Green Coffee Extract: The Verdict

green-coffee-13There have always been wonder drugs and weird diets doing the rounds on the internet, many people have given up their battle to lose weight after trying these quick fixes.

The latest fad doing the rounds is pure green coffee, which was promoted on The Dr Oz Show. Since this product is 100% organic with no known side effects, it’s clearly a product to be reckoned with as it not only promotes weight loss but also has other health benefits too.

The Dr Oz show also promoted this product after conducting several experiments to assess the benefits of pure green coffee. The users of Pure Green Coffee have recorded a standard reduction of 10% body weight and a standard reduction of 15% body fat. These results were observed after only a period of 15 days, which supports the claim that pure green coffee with its chlorogenic acid, is indeed a miracle for people wanting to lose weight.

Pure Green Coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans which are green in color and contains chlorogenic acid which helps in weight loss. Our regular coffee doesn’t contain chlorogenic acid as it is lost during roasting.

Green coffee is not just a passing fad, but it has been around for centuries before the concept of roasting coffee beans for better flavor was invented. Even today, some types of Arabic coffee are made using only these beans.

There are many health benefits in drinking Pure Green coffee, the most popular benefit being weight loss. Some more are given below as follows:

Improves Metabolic Rate

Dr. Oz endorsing Green CoffeeThe chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the person, which is a great way for promoting a healthy weight loss without the need for any strenuous workouts.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorogenic acid also reduces the amount of glucose absorption into the body after a meal. After the body reaches the optimum blood sugar level it does not allow excess glucose absorption into the body. It is very beneficial for diabetics who have to be careful about their blood sugar levels at all times.

Lower Caffeine Content Than Regular Coffee

The amount of caffeine in pure green coffee is also very less compared to our regular roasted variety. On a average there is only 25% of caffeine in a cup of pure green coffee as compared to a cup of regular coffee. So, we can safely say goodbye to the side effects of too much caffeine in our body like insomnia and increased blood pressure. It won’t help much in keeping you awake, but it sure will help you stay healthier for long.

Effective Colon Cleanse

pure-green-coffee-pills-2Pure Green Coffee is also an effective colon cleanse drink. It helps in expelling unwanted toxics from our body, thus creating a healthy body which is not bloated from unwanted fats and harmful toxins.

Immunity Builder

It also aids in building up our immunity as it contains rich and powerful antioxidants which promote a healthy blood flow.

Boosts Our Digestive System

Pure Green coffee also gives a boost to our digestive system and helps in making it stronger, by efficiently cleansing it of unwanted toxins. This helps in the reducing the belly fat, which is a sore sight for many.

Reduces Fat Accumulation

Chlorogenic acid effectively reduces all the fat blubber in our body, as it regulates the rate of glucose absorption and increases the metabolism rate. Lesser fat accumulation leads to a healthier heart and liver, thus prolonging a healthy life.

Helps Liver Functioning

Image of a slim girlThe break down of the fats, which happen in the liver, is given a boost by the chlorogenic acid. This results in a healthy liver ensuring its proper functioning and reducing the risk of a fatty liver.

Reduces Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Through less fat accumulation in the body, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is also reduced significantly. The blood flow in the body is also regularized thus ensuring a smooth functioning of the heart by reducing its workload.

With all these health benefits, it is understandable for some people to be cynical. But the many health benefits of this miracle drink should be considered, before coming to a conclusion after reading the reviews on the web.

This miracle drink needs no special preparation, but I’m just mentioning the process so that all doubts can come to a rest.

Making Green Coffee

Boil the green coffee beans just like regular coffee. Take the beans to distilled water in the ratio of 1:6. you can use a teapot or a sauce pan. Boil the beans and then lower the heat to simmer it for around 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let it cool naturally for about an hour.

Also available now, are the pure green coffee extract pills, which are a boon for people who just want to pop one and forget about it. While buying, though, I would suggest that you look for labels that say 100% organic, vegetarian with no additives.

2395822990_080048b89cThese pills are a wonderful option for people who love their regular cuppa who cannot get around without their caffeine fix. These pills contain the green coffee extracts, which act as effective fat burners in the body.

As with all the products and their reviews on the internet, the pure green coffee too has its share of non believers and endorsers.

Since this is a 100% organic product, it is safe to say that there no major side effects, apart from missing your daily caffeine fix J due to the low amount of caffeine in the pure green coffee.

The other challenges that must be overcome by the enthusiasts of green coffee would be:
The taste – which is best described as bitter J, by many. Add a spoon of sugar or any sweetener of your choice to overcome the bitterness.

No Flavour – that’s right!! There is no heady coffee flavor that we are so accustomed to. As these coffee beans ain’t roasted, the flavor of coffee is missing.

All in all, pure green coffee extract or pills, give us the easiest solution to manage our weight and improves our health.

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