Get A Sexy Beach Body With Incredible Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplement

green-coffee-26One product that has received a massive boost as a diet supplement from the popular Dr Oz show is green coffee beans extracts. The reason that triggered Dr Oz to highlight the effectiveness of the weight loss supplement was a study published by a popular diabetes Journal.

Researchers in the study involved 16 women who were overweight as they all had a BMI of over25. This was done for a period of twelve weeks and they were not supposed to make any significant changes to their eating habits. In fact, they were taking more calories as compared to what they burned. In normal circumstances, you could have expected them to add weight. But this didn’t happen.

green-coffee-46By just adding the extracts from green coffee beans to their routine, the women lost 18 pounds over the period of the study. This translated to about 10% of their total weight. Therefore, they were able to lose a significant portion of their weight without any lifestyle change other than taking the supplement.
It is for this reason that the popular TV doctor chose to introduce to the world this Dr Oz weight loss supplement. The physician featured the supplement in three episodes in the year 2012. After the first episode which was aired in May, the sales figures for coffee bean extract as a weight loss product shot to the roof. There were thousands of people who reported finding success in the product as a diet supplement and this prompted Dr Oz to probe further.

pure-green-coffee-pills-2In the month of September, Dr Oz was at it again in a show that was meant to reveal the findings of a study that he and his team had conducted. The amazing thing is that the results also found out that green coffee extract is an effective aid in the loss of weight.

The medical team in charge of the study consisted of Dr.Caroline Apovian and Kristiin Kirkpatrick, who is a registered dietician. They set the study’s structure and rules. 100 women who were overweight and were aged between 35 and 49 were involved. They had a BMI that ranged between 25 and 45. To remove variants that could influence the outcome there were certain requirements for the applicants. None of them was supposed to be pregnant or breastfeeding. The subjects were also not supposed to have any serious medical problems such as diabetes. They were not supposed to have ever had a heart attack or stroke.

white-background-person-slimming-bodies_3341675Each of the women was given some pills which were either a placebo or coffee bean extracts. They were supposed to take a dosage of 400mg, three times in a day. The women were also not supposed to change their diet or engage in additional exercise. One pill was taken about thirty minutes before meals. (It is essential to realize that the pills are also available in dosages of 800mg, if you would not like to take them in such a frequency)The women were also supposed to maintain a food journal that was to help in tracking their dietary intake.

The study was meant to test the effectiveness of the supplement and to quickly provide some results. The subjects were weighed and also evaluated after the period of two weeks. None of them knew whether they had been using a placebo or coffee beans extracts. After revealing the half that was taking the placebo and the other that was taking the coffee beans extracts, it was time to find out the results. These were without doubt clear. Those who were taking the coffee beans extracts lost twice as much as those who were on the placebo. Even the one pound that the group on the placebo lost was probably due to the extra keenness on their diet. Even though the two pounds lost by the group on green coffee supplement wasn’t quite huge, it was definitely significant as it was attained with little effort.

weight-loss (2)Therefore, it is clear that this Dr OZ weight loss supplement is effective in the loss of weight. But one question that has been raised has to do with its safety. The good thing is that no side effects have been noticed in the product. Though you may wonder about the effect of the caffeine in coffee beans extract, there is no need to worry. The extract has little caffeine as compared to the brewed coffee. In the study, none of the participants experienced any kind of side effects such as jitteriness. In fact to borrow from the words of Dr Oz, there aren’t any indications that the extract has any side effects that may be harmful.

There are also questions as to whether the supplements are safe for everybody. Since there are no studies conducted on its effects on children, it should not be taken by those who are under the age of 18. Also, thepregnant or even breastfeeding should avoid taking the extract as there is no adequate information to indicate its safety in such situations.

The role of the chlorogenic acid in this Dr Oz weight loss supplement cannot be ignored. They attack and even kill off the fat cells. The compound also prevents the formation of new ones. When buying the extract choose one that has Svetol on its label and has at least 45%of chlorogenic acid. Avoid those that have additives or fillers. Read the ingredients on the labels before making a choice. Avoid buying any supplement that doesn’t list its ingredients. Avoid being hoodwinked by some manufacturers who refer to their products as pure as this doesn’t make any difference as long as the proper ingredients are not in place.

dr oz 1Bear in mind that Dr Oz didn’t endorsed any particular brand. Be wary of products that claim to have been endorsed as weight loss supplements by the celebrated physician. Carry out a research before choosing a particular brand. For more information on the specific brands, you can go to the products review section of our blog.In conclusion, there isn’t a single reason as to why you shouldn’t use the supplement for the loss of weight. It might even be the ever elusive solution you have been looking for.

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