Is Green Coffee Bean an Antioxidant?

Two words: chlorogenic acid. Still not sure what that means?  That’s OK. Let’s review!

Green coffee bean extracts have become some of the top weight-loss pills and supplements on the market today, in large part because of their antioxidant properties. See, there are two major types of coffee plants, and in the Arabica plant, the chlorogenic acid works as an antioxidant to fight off disease and improve the immune system.

The only problem is, when it’s consumed like normalgreen coffee cup coffee, with the beans roasted into a cup of java that you and I know and love, the chlorogenic acid is burned away and you’re left with a relatively unhealthy coffee drink that, while giving you much needed caffeine to wake you up, isn’t doing too much for you when it comes to promoting weight loss or overall health.

This is where green coffee bean extract comes in; when you can get to the extract before the bean is roasted, you get the powerful chlorogenic acid in its natural state and in its positive, healthy form to affect your weight loss goals in a positive way.

In fact, there are several major things that green coffee bean extract can do as an antioxidant with the chlorogenic acid active ingredient to help improve your body and promote weight loss.

Boosts Your Immune System

green coffee beans as an antioxidant – CopyFor many people, chlorogenic acid functions as a true antioxidant, fighting off diseases and balancing out and improving the immune system. This, in turn, promotes good overall body and digestive health, and staves off things ranging from serious viruses and sicknesses, to the common cold and achy, runny noses and throats. Boosting your immune system is a huge benefit that only comes from taking antioxidants like chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract.

Blood Sugar Balancing Act

Chlorogenic acid, and green coffee bean extract as a whole, also act in harmony as a blood sugar balance to promote stable sugar levels, and avoid those periods where you get so ravenously hungry that you want to eat everything in sight. In turn, this makes you more even-keeled when it comes to energy levels and metabolic rates, and promotes fast, efficient, and even weight loss throughout days, months, and years.

In addition, stable blood sugar promotes proper hormone function and energy absorption, which provides you more energy and punch to help you get through your day and remain energetic, even-keeled, focused, and on point to attack whatever it is you need to do. No more energy losses or nap time with green coffee bean extract!

In all, green coffee bean extract, and specifically the chlorogenic acid present in the compound, work as a natural antioxidant supplement that boosts your immune system, balances your blood sugar, and in the long run, improves your weight loss goals and rapidly melts the fat from your body. With no gimmicks, and only natural healthy supplementation, it’s no wonder green coffee bean extract has become so popular in the last few years!

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