The Secrets of the Magical Slimming Coffee

green-coffee-18Have you ever walked around, in the streets, malls, beach or anywhere for that matter and spotted a gorgeous body? Yes, that to die for body that you’ve always wished to have? Flat belly, muscular ass and toned arms-that’s what am talking about. The ones celebrities adorn as if they were the only ones in this planet meant for that perfect body. Personally, I know I would love such and am certain that you would too. When you ask anyone for advice, they will swear by exercise, diet and healthy living. All that crap that is so difficult to stick to, pardon me because we can make a thousand resolutions of not eating anything unhealthy,sticking to a strict to exercise regime but surely, does this really last long? Within no time we go back to our naughty self’s, naughty really? I don’t think so. Maybe there should be some magic that can come up and solve this mess, or maybe there is. Don’t give me that look be, because yes there is,trust me there is.

Green Coffee Beans HDEver heard of the slimming coffee? Mmmh, slimming and coffee both in the same sentence doesn’t seem right, does it? Relax, here is the story of Green coffee the coffee that does wonders to you and your body. So the question is, what is this slimming coffee? What has Green coffee got to do with it? Don’t you worry, your questions will be answered soon. In this world of today, everything is going green;from green houses, green energy to now the green coffee. Let me break it down to simple English, green coffee is coffee that has not been roasted and therefore tastes quite bitter and has no aroma to it. Let’s not stop it at that, there’s also green coffee pills which are pills made from green coffee. In other words, this morning beverage pardon me coffee lovers, can be used to help cause a slimming effect to the body and that’s where the name comes from “Slimming Coffee”. Wait, lets scream, isn’t that fantastic!

32Green coffee contains caffeine which is an appetite suppressant for a short period of time. This means that instead of grabbing that snack green coffee will ensure that you lack the urge. The burger, crisps, sausage, bottle of soda and all that unhealthy snack you love won’t definitely go down that throat. Believe it or not, just that will make you not add a calorie. As easy as-you name it. Green coffee pills also contains caffeine that is a diuretic that helps in loosing water weight. Even though this is just an illusion because you will gain it when you eat, fact remains you still lost some weight. So you who wants to loose water weight, let the journey begin with the slimming coffee. According to Medline Plus, caffeine which is in green coffee boosts energy. This means that you’ll stay active for long and the more active you stay the more calorie you loose, what a wonderful way to start your day. The effects of this slimming coffee are endless all of them enhancing your well being,so no more waiting green coffee is the way to go. Balancing blood pressure level, balancing sugar level, improving cardiovascular function, colon cleansing and anti-oxidation just to name a few. You don’t believe me? Then let me tell you because this must surely be the magical drink.

This slimming coffee as we call it balances blood pressure level as it has chlorogenic acid a 30% component in green coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid is a part of primary polyphenol antioxidant family which has an antihypertensive effect. If you are hypertensive this could be your savior. Despite loosing weight, you will keep hypertension at bay a deadly killer.

The other function of this slimming coffee is the balancing of sugar level. Studies have showed that the long term effect of caffeine usage which is in green coffee increases insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity will ensure that your sugar level is balanced. Need I say more?Just make it your habit of sipping green coffee our magical slimming coffee.

weight-loss5Improving of cadiovascular function is also another function of the green coffee. This is how it does it. Green coffee has a component chlorogenic acid that has feralic acid. This acid metabolises nitric oxide derived from vascular endothilium. This improves the action of blood vessel and improves blood circulation. According to June 2008, Journal of Cardiovascular prevention & Rehabilitation, green tea has an acute beneficial effect on endothilial function, assessed with flow-mediated dilation of the brachial artery in healthy individuals. Cardiovascular improvision is therefore your choice, if you choose green coffee your lucky because you will have so much to smile about.

Now lets go to the colon cleanse function of our magical slimming coffee our green coffee. Green coffee complements colon cleansing and this is how it does it. Green tea speeds peristalsis movement that helps in the promotion of release of food wastes and other toxins from the body. A perfect way to do your detox. So next time, instead of spending so much of your hard earned money getting a detoxifier just go the cheaper way with green coffee-the slimming coffee.

Green Coffee Beans PillsLast but not least I will explain to you how green coffee helps as an antioxidant. Green coffee is a strong antioxidant because it is not roasted. The lack of roasting makes the antioxidants in green not to be lost. Therefore, you will be having a drink that the antioxidants are intact. Antioxidants help in ensuring that your body has a rich supply of oxygen and therefore a strong immune system for you. Diseases will hence be kept at bay and those hospital visits that you hate will be a thing of the past.

Yes, yes, yes the benefits are so many more. If I could scribble them down for you, I doubt if you would embark your journey of embracing this magical drink. I am definite that once you start taking this slimming coffee it’s you who will be scribbling some of its benefits to me. I guess enough said, now let me give you a chance to stop dreaming and be that size zero you always wanted to be.

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