Shape Up Your Body and Lose Weight with the Use of Green Cofee Extract


Green Coffee Beans PackageObesity and weight gain is as a result of increased volume of stored fats in the body. Process of storage of fats starts from absorption, circulation and synthesis of storable components such as fats.

For weight loss to be achieved, the method used must achieve either of the processes, inhibit absorption from food intake, decrease synthesis in the liver or increase the metabolism of stored fats in the liver.

In order to achieve healthy body weight loss, method used must affect all body systems in order to avoid sudden health deterioration because of unmonitored, uncontrolled weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract is among the best and fastest method to achieve desired weight loss while still maintaining healthy status of body. It acts on the body by reducing synthesis of sugars and increase metabolism of fats.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean is the raw, unroasted coffee beans. Extract from the raw coffee beans contain components which are at higher levels than in roasted beans. These components in the coffee extract have their own independent pharmacological effects.

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeCaffeine is the popularly known component in the coffee, though coffee extract’s effects on weight loss and anti-obesity are due to other components including chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans and trigonelline. These compounds have been proved to improvemetabolism of glucose in the liver.

Chlorogenic acid is the most critical component in the extract. Chlorogenic acid inhibit glucose-6- phosphatase enzyme which promotes synthesis of glucose in the liver. This effect is responsible for decreased risk of glycemic disorders like diabetes. Chlorogenic acid has also been proven to inhibit absorption of fats from food intake and activate the metabolism of extra fats hence weight loss is achieved.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Lead to Weight Loss?

In a study documented in Diabetic, Metabolic syndrome and Obesity journal on January 2012, researchers provided 16 participants who were overweight due to their BMI ranging at 18.5 – 25 with green coffee extract for 12 weeks without change in diet. After 12 weeks, participants had lost an average of 10.5% of their total body weight and 4.4% of their total body fat. No side effects were reported in this study.

weight_loss_coupleDr Oz in his tv show, Dr. Oz show, through show’s medical unit conducted a trial of the green coffee extract under the guidance of experts and dietician. 100 women between ages 35 – 49 years and a BMI of 25-45 were randomly selected. The women were each provided with a placebo or green coffee extract and instructed not to change diet lifestyle but for the medication to be taken before meals. Ater two weeks, the women who had taken green coffee extract had lost an average of two pounds while the ones that had taken placebo had about one pound.

Natural chloregenic acid in the green coffee extract prevent influx of glucose into the blood stream which increases metabolism of the liver hence burn out fat fast. The two mechanisms are in synergy to inhibit storage and absorption of fats.

In both scientific studies carried out, participants were instructed not to change their eating habits or exercise routines if any. Weight loss can be accelerated by supplementing the extract with proper diet and regular exercises.

What are Other Benefits of Green Coffee Extract?

Blood sugar balance: Levels of blood sugar determine health status of the body. Blood sugar imbalances can lead to hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Imbalance causes inflammation which damage hormonal control systems, organs, and immune system. Green coffee extract inhibit glucose-6- phosphatase hence inhibit release of sugar to the blood hence stabilizing blood sugar levels

Cardiovascular benefits: Cardiac system consists of vital organs which are susceptible to damage due to accumulation of fats hence compromising their function. The fast fat burning ability by green coffee extract relieves the stress on the organs and restores the efficiency functions.

Decrease in cholesterol: Cholesterol play vital role in protecting vital organs such as brain and spinal cord. Too much of cholesterol can accumulate in organs such as arteries and veins causing blockage which can lead to stroke. Green coffee extract supplements decrease LDL cholesterol, vessel clogging cholesterol, levels. HDL cholesterol levels remain constant or increase. This cholesterol promotes healthy heart and reduces risk of heart attack or stroke.

Green Coffee PillsBrain benefits: Brain is a vital organ that is important in maintaining steady quality of life. Itsupplements helps maintain energy levels in the body, and ensures nutrients and oxygen are sufficiently available to the brain. This improves concentration, productivity, and memory hence increasing brain power. The extract is used to improve conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

High blood pressure: Hypertension affects 40% of Americans and 70% of overweight individuals. Hypertension can lead to stroke if not controlled. Since blood pressure is directly related to body weight, thus control of body weight leads to controlled blood pressure. Green coffee bean extract supplements lead to body weight loss which leads to proportionate decrease in blood pressure. Significant blood pressure drop is realized after a four to six weeks of the supplement use.

Anti-oxidation/Immune system benefits: Chloregenic acid is a strong antioxidant. Anti-oxidant extracts free radicals in the blood stream. Free radicals slow internal body processes and damage the skin. With intake of the extract, antioxidants absorb the free radicals and kill them allowing the skin and immune system revitalized.

Colon cleansing: Colon and bowel are vital areas for absorption and waste management. Chloregenic acid help in promoting healthy colon consequently stablelizing bowel movement. Prevents constipation and other diseases such as colon cancers and liver cancers.

What Are the Side Effects and Contraindications of Green Coffee Extract?

happy_womanIt has no side effects and if any, are as a result of levels of caffeine in the extract which can be controlled. These side effects include restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia, stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting, increased heart rate and breathing rate.

Some precautions are taken before intake of green coffee extract, which include incidence of pregnancy or breastfeeding, history of anxiety disorders, bleeding disorders, Diabetes, hypertension or osteoporosis.

Green coffee bean extract has been proved to be the most reliable and convenient way to lose weight fast. It is the safest and healthiest method due to the natural nature of the compound, minimal side effects, and its overall effect on improving health and quality of life.

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