Everything You Need to Know About Green Coffee Beans Extract

Weight Loss Jeans with CoffeeAre you tired of looking for natural extract supplement that can genuinely help boost your metabolism, improve your health overall and above all help you to lose weight naturally? Well, green coffee extract is gaining a lot of popularity across the globe, for its effective health benefits and weight loss properties.

Green coffee refers to coffee made out of un-roasted coffee beans. Green coffee is reported to have antioxidants such as polyphenois and an active compound called chlorogenic acid in large quantities; both these elements have been noted to have numerous long term health benefits. Regular consumption of green coffee and green coffee pills has also resulted in significant weight loss.

It has been noticed that the extracts of green coffee have more potential to render several health benefits than a cup of pure green coffee. These extracts are usually available in the form of pills.
How does Green Coffee help to loose weight?

Green coffee and its extracts have proven to be far more effective as a dietary supplement and as a natural weight loss supplement than it counterparts.

It is the active compound chlorogenic acid in green coffee that has the property to support weight loss and it does so through a dual mechanism. This compound restricts the release of glucose in blood, thereby balancing the blood sugar levels and also compelling the body to use fat cells which is the other source of energy. Chlorogenic acid also improves metabolism of the liver which in turn burns more fat. It stops the body from absorbing fat which results in losing weight naturally.

What are the other health benefits and how does it work?

The numerous health benefits of Green coffee and its extracts

  1. Boosts Digestive system
  2. Detoxifies and improves liver functioning
  3. Enhances energy levels
  4. Controls and balances blood sugar levels
  5. Reduces risk of Diabetes
  6. Maintains cardiovascular functions
  7. Reduces levels of bad cholesterol (LDL)
  8. Helps in overall well-being

Photo of Pure Green CoffeePolyphenois is a strong antioxidant that helps arrest and negates oxygen free radicals, which are responsible for degeneration of cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and studies have shown that green coffee pills or extracts boost the effectiveness of pain killer medications.

As against usual coffee, green coffee extracts do not contain any cafestol, which boosts the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) over a period of time, which can eventually lead to coronary heart diseases. Also excess accumulation of visceral fat can lead to diabetes and other heart diseases, sometimes they may also lead to cancer.

Green coffee extracts not only helps to neutralize the free radicals, but also reduces the level of sugar in your blood, balances the blood pressure and restricts the development of visceral fat, which accumulates around the abdomen, outlines the heart, kidney, liver and pancreas.

How is Green Coffee different from regular coffee?

Well, a regular cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving, where as Green Coffee pill contains only 20 mg. The important compounds of green coffee bean such as chlorogenic acid that help accelerating the weight loss by burning fat and reducing fat absorption is reduced or lost when the coffee beans are roasted, and hence regular coffee does not have the same effect as green coffee.

What should you check before selecting a green coffee supplement?

Green Coffee PlantsAs with any other supplement green coffee extracts/supplement should be chosen wisely for it to be effective. With so many brands selling this supplement it could get a little tricky to pick the right one.
So, how do you ensure that the green coffee extract is from organic, pure 100% high quality green coffee beans? Look out for these set of information before you decide to go with a brand.

FDA Approved- Ensure that the product is manufactured in an FDA approved facility by a cGMP certified manufacturer.

Pure 100% Green Coffee Beans Extract- This means that the extracts are made from organically grown green coffee beans and not synthetically grown. Also it is unadulterated without any filler.

Svetol or GCA Green Coffee beans- As per Dr Oz, extracts drawn from either of these types of green coffee beans have proven to be the most effective than the rest, especially for weight loss.

The recommended dosage of green coffee extract of chlorogenic acid is 700-800 milligrams per day for it to be effective.

Some facts about Green Coffee Extracts

Studies have shown that over a period of 22 weeks subjects consuming green coffee extract lost about 17.5 pounds and an aggregate of 10.5% of body weight overall which is quite a remarkable result. Green Coffee Beans have a unique smell and taste. Green Beans are not roasted at a temperature of 470 degree Celsius like the normal coffee beans.

Green Coffee is much more pungent and bitter as it contains 50 percent chlorogenic acid as against the regular coffee.

Quotes by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe most convincing study about the green coffee bean extract aiding the weight loss has been by Dr.Oz, which was aired on one of his popular TV shows. Here is what Dr.Oz has to say about this supplement.

  • “There are antioxidants in green coffee extract that melt your fat away”
  • “The fat burner that took the diet world by storm”
  • “One of the most important discoveries we have made to help you burn fat faster”

According to Dr.Oz the best thing about Green Coffee beans is its natural ability to heal and boost the immunity, without any major side-effects.

What should you do along with taking this supplement?

Drinking Green Coffee Extract will certainly help you to loose weight, however, you must remember that it is not a magical pill; hence for it to be really effective you must follow a healthy dietary pattern coupled with some light work outs such as walk or swim for an hour a day.

Having said that, you do not have change your lifestyle or its activities in a drastic way in order to loose weight and that is the beauty of this supplement, it works naturally.

Nutritionists also highly recommend and say that it is very important to ensure that your intake of water is high, and you get adequate amount of sleep for your green coffee bean extract to work effectively and efficiently.

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