Beware: Green Coffee Free Sample Trial Offer Scam

So you have read the amazing reviews and seen the great results people are getting by taking green coffee bean extract.  After a quick search around the many Green Coffee websites, you realize that some offer a free trial sample offer.  Is it really free though or it is a scam?

Its obvious really like anything on the internet that seems to good to be true:  ITS A SCAM!

How the Green Coffee Free Sample Trial Offer Scam works

You discover a website that offers a Green Coffee Bean Extract free trial offer… You are asked to enter your details and they require you to pay only for the low shipping costs, as this is quite reasonable and you really want to try the product you enter your card number and pay for the shipping and accept their terms and conditions. YIPPEE  a Free Sample is on its WAY.

Here’s where the scam begins,  usually by accepting the trial offer and agreeing to their terms (who ever reads all the small print!) you are also signing up for a regular delivery of Green Coffee.  These deliveries usually start  within a few days/weeks of the sample order, with most people not realising they have been billed until they check their bank statements.

Surely this isn’t legal?

Unfortunately it is, as by agreeing  to their terms and conditions you have made an agreement for your card to be rebilled.

OK I will Request a REFUND!

Most of these companies will make it very difficult but not impossible for you get a refund, you will not be able to ring and request a refund, nor will you be able to send the product back.  Usually scam companies will have a small link to their support site where you have to fill in a form to request a refund.  After a long wait you will receive a reply telling you how to send back your product to receive the refund.  The company will charge a handling fee per bottle of Green Coffee of usually around $10 + a high shipping fee to return the bottle.


Beware of companies offering free trial offers of Green Coffee Bean Extract, if its too good to be true it probably is!!  If you are going to take a free trial read all the small print!  Including any terms and condition on page.



We have a comprehensive review of GCBmax on our site here.. these guys don’t indulge in dodgy re-billing or scam trial offers.  The product is excellent and offers a full 60 day guarantee if you are unhappy with the GCBMAX you will be refunded your money.  So rather than go for a risky free trial offer why not try a 30 day starter pack and see what this brilliant supplement can do for you.

Read More about GCBMAX Here

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