Dr. Oz TV Show On Green Coffee Extract Helps Lose Weight Many People Everywhere

green-coffee-32I’ve just been doing even more research on Dr. Oz green coffee extract after seeing the feature on the Dr. Oz show. It is starting to get mainstream acceptance as a healthy way to help manage weight loss and a bunch of other health benefits, now that more and more health professionals are talking about the clinical studies.

Dr. Oz has a great show. He tries to present the whole story, especially when the subject might be considered a controversial one. I’ve been a big fan for the past year and watch every episode. The show he did recently on the green coffee bean extract really convinced me to give this supplement a try. The results have been good so far, but I haven’t been taking it long enough to really see the results I want. Although there are hundreds of people who take this supplement and make zero changes to their lifestyles and still lose weight, I’m following Dr. Oz’s recommendations and doing a proper exercise program in healthy diet along with taking the green coffee extract. I’m confident that if I do miss a workout or have a cheat day on my diet I’ll still be making good progress because of my supplements and be able to get right back on the program.

dr oz 1So if you’re looking for a way to lose weight and still be lazy you could try this. I can’t tell you if it will work all on its own because I don’t have that personal experience. I think it’s important to eat as healthier a diet as possible and get some exercise.

Some of the other health benefits mentioned on the show are it’s effect on balancing the blood pressure, balancing the sugar levels, improving your cardiovascular function, acting like colon cleanse, and antioxidation.

I think could use this long term without any side effects or negative interactions that I know of although I have read some accounts from people saying the supplement has had either no affect or it’s been too powerful. One woman even said she thought it spiked her sugar levels.

semenax_pills_lgIt’s important to make sure you get the right product. There are different manufacturers and supplements like these are not regulated by the FDA so you have to be extra careful. I can tell you that meet in my friend have put the time in to make sure we got the green coffee extract that was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. We also made sure there was no caffeine in the product we bought. I know how important it is to avoid adding extra caffeine to your diet.

My friend started taking green coffee extract as well. We both take one pill about 1/2 hour before our meals. It really is that easy. She is a fan of the Dr. Oz show and she watched the episode on green coffee bean extract with me. We’ve been talking about it and other products ever since that episode first aired on TV. The results have been very similar to mine. Everything is working well, only need more time to get those great results.

We have both been going on walks together every morning on the local trails, and we are playing basketball on Saturdays with my son and his friends. Where is all this extra energy coming from? Seen Dr. Oz green coffee extract did not say that you will get a direct energy boost but we have both been happy with our energy levels, even with fewer carbohydrates in our diets.

girl measuring her stomachI wish I could eat like those boys do. My son does eat a semi healthy. He just needs a lot. He also takes as vitamins and he has asked me if he should take the green coffee abstract. I have and body and any yet because he is already skinny and healthy and also he is only 15 years old. He doesn’t even like coffee, I don’t think he needs it. For the rest of us, every bit of help we can get is a longer life and a more active one.

My specific goal is to lose 20 more pounds and my friend wants to lose 30 pounds so she is back to her weight for the day she got married. We are both on our ways to achieving those goals, and we both think that the Dr. Oz and the different supplements he recommends, including green coffee bean, for playing their part.

weight loss and coffee

I need to convince my husband to start taking some. He can stand to lose a few pounds. After I show him what can be accomplished he will get on board. I worry about his heart and cardiovascular health. He doesn’t seem to care, so I worry enough for the both of us. I’ve gotten him to try it a few times, but he will not remember to take it on a regular basis like I do.

Getting back to me and my friend. Her name as Sarah. Both of us have seen a decrease in our appetites for sweets and candy. I am especially susceptible to overindulging and chocolate ice cream. It is one of my favorites and I used to eat a bowl of it every evening while watching TV. Now I don’t even snack any longer after 6:00 and Sarah doesn’t either. We’ve been researching this together in talking about it and we both think that the reduced cravings for sweet foods is because of the the benefit of having balanced sugar levels. I have not had a problem with diabetes but Sarah is diagnosed pre diabetic by her doctor. This means that she has a problem with insulin resistance. And by the way she did talk to her doctor before she started taking the green coffee extract. Her personal doctor gave for the okay and we’re both happy that he did because it seems to be working. Sarah was worse than me when I came to snacking. She would be moody and have fluctuations in her energy levels all day long prompting her to binge eat on cookies and other sweets.

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