people being overweight to have reached a couple of billion by the year 2013 and the number of obesity cases to have reached around seven hundred million. Under nutrition is dangerous and kills many in the third world countries. The first world countries, too suffer great nutrition problems. The vastly numerous choices in delicious but unhealthy fast food have rendered many people in these countries overweight if not obese. Many people die of obesity related issues like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, poly cystic ovary syndrome, dyslipidemia and sexual/reproduction problems.

weight_lossResearch shows that an extract from these beans can help in weight loss among other things. The correct combination of the acid along with caffeine can deliver a formula powerful enough to enhance rapid weight loss. One particular study tracked about a score of people in the age group of 22-46 years. The participants’ diet and exercise regimens were followed for twenty two weeks, their calorie consumption and expenditure were nowhere near enough to cause weight loss. The subjects received low or high dosages of the coffee bean extract. The results noted showed significant decrease in weight, body mass index, and fat percentage. Though its effectiveness varies depending upon the individual this product can mostly be taken equally well by both male and females.

Positive reviews regarding the coffee beans abound. There has been a massive weight loss in a short period of time in many obese people using this product. The added appeal of the product lies in the fact that it does not require much exercise like most fat burners. It is indeed a magic bullet to shoot away the weight problems haunting one for so long.

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9 Benefits of Pure Green Coffee You Should Be Aware Of

pure green coffee plant

pure green coffee plantCoffee is one of the world’s popular stimulant and widely consumed beverage. Green coffee is a type of coffee that is made from raw coffee or unroasted beans. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid. This chemical component is an effective antioxidant that eliminates any free radicals in your body while promoting good health.

The Japanese and Chinese cultures have enjoyed the benefits of green coffee since time immemorial. It has not been until recent times that the rest of the world has discovered the startling benefits of this type of tea. Green coffee is known as the world’s most popular herbal supplement.

It has many nutritional benefits such as improving the cardiovascular system, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol levels and helps in weight reduction. All this is achieved due to the fact that green coffee has healthy antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid.
Everyone who is curious about the health benefits of green tea should know that the benefits and effectiveness of this tea is gradual and needs regular intake of this tea. The effects too are gradual and with time you will realize that you have achieved good results health wise.

Green Coffee Antioxidants

dr oz 1There are silent killers within the human body known as free radicals. They infiltrate in the body and harm cells and DNA. These molecules are known to cause all sorts of health related problems such as skin damage, stroke, cancer and heart diseases. Luckily, recent research has proved that we can fight back the harmful effects of these free radicals. The secret weapon is antioxidants. As the name suggests, antioxidants molecules prevent the oxidation of other molecules.

The human body produces lots of antioxidants molecules in its own but aging limits the natural production of these molecules. This calls for other ways of getting antioxidants in the body. The only effective and efficient source of antioxidant is green coffee.

Free radicals are responsible for wrinkles and other aging signs. Green coffee has powerful defensive molecules which not only prevent the destructive effects of the free radicals but also detoxifies the body.

The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and chlorogenic antioxidants are the most dominant component of catechins. There are some other several components too (in less quantity) that work together to produce the unmatched power of green coffee antioxidants. The EGCG is an effective component in fighting destructive free radicals in the body that can cause blood clots, atherosclerosis and cancer. Green coffee is the only known coffee that contains higher levels of these antioxidants compounds.

Fighting Cancer

Green coffee also is widely used to fight cancer. It limits the spread and growth of cancerous cells. Researchers claim that regular intake of this tea reduces the chances of one getting cancer.

Colon Cleanser

Green coffee is also known as an effective colon cleanser. Regular intake of this type of tea improves the bowel system. It also prevents constipation and limits the build-up of toxins while keeping your body hydrated. The eastern and Asian cultures have used this type of tea as a colon cleanser for thousands of years.

There are lots of benefits associated with green coffee. Make sure that you buy the best quality of green coffee to relish all the advantages that are associated with green coffee. The major known benefits are:

Boosts Energy Levels

happy-woman-nuratrimOne important component of green coffee is caffeine. Caffeine helps in keeping the brain alert, enabling it to react to any challenge. It also enhances the general energy levels of the body making you active throughout the day.

Liver Detoxification

One vital process that is necessary in order to maintain a healthy body is the cleansing of the liver. This involves stimulating the liver to flush out bad cholesterol, fats and toxic substances. Green coffee not only helps in detoxifying of the liver but also enhances proper metabolic functions.

Mental Alertness

Regular intake of green coffee helps the mind stay alert and active. It also boosts one’s attentiveness thus improves one’s ability to reckon things more easily. Numerous studies have shown that green coffee can improve one’s reasoning power and learning abilities.

Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Regular Consumption of Green coffee and chlorogenic related products have some positive health benefits. Green coffee is very beneficial to people suffering from hypertension. Recent research and studies have shown significant decrease of blood pressure in human beings who consume this type of coffee. The higher the intake the greater the effects.

Green coffee will surely result to positive changes in hypertension cases without any side effect risks that usually come with prescribed medication. We all know that bad cholesterol leads to heart failure and a variety of cardio vascular diseases. You can maintain optimum levels of cholesterol with the help of green coffee. Green coffee is thus vital in preventing cardiovascular challenges and also useful in weight loss.

Suppresses Powerful Appetite

One major benefit of green coffee is in its capacity to lower the craving on food. This makes the body use the stored fats and calories while regulating food intake. The stored fat is converted to energy in the metabolism process thus helping in weight loss.

Weight Reduction

slim_bodyGreen coffee contains an ingredient called the chlorogenic acid. Studies have shown that this chemical element is the key to weight loss. Once consumed into the body, it forces the liver to use extra fat whilst boosting your metabolism. This results to an easy and quick weight loss without any vigorous exercises or dieting.

Here are some pros and cons of green coffee.


  • It boosts metabolism and forces the liver to consume fat resulting to a natural and quick weight loss. You don’t have to starve on your diet plans.
  • There are no known side effects of consuming green coffee.
  • It provides energy whilst burning fat in the body.
  • It regulates blood sugar levels thus important for diabetic patients.


  • It is not recommended for pregnant women. Women who drink large amounts of green coffee during pregnancy risk their baby’s health. The babies might suffer from folic acid deficiency.

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Pure Green Coffee Effects, Uses, Pills and Weight Loss

green coffee big box

green coffee big boxOne of the major benefits regarding the use of pure green coffee is its ability to help anyone interested in weight loss to achieve this goal. The effectiveness of weight loss has always been tied closely to whether the product being used to achieve this is natural or not. However, just as it is usually the case with most products used to achieve this, it is crucial that it is utilized in the best possible manner. The abuse of green coffee might just attract other health complications for which a lot more money will be used to treat rectify of resolve.

Pure green coffee helps with the burning of excess body fat hence helping the user to achieve his or her goal of losing extra weight. Moreover, when using green coffee of the purest level, you don’t need to carry out or follow other exercise regimens or strict diet program. Green coffee can accomplish this entirely on its own without too much of a handicap. In essence, it burns more body fat without the person being made to do more exercise except that which is done daily or regularly. Other weight loss supplements can only work when huge changes in exercise and diet are used in tandem with them.

Pure green coffee is completely natural hence its safety in consumption is much better than that of other products in the market. Even where there are side effects, they are not as adverse or harmful as those exhibited through the use of other types of weight loss supplements. The fact that this type of coffee hasn’t been roasted, means that it carries all the natural ingredients that are needed by the body to spur the loss of weight as required by the person using it. The main ingredient found in green coffee which aids with weight loss is known as chlorogenic acid, and it is a nutrient compound.

Chlorogenic acid is highly effective in terms of stimulating the burning process of excess fat in the body. It also helps with the inhibition of glucose release within the body while making sure that the metabolic process is boosted quite significantly within the liver. Eventually as the body loses excess fat and weight, it gets to a point where overall health is improved as well. Where a person has been complaining of high blood pressure, the use of green coffee in moderation can help quell this problem completely. These benefits are also seen in the improvement of the user’s cardiovascular health issues.

Green Coffee Beans HDPure green coffee is quite effective in helping a person afflicted with diabetes to find control of this disease. It also acts as an antioxidant within the person’s system hence offering the body some measure of protection from the effects and attacks of free radicals. Green coffee plays very many roles in the body and this includes offering the user relief from stress. The body fat contains fatty acids and these are harmful to the body unless a person takes pure green coffee. The caffeine found in the green coffee will strengthen the body hence enabling it to get rid of the fatty acids located in the body fats.

If you wish to shed off the excess weight in your body not only faster but naturally as well, there are very few supplements that help with this as much as pure green coffee. As it increases the body’s rate of metabolism, the extra effort put in by the body helps it to burn the excess weight and fats. This is a simple explanation as to why pure green coffee continues to be such an effective medium through which weight loss is no longer a pipe dream but reality. However, there are very many versions and types of green coffee hence the need to carry out proper and extensive research before settling on any.

Green Coffee Beans PackageMost diet pills contain some extract of pure green coffee because of its ability to help out with weight loss, as well as other benefits. The lack of strong taste in pure green coffee, unlike its roasted counterpart, makes it ideal to be taken through their pill form. The caffeine found in green coffee helps to boost an individual’s sense of awareness. Moreover, it also helps to keep the feelings of hunger under suppression hence aiding a person to avoid overeating unnecessarily. Caffeine is effective in stimulating a person by making him or her more energetic and active thus eliminating feelings of lethargy.

When you are hungry, or your stomach is empty, you should avoid the consumption of pure green coffee. When caffeine is taken on an empty stomach, it can cause your stomach lining to be harmed thus being the cause of some health problems. Excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to increase heart rates. The blood pressure can be significantly increased due to excessive use of caffeine. This is the reason why use of green coffee in moderation is highly advisable. You may also end up feeling quite jittery when you consume this product in excessive levels.

Backed By Science GirlHowever, when you are sure of the source or type of the pure green coffee you are using, there is no need to be overly worried about some of these negative effects. The reason for this is because of the relatively smaller amounts of caffeine contained in pure green coffee compared to roasted coffee. Roasted coffee tends to lose its chlorogenic acid hence a huge reduction in its ability to act as a weight loss supplement. Roasted coffee has the ability to generate antioxidants hence denying the body the ability to fight off free radicals compared to pure green coffee.

Pure green coffee is highly beneficial to the health. It can be rightly listed as a health supplement or product. There are times when it becomes wise to talk with your health care provider first before embarking on consumption of green coffee. Your doctor should be in a position of informing you about its efficacy especially if you are currently under medication. However, the bottom line remains the fact that the benefits of pure green coffee are unlimited.

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Get The Best Out Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

green coffee big box

green coffee big boxFor several years, there has been a heated debate on green coffee bean extract and its weight loss property. It has shown lots of hope as a beneficial weight loss ingredient. It is said to improve metabolism more than almost any other well known natural metabolism booster. It also shows tremendous effects in your attempt to lose weight. This is based on the fact that it is a highly effective source of energy.

Green coffee beans are simply unroasted beans. They contain chlorogenic acid which reduces the rate of glucose release after a meal. This way it is able to play a vital role in weight loss. Most of the Chlorogenic acid is usually lost when coffee beans are roasted. The acid containing extract is then converted into tablets for consumption.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

This is a purely natural compound present in a wide range of plants. In plant metabolism, it is an important intermediary compound. This is a polyphenol. It also possesses a number of microbial properties. It is found in high concentration in green coffee beans. It is a good antioxidant that has proved to be a tumor inhibitor. It has also shown some weight loss properties due to its ability to reduce glucose release into the blood stream. It is able inhibit cancer causing mutations by cancelling out carcinogenic compounds which cause DNA damage. It also inhibits oxidation of bad cholesterol. Such oxidation can lead to atherosclerosis due to arteries being damaged. By limiting this oxidation, chlorogenic acid is able to prevent cardiovascular disease.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works?

green-coffee-43Chlorogenic acid is the major ingredient that is responsible for the mechanism of action of this extract. It works as an inhibitor in glucose absorption and utilization. If there is no sugar in blood circulation, then the body turns to fat burning as an alternative source of energy. This will play a great role in redusing diabetes symptoms as well as weight loss.

It is also important in metabolism boosting. Metabolism is important in breakdown of the food substances stored in our bodies. This will in turn help in weight loss.

The extract is also able to directly burn the fat in the whole body. But most important is the fat within the liver. All the fat taken into our body is processed in the liver. When the liver increases its activities in burning fat, there is equivalent increase in metabolism. Experiments have shown that green coffee beans extract is not absorbed in the small intestines nor is it present in the plasma after ingestion. This has lead to the conclusion that it prevents absorption of fat in the diet by adhering to other compounds.

Some Facts About This Extract

One of the most important researches conducted on this amazing natural supplement was by Dr. Bryan Burnham, Joe Vinson and Mysore Nagendran.

Coffee Pills ExtractIn this clinical study trial, green coffee beans extract was given out daily to a group of 16 overweight people. The participants were taking a daily diet of 2400 calories. All the participants were not allowed to involve in any exercise. Bearing in mind that the calories consumption they were taking was above average, they amazingly lost weight. The average weight loss was 17 pounds over a 12 week period. This is a 16 percent body fat loss and 10.5 percent decrease in general body weight.

The three professionals unanimously agreed that using pure green coffee bean extract, together with regular exercise and a healthy diet, is a safe, inexpensive and effective way to lose weight.

As an alternative to this case study, different amounts of the extract were also given to the participants. These lead to the conclusion that, the appropriate consumption of the extract on a daily basis is 800 milligrams. For even better results, it should be taken in increments of 400 mg twice a day. It should have an accumulative effect which is only noticed if it is taken routinely. This supplement should never be taken with food. Ideally it should be taken 30 minutes before any meal. Again, it should be taken with a lot of water.

How to Pick the Best Brand?

expertweightlosstips1The quantity of chlorogenic acid should be given a lot of consideration as this is the most important ingredient. For effective weight loss, 30-50% chlorogenic acid is considered appropriate. You should certainly avoid brands that do not give the exact concentration of the acid.

When it comes to issues pertaining health, price should also be given considerable weight. Remember cheap is not always the best. Although there is no much difference between cheap and costlier brand, a monthly supply of the supplement should generally cost around $30-$40. Cheaper brands will contain preservatives and unnecessary ingredients to sell at low cost.

Again, customer’s reviews are very important. This is because they are personal justifications of the experiences people have had with the product. Although, a brand can have some negative reviews, you should not choose a brand with an average review of less than 60%.

2395822990_080048b89cThere are so many other advantages associated with green coffee beans extract including anti-aging properties, reducing appearance of cellulite as well as reducing blood pressure. It has also proven to contain less caffeine than regular coffee. This ensures that the extract offers lots of energy without causing jittery. Interestingly, it has no serious side effects associated with its consumption. This supplement has been recommended by professional doctors and thousands of users continue to confess of its magic effects. Again there is clinical evidence of this as a great fat burning formula.

The benefits associated with green coffee extract appear absolutely amazing for your weight loss plans as well as your overall health. It is not possible to take raw green coffee beans and that’s why they are produced in capsule form. So, if you have been trying many options in your quest to lose weight, you should not end up in a broken spirit. Losing weight is very important in making sure that you lead a healthier and consequently a happier life. Try this magic extract and you might end up having a life changing experience.

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How Your Body Is Affected By Green Coffee Bean?

green-coffee-12Generally an unroasted coffee bean is called green coffee bean. This coffee bean was and is still used in some Arabic recipes. The beverage created by the unroasted coffee bean is very much similar to that of tea. Recently scientific research has show that the coffee bean in its unprocessed form can provide us with lots of healthy benefits. In this article I will outline all the benefits of this little humble bean.

Increases the Rate of Metabolism In the Body

One of the primary health benefit provided by the green coffee bean is a boost in our body’s metabolism. These beans can do this only due to the fact that they contain just the perfect amount of chloregenic acid. This chemical helps us burn more of the excess fat present in our body. The natural coffee beans also have a lot of kelp in them. The kelp is full of numerous vital nutrients required by our body for proper functioning. Apart from this, several minerals and vitamins are also present in these beans which affect the rate of metabolism by increasing it. The coffee bean in its natural form also helps to suppress unnecessary hunger signals from our body thereby helping us to balance our diet.

Maintains the Balance of Blood Sugar Levels

green-coffee-46Many people are found to suffer from diabetes or an imbalance in blood sugar levels as they age over the years. Green coffee beanshave the potential to control one’s blood sugar levels. Certain enzymes like the G6P enzyme have been found to be responsible for an increase in glucose levels of the blood. This enzyme stimulates the liver to release excess glucose in our blood. The unprocessed coffee beans with the help of the chlorogenic acid present in them, hinder the release of these enzymes in our body. The use of these beans has shown a downfall in the post meal blood glucose levels of numerous diabetes patients by almost 32%.

Powerful Antioxidant

Quick-Weight-Loss-Tips-300x234Free radicals present in our body are extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause serious damage to us. These free radicals can only be countered by anti- oxidants. Fruits and vegetables are the most common source of anti- oxidants on the planet. But research has shown that an average human does not consume enough fruits and vegetables to fulfill the body’s anti- oxidant needs. This deficiency of anti- oxidants can be avoided by the intake of green coffee beans. Again the chlorogenic acid present in these beans is the main cause of this benefit. This acid is a natural anti- oxidant and its abundance in a coffee bean makes the bean a powerful anti- oxidant. The chlorogenic acid successfully eliminates all the harmful free radicals thereby increasing the longevity of a human body by promoting its health.

Improves Heart Health and Prevents Heart Related Disorders

Often with advancing age blood platelets start to form clumps while flowing within the veins and arteries. A clump can easily block any artery and if a major artery is blocked, it may lead to serious heart ailments. Green coffee beans have been found to have natural aspirin like ingredients. These ingredients help boost our body’s blood circulation. This helps in the prevention of hardening of our arteries.

Green Coffee PillsAn increased level of blood pressure is one of the major reasons of heart strokes. Also constant high pressure along the walls of our arteries makes them weak thus causing them to rupture. This leads to formation of clots in our body. The aspirin like properties of the unroasted coffee bean helps us control our blood pressure and keep it at the normal level of 120/80.
High levels of cholestrol especially the presence of LDL cholestrol leads to numerous heart diseases. Cholestrol in our body gets deposited along the arteries and capillaries in our hearts. Thus they restrict the blood flow. Sometimes, due to excessive cholestrol deposition, blood flow through an artery complete stops thus leading to a heart attack. So it is necessary to keep the cholestrol levels in our blood in control. The green coffee bean helps by serving this very purpose. They have the ability to successfully check blood cholestrol levels.

Detoxification of the Liver

In order to live a long and healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to have a clean and healthy liver. Toxins present in the liver are bound to create numerous health problems down the road. The natural coffee bean has the ability to detoxify our liver. Certain chemicals present in the green coffee bean help the liver get rid of the unwanted fats, toxic substances and cholesterol. Also the coffee bean helps in balancing the liver’s metabolite function.

Improvement In Alertness of the Mind and Increase Levels of Energy

happy_womanLike roasted coffee, green coffee also boosts our mental alertness. It drives away the drowsy and sleepy feeling thus enabling us to stay more alert. Moreover coffee helps improve our memory power and the power to reason. A simple cup of coffee can boost our concentration levels to a completely new high thus helping us improve our learning capabilities.

The main wonder ingredient in coffee is the caffeine. This chemical works wonder with our bodies and brains. It has been found that caffeine can successfully increase the energy levels in our body. So it helps us stay awake when we need to and sleep soundly when we wish to.

Other Benefits of the Green Coffee Bean

The green coffee bean helps us to clean our colon. It also helps in weight loss by boosting our rates of metabolism and by suppressing our appetite. The Green Coffee bean can be prepared as a beverage and then drunk like normal coffee. Nowadays green coffee supplements in the form of pills have hit the market. These pills are cheap and are aimed at improving the health of its user by providing them with all the benefits of green coffee. Most of these supplements use natural ingredients and the coffee beans are selected from the Arabica variety of coffee plants.

So next time while you are drinking coffee, make sure that it is green coffee so that you do not miss out on all these wonderful benefits.

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What to Do When You’ve Done Everything to Lose Weight

If you have ever felt as if you have done everything to lose weight, this article is for you. There are quite a few things that could be causing your problem of weight sticking around even after you have been doing all of the right things. Even if you do the right thing at the wrong time, you are not going to get good results; you are going to get pain. Make sure that you pay attention to the information I am going to give you below so you will be able to be most effective in your weight loss journey pursuit.


I don’t even like to say the word dieting. It sends shivers up my spine and my stomach starts to growl. If you feel the same way, you will never go on a diet. There is just too much pain associated with diet. Even if you do start “dieting” you will soon find that you are off the bandwagon and back to doing what you were doing beforehand, which was whatever you wanted to do.

The trick is finding out eating habits that you can replace with other better eating habits that allow you to be healthier without driving yourself crazy or scaring yourself away before you are even able to start. Let me give you an example of how you could actually allow yourself to begin to eat better without cheating yourself.

Think about one of your most commonly indulged “guilty pleasures”. What do you is look at this guilty pleasure and then write down 2 – 3 other less guilty pleasures that you like just about as much. The next time you are going to go for that big boy, you reach for one of its replacements. This is a great way to cut down on calories but still keep you happy in the process. The more that you do this, the fewer calories you are down and the more you are able to increase your ability to lose weight.


Exercise can be fun if you allow it to be. Many times we automatically associate exercise with something that is less than fun, something that is even painful. When we change what we think about exercise, we can change how we respond to exercise and thoughts of exercising.

Have you ever had a friend ask you to go to the gym and your eyes get big and you want to run away? Not only do you not want to go through all the physical pain, but you definitely do not want people looking at your fat jiggle! If you don’t want to go to the gym whenever you are fat, what do you do? You can always work out from home, but are you going to be motivated enough to do that?

If you do decide that you want to work out from home, you can use one of the many workout dvds. Some work better for others, so make sure you find one that you are going to like so that you will stick with it. The worst thing you can do is pick something that is too difficult for you. The best thing you can do is start out slow and push through to more difficult workouts. This will keep you from injuring yourself and it will also help you work your way up, vary your workouts and be able to keep yourself from hitting a plateau with your weight loss.

Sometimes something as simple as going for a walk with friends will be helpful and you will be able to spend time with friends as well as burn some calories and get your muscles moving. Walking works for overall health and increases your ability to move around and lessens the chance of receiving an injury.

Start at the Beginning

Give yourself a goal to aim for, but you always want to start at the beginning. What this means is that you are going to think about how amazing things are going to be after you are done with you 60, 90 or however many days from now, but you should not think about all of the work in between. Take the work one day at a time and you are sure to end up with a better result.

The more that you are excited about the end, but focusing on what you are doing right now, the more you are going to be able to see success. There is no reason that you should agonize and feel bad about what is going on. Keeping excited, even if you begin to feel a little down and out is the way to keep going and keep being successful in what you set out to do.

Have an Accountability Partner

When you have someone that is going to make sure that you are doing what you said you were going to do, it makes it a lot easier to do it. You can set up a schedule of when you are going to turn in your records to your accountability partner. This should usually be done every day so you are able to keep on track and keep going.

Having someone to be accountable to can help the other person as well because you can get someone else started on the right path with you. If you know of someone that would want to go on the journey with you, ask them if they would help you and you will be able to influence them to do something good for themselves too. You can help yourself and help other people at the same time.

Another thing you can do is take a supplement to help you lose weight. Green Coffee Bean Max has proved to be a great supplement. It helps people lose weight by boosting their metabolism as well as making sure that the body is functioning properly. You can get Green Coffee Bean Max through its official website.

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Coffee Diet Will Help You Slimm Your Body Instantaneously

green-coffee-47Good health and overall well-being starts by weighing just right for your height and build. Having the ideal weight is something everybody wants, but unfortunately do not have. One of the biggest challenges people face in life is losing weight. In a world where thin is the golden standard, many people torture themselves by going on fad diets and going through different weight loss plans just to achieve their ideal weight or figure. Some of these fads include consuming a limited amount of calories, only one type of food group, or working out for 6 hours every day. Unfortunately, many diet fads and weight loss programs do not always work; and if they do, results are short term. For many people to have gone through diet hell and live through it, finding out the result of their effort is only short term is a nightmare in itself. Moreover, many people experience nasty side effects from diet fads like nausea, dizziness, loss of energy, and dry skin to name a few. However, with the help of green coffee extract and the coffee diet, weight loss has never been easier, faster, and more effective.

Caffeine and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Jeans with CoffeeScientific research has proven that a connection does exist between coffee and weight loss. Coffee contains a great amount of caffeine in its pure form. Caffeine, a natural thermogenic, stimulates the body to produce heat. When heat is produced by caffeine in the body, the body starts to consume more energy and metabolic levels are raised three times the normal speed. In short, by raising a person’s metabolism by a little more than 10%, you are able to eat more and maintain the same weight or eat less and lose weight in the process. On the other hand, there is a down side to this: As soon as you add sugar, creamer, or milk to your coffee, the effects of the caffeine is nullified.

Green Coffee and Weight Reduction

pure-green-coffee-pills-4When roasted, the result is what most of us enjoy during various times of the day. However, when freshly picked, pure green coffee is simply unroasted coffee- coffee in its purest form- which may be the answer to all weight related problems out there. Green coffee extract has been found to significantly reduce fat absorption as well as fuel metabolic rates in the liver, both of which are very important in weight reduction. Green coffee contains a natural chemical called Chlorogenic acid. This chemical slows the release of sugars in the bloodstream, a process which also helps in weight loss. Since Chlorogenic acid increases thermogenesis (a process when body heat is produced), fat is burned faster for energy consumption. Moreover, because green coffee contains much more anti-oxidants than roasted coffee, taking green coffee supplements can also help in reducing the production of fat cells in the body.

Green Coffee and It’s Other Benefits

For a person on a coffee diet, the main goal is to lose weight. However, there are also other benefits in taking pure green coffee products as part of your weight loss program.

Reduces hypertension

Healthy CoupleScientific studies have proven that green coffee is capable of reducing blood pressure. A person suffering from hypertension can benefit from taking green coffee because the chlorogenic acid in green coffee affects the blood vessels which in turn reduces blood pressure.

Lowers cholesterol

Due to the anti-oxidants contained in green coffee, the amount of homecysteine in the body, an amino acid that has been linked with cardiovascular diseases, is reduced. Furthermore, these anti-oxidants also inhibits the growth of bad cholesterol keeping your heart healthy.

Balances sugar level

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee does reduce blood sugar levels through its inhibiting properties that works against the glucogenolisis in the body which in turn prevents it from amassing into abnormal levels so that in can be effectively converted into energy. Research also shows that individuals who consume green coffee pills regularly are less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Eliminates free radicals

Another great benefit to taking green coffee is its aid in the elimination of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are one of the main causes in looking older than you actually are, having bad blood circulation, and in having less lean muscle. Moreover, green coffee stimulates the creation of vitamin E in the body. In short, taking pure green coffee as part of your weight loss program will ensure that you will not only look younger but also feel younger.

Buying Green Coffee

best-and-worst-weight-loss-supplements-artIf you plan to go on a coffee diet, make sure that the green coffee you will buy will only contain pure green coffee extract. Unless you are armed with the knowledge that the ingredients on the label are safe, avoid products that have “other ingredients” on the label as these may pose health risks.

Green coffee extract can be found in most health food stores, but many websites also offer this. If you decide to buy online; remember that although many websites offer green coffee extract pills online, only buy from reputable sites. Many websites and shops may boast of their expertise on the product, however; a few of them sell substandard green coffee extracts which contain contaminants or impurities that could be dangerous to one’s health. One way to find out if the website offering the green coffee extract is legitimate is to check out reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients. The coffee diet is an effective way to lose weight, but this is only possible if the product you buy is pure.

Overall, the feed back concerning the coffee diet using pure green coffee extract is good. Since green coffee extract is a natural substance, it has no known side-effects. This miracle substance does not just help you reduce your weight significantly but also aids in keeping your heart healthy, your blood sugar levels down, and your face and body looking good- making you feel better all over. So, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight, going on the green coffee diet coupled with regular exercise and a healthy diet will do the trick for you.

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Pure Green Coffee – Several Things You Should Really Know

green coffee big box

green coffee big boxPure green coffee refers to the extracts from the coffee beans, which are not roasted. Green coffee cultivation is dated back to the 1100 AD in Arabia in Red Sea. During those times, the pure coffee beans, which were unroasted, were used to create beverage after brewing. The green coffee was used as a beverage similar to tea. In recent times, pure green coffee has gained immense popularity due to its health benefiting qualities.

However, the most popular benefit of pure coffee bean is the weight loss aid that it provides. Studies have shown that when combined with a regular workout regime and healthy diet, pure green coffee boosts the weight loss significantly. Green coffee is also considered to be therapeutic in its extracted form. Offered as a pill, pure green coffee has less caffeine than the roasted coffee as a drink.

Most recently, pure green coffee bean extracts shot to fame, after a test was conducted by the medical unit of the American syndicated television talk show named as ‘The Dr Oz Show’. The test was conducted to study the effects of the pure green coffee bean extracts, also referred to as GCBE, a registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick Dr along with Dr. Caroline Apovian.

For the test, 100 obese women in the age group of 35 to 49 years, with BMIs ranging from 25 to 45 were enlisted by the medical unit of the show. The enlisted women were neither pregnant nor were breast feeding. They did not have any major medical problems such as; diabetes, stroke or history of heart attack. The participants were then handed over either a placebo or the GCBE pills.

The group of women was now instructed to consume the capsules of 400 mg handed over to them, three times a day, 30 minutes prior to the meals. The participants were also not supposed to bring any changes in their diet plans and to maintain a journal related to their eating habits, to help the medical unit of the show understand their eating patterns. The participants were also unaware about the details of the pills handed over to them.

After two weeks, the participants were weighed. The detailed study of the weight pattern established that the participants who consumed GCBE lost approximately two pounds of their weight, on an average, whereas the participants who were given placebo, lost one pound of weight on an average.

The lose of one pound was also attributed to the food journal, which the participants were asked to maintain. It was assumed from the study that the journal made the participants conscious about their eating pattern and resulted into the weight loss of one pound. The study, sparked the discussion and various other studies to prove the weight loss and other health benefiting properties of GCBE.

Health Benefits of Pure Green Coffee Beans

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe green coffee contains polyphenols along with chlorogenic acid. Similar to green tea or grape seed extracts, it is high on anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which provide a support to the body to control and neutralize the harmful free radicals. The studies have shown that green coffee beans, due to the chlorogenic acid also has anti-hypertensive effects on the human body, while balancing the blood pressure level. The health benefits of chlorogenic acid cannot be enjoyed through a coffee drink, as the chlorogenic acid properties are destroyed, when the coffee beans are roasted.

Chlorogenic acid in GCBE also reduces the level of homo-cysteine in the the blood, to improve the cardiovascular health in the body. High level of homo-cysteine can affect the cardiovascular function and can cause strokes, blood clots and heart attacks.

Pure green coffee is also believed to be able to stabilize the bowel movement and refurbish the colon health in your body. It also strengthens the immune system, while curbing the appetite and increasing fat oxidation.

How Does the Pure Green Coffee Help Weight Loss?

Image of a slim girlThe chlorogenic acid in the pure green coffee beans helps to lose weight in two different ways. Firstly, the chlorogenic acid increases the metabolism, resulting into the increased level of energy. High metabolism burns the calories in your body faster. Therefore, combining the high metabolism rate with regular workouts and healthy, balanced diet provides impressive and faster weight loss results.

Secondly, the chlorogenic acid absorbs the glucose into your blood stream and balances the sugar level to avoid the fat build-up in your body. As per the studies, after the ingestion of the green coffee pill, it is not absorbed by the small intestine and is not visible in the plasma; while preventing the fat into the body, due to the fact the the components bind to the specific compounds of the body. Both the mechanism support the lean body mass and help to manage weight more effectively. GCBE effectively targets the areas with abnormal fat banks, such as; abdomen, thighs, chin and hips.

Does GCBE Has Any Side Effects?

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesThe pure green coffee bean has not shown any long term side effects and is generally established to be safe, after various studies and researches. As per the study conducted on 117 males, the results showed no adverse effect of pure coffee bean extracts in any ways, physically, clinically or in the medicine history examinations. The results were promising in reducing and balancing the blood pressure as well as indicated towards various other health benefits.

In another study, conducted on 28 Japanese patients after consuming GCBE for two months, showed no adverse results or side effects, while coinciding with the beneficial attributes of the GCBE in hypertension. There was no bio-chemical imbalance noticed in the blood serum iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and also the level of vitamin B1. Therefore, it has been established that GCBE has no side effects proven till now and has the health benefiting properties in it.

Final Verdict

Pure green coffee bean is a natural and safe way to healthy living, without getting into the heavy dosages of pills with harmful and unnatural composition. Pure GCBE can be termed as revolutionary due to its weight loss and therapeutic properties.

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7 Amazing Ways Your Health Can Benefit From Coffee Bean Extract


Green Coffee ExtractGreen Coffee is derived from raw and unroasted seeds or beans from the popular Coffea fruit. The extracts from these rare find of Coffea beans are proven to show miraculous health benefits especially in weight loss. Green Coffee extract is gaining increasing popularity after its effects have been studied and testified by the famous medical practitioner Dr Oz. He says that there are a considerable proportion of antioxidants in Green Coffee beans that tend to melt your fat away leading to optimum health and fitness. It is said that unroasted green coffee beans have high levels of chlorogenic acid resulting in immense health benefits for blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heart diseases, weight loss and others. In the recent Dr Oz study, it has been observed that Green Coffee bean extracts burn fat faster without much physical exercise and diet programs. In this article, let us look into the health benefits offered by this phenomenal pure green coffee beans extract.

High Proportion of Antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean

dr oz 1It is a well-known fact that antioxidants play a key role in enhancing the overall body metabolism leading to weight loss. Antioxidants help prevent the oxidation of other food molecules inhibiting the formation of free radicals in the system. It has been discovered that untreated or raw green coffee beans contain very high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is rich in antioxidants. This acid is excellent for enhancing overall health of the body. It has also been observed that antioxidants help in the prevention of life threatening diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, and even altitude sicknesses and many more.

Enhance Metabolism Process

Coffee Pills ExtractGreen Coffee Bean extract has the ability to enhance and boost the overall metabolic rate of the human body. Increased metabolic activity has numerous health benefits. The presence of chlorogenic acid boosts metabolism, burning fat and excessive adipose tissue in the body at a faster rate like never before. Surprisingly it has also been discovered that the presence of “kelp” in raw and untreated green coffee bean extracts is a fantastic source of rich vitamins and minerals, which help in keeping the body in good vital condition. Green Coffee bean ideally speeds up metabolism by altering the means in which glucose in blood is absorbed into the body.

Helps Manage Diabetes and Blood Pressure Levels Effectively

Fast Weight Loss with Green CoffeeThe presence of chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean extract also helps in managing blood sugar levels to a very great extent. It is indeed another major indicator for reducing high blood pressure levels effectively. As it is a known fact that high blood pressure levels lead to unexpected cardiac arrests on has to be cautious in managing their blood pressure on a consistent basis. Regular intake of green coffee bean extract on a consistent basis has proven to lower the blood sugar levels in case of diabetics and also regulate blood pressure levels without medication. So apart from losing weight, this fantastic ingredient helps in managing overall health and prevents chronic diseases and cardio vascular problems.

Inhibits Overeating Erratic Food Patterns

Another seemingly wonderful benefit of indulging in green coffee bean extracts or pills is that it inhibits the need to overeat. Erratic food patterns at irregular timings are one of the prime concerns as to why people put on weight. Green Coffee bean kills the urge to eat often in between meals thus giving scope for the body to burn the excess fat and eliminate the stored up fatty acids and calories in the system.

Enhanced Concentration Levels

happy-woman-nuratrimIt has also been observed that consuming green coffee bean extract on a regular basis improves or enhances brain activity greatly leading to better concentration and attention span. Increased attention span helps in boosting memory power thereby empowering you with outstanding ability to recall and recollect events, facts, dates and occasions with greater ease. Research shows that coffee beans have the ability to enhance learning abilities and analytic reasoning skills, which are greatly needed for overall success in today’s world. Better cognitive thinking, reasoning, spatial and abstract reasoning are some of the outcomes of consuming green coffee bean extracts on a daily basis.

Help in the Liver Detoxification Process

The role of liver in our bodily system in maintaining absolute health cannot be undermined. Liver needs to cleansed and maintained in perfect condition to ensure optimum health. Green Coffee bean extracts help in activating the liver enabling it to purge fats and eliminate harmful acids, chemicals and high level of cholesterols from the body. Green Coffee thus aids in detoxifying the liver so that the human mechanism can function in a healthy fashion. This detoxification process further helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body keeping it in perfect health condition.

High Energy Levels with Regular Green Coffee Intake

It has also been observed that regular and daily consumption of untreated green coffee bean extract leads to high energy levels as coffee bean contains caffeine. Caffeine helps in keeping you alert and boosts the energy levels of the bodily system keeping you active and attentive all the while. You will never experience fatigue if you consume Green Coffee every day. Enhanced energy levels have the capacity to make you look much younger than your actual age and you can just make people guessing your actual age!


After intensive scientific research and study it has been ascertained that untreated green coffee bean extract has many health benefits. Having the potential to treat obesity at a much faster rate this fantastic pill can boost your overall health by supplementing it with vital minerals and vitamins keeping you in perfect health. Increasing the metabolic rate of the body aggressively, green coffee accelerates the body’s ability to burn fat easily in a short span of time. Green Coffee bean extract contains many selective ingredients that are blended carefully into a digestive capsule helping you lose weight with added health benefits. To enjoy all the health benefits make sure that you buy top quality green coffee bean extract.

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