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  has the “miracle pill for you”!

Fed up of setting yourself up to fail with diets?

GCB MAX has been proven to give brilliant weight loss results without changing any part of your life.

No fad dieting

No excruciating exercise regime

Fast, proven weight loss results

Scientific evidence and numerous studies show that 100% natural Green Coffee Bean extract:

Boosts metabolism – The incredible natural weight loss product helps the body to burn fat at a faster rate. No more jumping around in expensive gym classes to burn fat – Green Coffee Bean does the hard work for you.

Balances blood sugar levels – By controlling blood sugar levels, Green Coffee Bean extract prevents unnecessary fat from being stored within the body. Once the fat is gone, GCB MAX will make sure it stays gone.

Contains a tiny percentage of caffeine – Although the extract comes from a coffee bean, there is considerably less caffeine in each capsule than there is in many other natural weight loss pills (approximately 10%). No jitters from these weight loss supplements!

Reduces sugar cravings – As a direct result of balanced blood sugar levels, the craving that we often get for chocolate and sweet foods is reduced. It won’t matter if your willpower is lacking. GCB MAX will help you to change your eating habits from the inside out, without you even knowing it.

Doubles weight loss results – Studies have proven that Green Coffee Bean extract helps people to lose weight without them exercising, dieting or changing a single thing in their routine. However, for those who want to, or do so already, the weight loss supplement can double the effects of a healthy regime leading to faster more pronounced results.

Green Coffee Bean extract has already made a name for itself as having numerous health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to being a powerful antioxidant.

It is the results of recent studies though, that has exposed the incredible benefits of the extract, clearly demonstrating why GCB MAX is the number one supplement for weight loss.

GCB MAX Success Stories!

At only 36 years old, I was morbidly obese with extremely high blood pressure. After only two months of being GCM MAX, I was taken off of my blood pressure medication. During the next 10 months, I lost over 110 pounds! Because I saw results every single week, it motivated me to keep going. I also learned healthy eating habits, the value of exercise, and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of being healthy have been priceless! I have the energy to play with my kids. I am happier and more confident in myself.
Thanks GCB MAX!
Las Vegas NV

At 46 years old and a 170 pounds, I’ve spent most of my life wanting to lose weight and become a healthier person. I tried numerous diets and joined several support groups over the years, but ultimately failed to take the weight off. I was miserable, my back hurt and was flirting with depression due to my size. A co-worker at work had been losing weight since New Year’s at a fairly rapid pace, so I asked her how she was doing it. She showed me her bottle of GCB MAX, she couldn’t stop talking about how great the product was. I am happy to say, I have been using GCB MAX now for 4 weeks and have lost almost 18 pounds.
Susan K,
Boston MA

“The staggering and newly released study reveals that the coffee bean in its purest raw form, may hold the secret to weight loss that you’ve been waiting for. The study presented in a meeting of the world’s largest scientific society triggered unprecedented excitement for a weight loss study. It showed women and men who took green coffee extract, lost an astounding amount of fat and weight 17 pounds in 22 weeks by doing absolutely nothing extra with their day.”

~ Dr. Oz

The weight loss community was sent reeling when the results of several scientific studies showed just how effective green coffee bean extract was for weight loss.

Results showed that without changing their dietary or exercise habits, subjects were losing an astonishing amount of weight over a few short weeks.

What’s the Secret to Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss?

Weight loss experts will tell you that the only way to lose weight safely is to burn more calories than you take in each day. This generally means eating less or healthier food in addition to exercising each day. The astonishing thing about GCB MAX is that it works exactly the way that the industry professionals recommend. Without the need for diet and exercise.

Satisfaction guaranteed with GCB MAX!


The Damaging Impact of High Glucose Levels

Glucose, or blood sugar, has a direct impact on how hungry or energetic we feel. Certain foods are converted into glucose much quicker than others. When glucose levels are high, the pancreas releases an enzyme called insulin that tells the body to store fat instead of burning it. If there is a high level of insulin created as a response to high glucose levels, too much sugar is lost in the blood. This leaves us feeling hungry and tired, whilst gaining extra body fat.

Why GCB MAX Works?

When there is a surge of sugar released into the blood, the pancreas releases insulin to counteract the problem. The insulin turns the blood sugar into stored body fat. By holding fat reserves that aren’t actually needed, we gain weight. GCB MAX reduces the amount of sugar released into the blood stream and in doing so, decreases overall body fat.

Green coffee bean extract are two extracts which are both taken from natural unroasted coffee beans. The extracts themselves are potent antioxidants. It is the abundance of chlorogenic acid in them that is the secret to the incredible success of this weight loss supplement.

The body stops storing unnecessary fat

You stop craving sugary foods

Chlorogenic acid slows down the production and release of blood sugar, balancing glucose levels out. Without the high levels of glucose, there are no high insulin levels. This means two things:

This has a similar effect to reducing the daily amount of calorie intake. As all weight loss experts have pointed out over the years though, a good weight loss program involves burning calories as well as reducing the amount taken in by the body. Fortunately, the GCB MAX weight loss supplements work on the second part of the equation too.

Not only does the chlorogenic acid reduce and prevent excess fat stores, but it boosts the liver’s ability to metabolize fat as well. The amount of fat being produced is lessened whilst existing fat is being burnt. You get to experience the same results as you would through dieting and exercising without actually doing either. Perhaps even more importantly, you can say goodbye to harmful cravings which will lead to future weight gain.

“Boost your metabolism!”

Working out with GCB MAX

The fact is that you can lose weight with GCB MAX without changing anything about your lifestyle and that will appeal to many people. But what if you like going to the gym and you just want a boost to help you to reach your goal a little quicker? GCB MAX is the only way to go.

Along with their amazing weight loss properties, the two extracts from the natural coffee bean have also been shown to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Add this to the fact that the supplements contain under a fifth of the average amount of caffeine within other coffee bean products, and you have a safe supplement which will enhance your exercise regime.

All your hard work will be rewarded twice as fast with the help of this unique weight loss supplement. If you want to lose weight and increase muscle definition faster, begin your GCB MAX today.

Powerful GCB MAX weight burning formula, try it today!

In 2011, a number of subjects took part in Dr. Joe Vinson’s study to discover whether or not green coffee bean extract was beneficial to weight loss.

Each subject was to take a pill for a period of six weeks. They were under strict instructions not to change their diet or exercise routine. At the end of the six week period, there was a two week interval to allow the system to be cleansed completely before starting the next program. Each person kept a food journal so that any outside factors due to foods consumed could be ruled out. Nobody knew whether they were taking the placebo or the actual green coffee bean extract.

At the end of the study the results were unanimous. Every case showed that green coffee bean had caused subjects to lose weight. In six short weeks, those who had taken the real supplement had experienced an average of 17lb in weight loss and a loss of 16% overall body fat.

The remarkable results from this study spurred others to be conducted, and earlier this year, Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal published the results from another independent study.

16 people were administered a placebo and the green coffee bean extract, again without being aware of who had which. At the end of a 12 week program, it was found that on average, subjects had lost: 10.5% of their overall body weight and a staggering 16% drop in overall body fat again.

In all of the studies that have been conducted, there have been no signs of any adverse side-effects. GCB MAX is a safe, natural, brilliant weight loss supplement that provides proven results.

Since such studies, the benefits of green coffee bean extract for weight loss have been on the tip of everybody’s tongue. Even the most skeptical weight loss professionals, who are never known to endorse such weight loss supplements, have changed their mind when it comes to this wonderful formula. They have admitted that they are in shock and awe of the findings. The compound of these two extracts is changing the world of weight loss.

If you want to be a part of that change and live in the body you have always desired, you can start today. You could be waving goodbye to 10% of your BMI within a week of receiving these incredible weight loss supplements.

More GCB MAX Success Stories!

I have been struggling with my weight for years. I also tried many well-known weight loss programs over the years without success. I did not think that I could lose weight since I have never lost more than 7 pounds on a program. I saw your advertisement and decided to give GCB MAX a try. I can’t believe that I lost 7 pounds the very first month. I have been using your product now for 3 months and have lost a total of 19 pounds.
Edward B.,
New York, NY

I saw my sisters success with GCB MAX, so I decided to give it a try. She had recently lost 35 pounds in 3 months and looked great. I have been using GCB MAX now for 6 weeks and have already lost 14 pounds. This has been amazing for me because other products never really worked. I will report back in a few more weeks to give you an update.
Extremely Happy!!
Vancouver, Canada


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