Chlorogenic Acid Weight Loss

There are so many different weight loss methods and techniques out there right now, but I’m sure that very few of Chlorgenic Acidyou have heard of chlorogenic acid weight loss. That should actually be rephrased to read that you probably have heard of it, but under the name of the green coffee bean diet.

There is a lot of credit being given to the weight loss results achieved by using the green coffee bean diet method with all of the major plaudits going to chlorogenic acid which is the main active weight loss compound found in the green coffee beans.

Chlorogenic acid aids in weight loss by slowing down glucose absorption within the body after a meal. Glucose consumption is responsible for providing our bodies with energy. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that we over consume glucose and this results in excess weight gain.  The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean extract, works to slow down this release of glucose in our bodies. This results in a faster metabolic rate and works to keep us more satisfied by controlling our food cravings and reducing hunger.

Chlorogenic acid can be found in many foods but the best source is green coffee bean extract. Of all the green coffee bean extract, Green Coffee Bean Max seems to have some of the longest and most tested weight loss results.

 Regular Coffee & Chlorogenic Acid

This probably makes you caffeine lovers out there wonder why the weight is not falling off when they are drinking a pot of coffee per day. The answer is in fact fairly simple, and it’s that the chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee bean is pretty much destroyed when the beans are roasted.  Since most of the beans that make our favorite grind go through some form of roasting, it means that any weight loss benefits that you might ordinarily get from your morning brew are pretty much taken away.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should rush out in search of unroasted green beans in order to kick start your weight loss efforts. While chlorogenic acid is a green coffee bean extract that is found in unroasted beans, simply brewing up a pot of coffee using that type of bean would literally leave a horribly bitter taste in your mouth.

You are also unlikely to receive the required dosage amounts that are needed to get effective weight loss results. That is why green coffee beans are now sold as a supplement in extract form, so that you can get those benefits quickly and effectively.

With all of that said, the big quest is exactly how does chlorogenic acid contribute to weight loss? Researchers believe that the acid does a great job of inhibiting the release of glucose into the blood stream. As soon as you eat food or drink a beverage, insulin is released by your liver, with the excess glucose stored as fat. Since the chlorogenic acid effectively slows down the release of glucose, the absorption of fat is reduced and the liver is able to metabolize that fat at a greater rate.

That’s exciting news for folks that have been looking for an effective weight loss supplement, but that news gets even better when you here that there are some added benefits to be had by using green coffee beans and chlorogenic acid.

In a 2005 study performed by Japanese researchers, participants who received the green coffee bean extract saw an improvement in blood pressure, with no side effects reported. Tests performed on lab rats also yielded positive results, with the chlorogenic proving particularly effective in lowering cholesterol levels. If you are looking to lose a little weight and have had hypertension or cholesterol issues, then green coffee bean supplement may well be worth a look.

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