Make Your Coffee Machine Help You Lose Weight

green-coffee-4Green coffee is made from coffee beans that have not been roasted and is gaining popularity recently because of the health benefits that it provides. The best form of the same is the extracted form and pills of the same can be obtained from a variety of suppliers. The extracted form also has less caffeine as compared to the original form.

Recent studies have shown that these beans have chlorogenic acidity which reduces fat and overall increases the metabolism of the body. It serves as a undesired fat metabolism enhancer, partly by blocking the glucose release in the body. The body burns more fat due to the increased metabolism and you lose more weight eventually. So get some green coffee beans for your coffee machine and burn fat!

We all know that bad cholesterol is the main reason for cardiac arrest so this gives rise to another interesting fact about green coffee that it helps in reducing the blood pressure. For high blood pressure it works upon the vessels so that the pressure is decreased and helps in stabilizing the blood pressure. How does Green coffee extract bean work? What happens is that the bean regulates the ability of the body to break down the sugar molecules which can be of the form of glucose or carbohydrates, and this in turn helps the body to burn a lot of fat and helps in balancing the sugar levels and keeps your blood pressure levels in control. Green coffee extracts contain anti-oxidants in high amount, these help clearing out the damage which is caused by the free radicals. The cholesterol levels can also be kept in check with the aid of these green coffee beans. So eventually they they not only help in weight loss but also keeping the cholesterol levels in proper check.

dr oz 1One of the major fact about green coffee bean is that it helps to reduce the food cravings. And hence it prevents an individual from overeating, not if the individual does not overeat, the body can eliminate the extra calories stored in the body.

Some studies have pointed out that the green coffee bean extracts have an active component which is very powerful in preventing the platelets from sticking together, this in return increases the blood circulation throughout the body and prevents the arteries from hardening. And that is why drinking green coffee prevents diseases like cardiac problem, strokes, high blood pressure.

If you want be to be alert and awake drink green coffee, it boosts your concentration power and you can recollect things easily in fact very easily. Studies have shown that the beans help a great deal in maximizing your learning abilities and the way you reason yourself out of things. It helps in decreasing the errors made cognitively outside the place where your work.

Weight-Loss-Tips-from-you-Fitness-Trainer-in-South-Dublin-Ireland-close-to-Dundrum-Rathfarnham-Sandyford-Leopardstown-Terenure-ParkYou know that your liver should be cleansed often and in fact cleansing the liver is one of the most important things when it comes down to staying very fit. And eventually what the liver does is it purges the fat out and the bad cholesterol and the other toxic chemicals. Now the green coffee beans help a lot in the detox process of the liver and eventually they help in a good metabolism rate. When it comes down to weight loss, proper diet and exercise result in weight loss but research shows that when you add a supplement like green coffee bean, that can increase the weight loss and of course there is the added antioxidant benefit. But for green coffee bean to be effective we must make sure that it is pure and organic and of high quality and approved by FDA.

Though in small quantity but the beans does contain caffeine which are very helpful in making you more alert and responsive to the changes that are around you. Your energy is boosted and you remain revived all throughout the day.

Now you have seen a plethora of benefits of green coffee beans. And its very very easy to buy green coffee online. But the important point that you have to make sure is that you purchase only high quality of the product, that is high quality green coffee beans.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesNow whatever we may call our drink we all need at least one coffee cup during the day, but we all know that the coffee beans have the benefit of keeping you awake but very less people know that these beans have fat-fighting potential. But let us see some of studies that will prove to us how these beans fight fat:

In India there was a study conducted and people taking the green coffee beans lost around 20 pounds that is 10% of their body weight in around 6 months. This study was conducted in India and was published. The quantity of the extracts were 700 and 1050 mgs a day.

And the study about which we all know is the study which was conducted by Dr. Oz. In his show around 100 people were included and the experiment was ran for over 2 weeks. The final result was the people who took green coffee beans lost 2 pounds and the people who did not and took just placebo lost 1 pound. But in both the cases a food journal was kept by the people which made them more aware of the diet.

Happy-ladyThe suggested intake by the doctor is 400mgs taken three times a day this is slightly higher than the Indian study. And you should no that in both the studies which were conducted no side effects were seen. The results look safe so the beans can be used by people in illnesses also.

But there are certain things that should be noted that the celebrity doctor made this point sure that the bean extract does not contain any ingredient which should be avoided by people because it is harmful to them. These extracts should be taken by people who are eighteen and above and not by pregnant women or the breast feeding ones. And since the supplement is just new and there is no proper study or research on its effect on children they should avoid taking the supplement.

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