2 Reviews on Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract You Should Pay Your Attention To

The Mircale Pill To Weight Loss

green-coffee-18I cannot remember a time I was not seeking weight-loss mechanisms, from vigorous exercises to diet-plans to diet pills. This is because I have always been overweight since my childhood years. My weight has always been a problem in my personal and social life. As a child I struggled with self-esteem issues but as I grew up I came to accept my weight but for health reasons I have continued seeking for ways of losing the extra pounds. I had tried everything I could think of before I decided to try out green coffee bean extracts. At a time when I was almost giving up on losing weight and blaming Mother Nature for my bad genes, I discovered the benefits of the green coffee bean extracts. In a few months, I had lost more than 25 pounds. I also became more energetic. I was basically a new person. The best thing about the supplement is that your appetite is not suppressed and you can continue with your regular diet. It is for this reason that I would like to give more information to those who are almost giving up on losing the extra pounds. Please pay attention.

The Facts

green-coffee-28The green coffee bean extracts are basically the unroasted version of the red coffee beans that is used to make the regular coffee. Roasting coffee beans at 470 degrees as is normally the case with regular coffee, removes the most important ingredient in weight loss- the Chlorogenic acid. The extract contains at least 50% of Chlorogenic acid- a poly-phenolic compound that is accelerates burning of body fats. The process of extracting the Chlorogenic acid from the beans also involves elimination of a significant amount of caffeine, leaving caffeine only equivalent to only about 1/8 of a cup of regular coffee.

How It Works

The Chlorogenic acid is the active ingredient of the green coffee beans extracts. What the compound does is stop the liver’s production of glycogen consequently stopping the release of glucose into the blood stream once the blood sugar level is balanced. Furthermore, the compound enhances the process of burning fat in the liver. By boosting a person’s metabolic activity, chlorogenic acid enables the body to get rid of excess glucose and lowering the cholesterol levels while at the same time increasing one’s energy levels. This energy boosts comes hand in hand with improved concentration and mental activity.


Green Coffee PillsBefore I started taking the supplements, I did a bit of research to establish whether it was a genuine product with proven outcomes. I found interesting research in the internet. According to the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, the pure green coffee bean extract is the safest and cost-effective fat metabolism booster. A study done to verify this hypothesis was carried out and revealed that obese people can lose up to 17.5 pounds and 10.5 of body weight in just 22 weeks by just taking the supplement 30 minutes before breakfast every day. Also, studies revealed that the supplement is also good for those with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. All these statistics and reviews made me think about going to the store and trying out the diet suppliment. However, what made me go running to the store is the endorsement the extracts got in a TV show by Dr. Oz. The doctor called the supplement a miracle pill to burn body fat. That is when I knew that this would work for me. I was not disappointed because in just under 4 months, I had lost 25 pounds.

At this point, all I can say to all those who are struggling with excess body fat is that they should not give up and fold their arms before trying out the green coffee beans extracts. I wish you all the best as you begin the journey towards your ideal weight.

Get The Best Out Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Young woman measuring her waist with a tape measureI would not call myself fat, but I would not call myself thin either. I have always wanted to eliminate the extra fat that hangs on my hips, abdomen and chin. I am a very active person and usually go to the gym at least twice a week. I had tried diet-plans and pills but all they seemed to do is make me lose my body weight and not the pounds resting on the areas I am most conscious about.

When I learnt about the green coffee bean products, I was very excited and decided to try it out immediately. At first, I did not observe any effect on my weight but after sometime, I decided to try out taking the supplements while increasing my exercises and reducing on fats in my diet. The results were amazing. I lost all the fat that was resting on my chin, hips and abdomen in just 2 months. I stopped taking the supplements, but continued with my regular exercise and low-fat diet. I am proud to say that to this day, I consider my chin, hips and abdomen just perfect. I would recommend this product without any reservation.

Fast Weight Loss with Green CoffeeHowever, there are some observations that I made that need some attention from all those considering taking the supplements. Rule number one; be sure to purchase the right product. There are some manufacturers who replace the green coffee beans with ephedrine-which are cheaper- then masquerade the product as green coffee beans extracts. Also be sure to check for the ingredients before taking the product. The primary ingredient is pure green coffee bean extract. The supplement comes in two forms- there is the pill and the capsule. If you decide to take the capsules, ensure that you take the vegetable capsule that does not contain filler as this is digested very easily. I would recommend products by manufacturers from the US and Europe but not those from China.

Rule number two, ensure that you consult your physician before starting to take the pills or capsules. This supplement is not recommended by most physicians for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Another observation I made is that the pure green coffee beans extracts do not have any side effects. This I cannot say about the diet pills I had taken before. Although some people have complained of nervousness. This is just a mild effect of the caffeine but remember that this is better than the effect you get from regular coffee since the pill contains only 20 milligrams of caffeine per serving compare to the 180 milligrams in regular coffee. Now you have it. I guarantee you will not regret using the pure green coffee bean extract.

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