Myths and Facts About Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplements

Pure Green Coffee PlantsThe popular TV medical program, The Dr Oz Show, has created a lot of hype in green coffee extracts after it termed it as a ‘miracle’ product. This has led to the skyrocketing of the sales of the product which is made from extracts of coffee that is raw and unroasted.

Most individuals still have the dream of a simple way of losing weight such as swallowing a pill. According to the Dr Oz show, the green coffee extracts as well as another compound found in raspberries known as ketone are the biggest revelation for people trying to loose the extra pounds. He referred to the green coffee beans extracts as an important discovery that has been made to help you shed off the excess fat faster.

dr oz 1However, the biggest question in most people’s mind is whether they really work as it sounds too good to be true. According to the popular TV doctor and other dieticians, the supplement contains a compound known as chlorogenic acid. This is important in inhibiting the glucose release in the body and thus increasing the liver’s metabolism process. Chlorogenic acid is usually removed from coffee beans during the roasting process.

One of the studies that have been mostly cited is one that was highlighted in the January 2012 issue of Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. In the study, sixteen overweight women were tracked while taking chlorogenic acid extracts gotten from green coffee beans for a period of twelve weeks. The women were not supposed to make any changes to their diet. The researchers found out that the women lost around18 pounds on average.

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesCritics also stood against Dr OZ weight loss supplements after he made the comment about the coffee beans extracts being a miracle ‘supplement’. This made Dr OZ to follow up with a study which was conducted by experts from his show. The research found out that after a period of two weeks, the fifty women whom he tested while using the supplement shed off around two pounds. This was double what was lost by another group that was using a placebo. The women were also required to keep a food diary and they weren’t supposed to make any other lifestyle or dietary changes.

If you intend to try out the green coffee beans extracts, Dr Oz suggest that you choose a supplement that has a 45% chlorogenic acid. This can be identified listed in the bottle as Svetol or GCA. He recommends a dosage of 400 mg which should be taken thrice in a day and thirty minutes before every meal. Since the product hasn’t been adequately tested, Dr OZ suggests that pregnant & breastfeeding mothers as well as those who are under the age of eighteen should not use the product. The celebrated doctor also warns people to be wary of products that do not list their ingredients.

slim_bodyQuestions have also been raised about the safety of the green coffee beans extract in regard to side effects. The coffee beans extracts as a Dr Oz weight loss supplement has 20mg of caffeine in each serving as compared to over 100mg which is in a cup of coffee. Therefore, unlike the brewed coffee, the product doesn’t make you feel jittery and nervous. However, there haven’t been enough studies on whether the product can affect people with conditions such as heart diseases.

Some people also wonder whether it is possible to get a similar effect from taking a cup of coffee. The answer is an emphatic No. This is because after the roasting process, the chlorogenic acid is lost. Therefore, the green coffee beans extract should be used before going through the roasting process or in other words, while still raw.

There are other health benefits that have been associated with the use of green coffee. Other studies have shown that people who consume green coffee have a lower risk of suffering from type 11 diabetes. The chlorogenic acid which is the main anti-oxidant in green coffee beans extract prevents the release of G6P enzyme and thus significantly stabilizing the levels of blood sugars. In one of the clinical studies, a dosage of 400mg of the supplement was noted to reduce up to 32% of the spike in post meal blood glucose.

Blood sugars that are stable allow mental clarity, hormone function, better energies, weight loss and detoxification capabilities. The raw green coffee together with some foods such as cinnamon and cacao has been noted to be effective in stabilizing the blood sugars and thus improving the overall body function. While the three of them are combined, they create an effect that is even greater in the body. Therefore, there are many other benefits of taking green coffee.

happy-woman-nuratrimAccording to Dr Oz, it is important to choose a brand that is reputable. On top of this, it should not have any artificial ingredients or even lots of fillers. Also, as it is the case with any other product, you should avoid overdoing it. Take as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You should avoid taking this Dr Oz weight loss supplement if you are allergic to caffeine or coffee.

Even as you choose the green coffee beans extract as a supplement for losing weight, you should bear in mind that nothing beats exercise and a healthy diet as a way of losing weight. Therefore, you should use the product as a supplement for a lifestyle change as a weight loss method. It is also recommended that you keep a food journal. The good thing is that this is now available in smartphone apps.

It’s important to note that Dr OZ also warned against some phony and ineffective green coffee supplements that are available online. Dr Oz weight loss supplements do not endorse any brand as the preferred choice. You should therefore be wary of those products that claim to have been endorsed by the TV physician. It is for this reason that you should carry out an adequate research before settling on a particular product. For this purpose, you can go through the products review section of our blog to help you choose the best product.

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