Here’s a Quick Way to Lose Weight With Help of Green Coffee Bean Extract

green-coffee-33In our quest for material wealth, we have traveled on a road that has also had its share of thorns. Often, we have ignored such warnings as an occupational hazard. After all, fast-paced lives optimized for prosperity will bring a problem or two; so what? In thinking so, we did not understand when we actually turned money into the drug of our choice and health into a subsidiary concern.

Gorging on untimely pizzas and burgers, and missing out on our daily dose of exercises, we hardly realize when our belly begins to protrude. Let us undertake a mental test. How many of us exercised about 20 minutes each day last week? Did we break our food intake into 4-hour gaps or we just ate fast food whenever we got liberty from our hectic workplace lives? Well! So how did all of us fare? Most of us may have done badly in the test. What does it result in? Such lifestyles (forced or otherwise) give us fatigue, bloating, flatulence, heaviness and a belly that keeps coming out.

The Potency of Pure Green Coffee

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeWe look for varied sources to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the right kind of discipline to go through rigorous dose of aerobic exercises and Strength Training. It is also hard to stick to a dietary regimen and thus we keep going into a social shell due to obesity. Thankfully, we were created by nature and nature holds plenty of aces up its sleeves. These natural cures can easily cut down our body flab and reduce our weight drastically. One such cure is pure green coffee.

Tar and Slime in Colon Region

It is blessed with various ingredients that not only reduce the weight but also bring greater levels of cardiovascular and neurotic balance in our bodies. Let us begin by elaborating on its powers of affecting weight loss. Most of the fat that builds around our belly area is actually slime or tar sticking to our colon region. Now, these are nothing but toxins released in our bodies due to the constant process of metabolism.

A Champion Detoxifier

Green coffee acts as a detoxifier and cuts down on the action of free radicals. Free radicals are pretty deadly as they possess a free electron that is already looking to pair up. In its eagerness, it attracts electron from cells and causes quite some problem to our metabolism. The first consequence of action of free radical is building up of toxin. This toxin saturates the colon area and keeps adding to the layers of tar on our belly.

With the help of antioxidants present in it, pure green coffee decelerates the movement and intensity of free radicals and hence detoxifies the colon area. This brings shrinkage in our waistlines and a smile on our faces.

About Dr Oz’s Association with Pure Green Coffee

Detailed photo of green coffee capsulesOf course, antioxidants have a lot more positive effects just as well. Dr Oz and media proprietor Oprah Winfrey have amply suggested how pure green coffee can be the answer to our weight worries. Dr Oz has contested that people can use green coffee bean extract for weight loss, and mind you, he did not talk through his hat. With the kind of experience that he has, he distinctively talked about why green coffee works.

Dr Oz’s Experiment

Dr Oz was blasted by critics for calling green coffee a “miracle’ product. However, he stood strong to his conviction and in time proved his statement right. For the purpose, he undertook an experiment using 100 female volunteers. He inferred that women on green coffee lost 2 pounds of weight in a fortnight; this was double what women on placebo lost.

How Does Chlorogenic Acid Help?

be3886611faefee12a328a0a61ad8c98.wix_mp_1024Why green coffee bean extract for weight loss is so talked about? Let us start from the start itself. Green coffee beans are nothing but those beans which are unroasted. Their main ingredient, cholorogenic acid, is tipped as glucose inhibitor. Those taking green coffee do not get their meals translated to glucose as easily and hence they lose weight more effectively. After all, more glucose means greater insulin and this implies more fat storage. The underlying principle then is as simple as this.

Also, because the beans are unroasted and thus completely raw, their ingredients have not lost any of their potency. Perhaps, for the same reason we benefit more from raw carrots and cabbages than cooked ones.

Promotes Cardiac Health

For starters, pure green coffee increases the level of high density cholesterol in our body and minimizes the levels of low density cholesterol. This keeps our arteries from choking and hence helps in keeping us away from cardiovascular problems. As an aside, the supplement also tackles the problem of high blood sugar levels effectively. This helps in reducing the risks of diabetes. Those already affected with Diabetes (Mellitus or Insipidus) find great relief in daily use of pure green coffee.

Boosts Neurological Ability

Our neural capability gets a positive boost because the supplement helps the functioning of DHA in our brain. Though it is not conclusively proved by the medical fraternity yet it is widely regarded as an inhibitor of Dementia and Alzheimer tendencies.

Caffeine Content

Happy-ladyAbout 32 mgs of caffeine is present in 2 pills of 800 mgs. This is your maximum daily requirement for keeping slim and healthy. The capsules are recommended to be taken before meals and you should consult with your physician in the event of having high blood pressure. You can avail this power supplement in tandem with other supplements like raspberry ketones and GLA.

To Sum it Up

While many of us have actually benefitted from this supplement, some of us still like being critics. Critics like to rubbish every product as scam and every march of technology as fraud. However, they conveniently forget that Mother Nature was present even when we were not and thus its products are a lot more ancient than our own existence.

Keeping this in mind, we just need to have the good sense to take nature’s help. It has got enough in its kitty to help us with obesity and general healthiness. It may actually be difficult to undertake harsh diet regimens and tough exercise routines but if weight loss is your goal then it will be imprudent to keep nature and its powerful supplements away.

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