What Are the Results of Dr. Oz Diet Experts Tests of Pure Green Coffee?

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeWho is always our favorite go-to man when it comes to all things health & fitness? Dr. Oz of course! Dr. Oz has provided us with many years of honest & incredibly useful facts about our health, diets & lifestyle choices. So it is no surprise that when Dr Oz diet experts had heard about the potential weight-loss & overall health benefits of the Green Coffee Bean they immediately wanted to put it to the test. Of course, that is just what they did.

First please allow me explain what “Green Coffee” is. Green coffee is the pure, raw & unroasted beans of the Coffea plant. These beans in their natural state have a large amount of chlorogenic acid in them. This acid is known for having fat-blocking and burning power. Many studies have proven that chlorogenic acid promotes slower absorption of fat and also gives your metabolism a boost. Sounds like the perfect thing for any person looking to jump start their weight-loss journey. Although you might be thinking that with all the coffee you drink that you are already getting enough of this lovely chlorogenic acid in your system. Well it is time to think again my friends. Unfortunately, when coffee beans go through the roasting process they are stripped of most of their great qualities, mainly the chlorogenic acid. So it is only in the pure, raw and unroasted form that you will be guaranteed to get the most bang for your body.

Green Coffee Beans PillsThe even better news is that not only do these raw beans naturally help with fat-burning weight loss & a boosted metabolism but they have also shown that they can bring overall health to your entire body. In several studies, users noted increased energy levels, a more alert mind, and decreased appetite. On top of that, green coffee also has the ability to balance your blood pressure levels and your sugar levels, which is definitely not an easy task for many overweight Americans. These are important levels to pay mind to in our bodies. Green coffee beans also promote overall cardiovascular health. They are said to have the fighting-power of aspirin when it comes to keeping your blood cells from wanting to stick together. Healthy blood cells & veins equals a healthy heart. Also coffee in it’s raw form is naturally full of antioxidants, but again the roasting process can cause those antioxidants to drop significantly. When having the raw green coffee, you are keeping in all of the rich antioxidant power. And just one more thing to boot, these beans also aid in healthy colon function. So with just one little addition to your diet, you can easily manage to properly care for your entire body.

be3886611faefee12a328a0a61ad8c98.wix_mp_1024As soon as the Dr Oz diet experts heard about these potential life-saving benefits, they decided they had to try it out for themselves. After finding the best doctors and dietitians in the country, Dr Oz diet experts set up their largest research study yet. They were excited to see that the benefits of these green coffee beans became clear in very little time. The show had a group of 100 woman, half of them taking 400mg capsules, three times a day, before meals for 2 weeks. The other half were placed on a placebo. They were also all instructed not to change their diet at all. Within just two weeks time those who were on the actual green coffee pills lost an average of 2 lbs. And this was without making any changes to their diet! Now imagine some green coffee supplements mixed in with a good diet and exercise and you will really be on to something. It was also noted that the placebo group did lose an average of 1 lb, however they are suspect to having been much more aware of their diet due to the requirement of keeping a food journal.

Regardless, I think the results speak for themselves. Not only are you losing weight without even trying, you are also giving a healthy boost to your entire body. Lucky for us, manufacturers’ have turned this coffee bean extract into pill form making it simple to have on hand no matter where you are for any meal. You can keep this small capsules in the car, your purse, or on your desk at work. Also with all the diet fads that we have been bombarded with in the last several years, this green coffee bean finally gives us a reasonable, inexpensive, and healthy change to make to our diet. The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on these magic little pills is through purchasing on the internet. This way you can buy in bulk & don’t even have to leave your home. Make sure that when you buy you check out the ingredients, even if it says pure it’s always safer to double check that it has GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol on the list.

best-and-worst-weight-loss-supplements-artAnother added bonus for users is that these pills have no side effects. So not only are you getting tons of overall health benefits, you also don’t have to worry about any pesky side effects like headache or nausea that often come with a change in your diet. Be reminded though that you should always consult with a doctor before adding any pills to your diet however thus far there have been no negative effects on users. Researchers will continue to keep a close eye on this supplement as time goes on to make sure this continues.

So as you can see the benefits of this little pill are numerous and also very important to your overall health. Not only will you have a jump start on weight loss, but you also get a beautifully pumping heart and veins, balanced cholesterol levels, balanced sugar levels, increased energy and awareness, healthy colon function, and an antioxidant boost to boot. Take if from the Dr Oz diet experts and put green coffee bean at the top of your next to-do list. Still are not convinced? Do as Dr. Oz would do and test it out for yourself!

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